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Meetings: GBPOA Wednesday

A Perfect Summer Day by: Kris Bradley

There is a Gerrittsen Beach Property Owners Meeting Wednesday and expect it to be HOT! Both topics and temperature!

Don’t let the heat stop you from going. There will be some heated discussion I’m sure about:

61st Precinct Seba Avenue Park Councilman Lew Fidler Senator Marty […]

June Property Owners Meeting Roundup

The June 2010 Property Owners was interesting – The Precinct was not able to attend nor was Lew Fidler and Alan Maisel, so their announcements are postponed until next month.

Like many times before (here, here,etc) the meeting discussed “GerritsenBeach.net” again. A GBPOA member brought up that he wants the GBPOA Board to […]

Memories: Jack’s!

20th Anniversary Sale? What year would that be?

GBPOA Meeting Roundup

Update: 5/8/2010 – 11am – Updated the reason of resignation of a board member.

Generally speaking this was a quiet meeting. There was no votes, nothing of great significance, other than lots of great announcements, so lets recap what did happen.

Upon arrival we were handed a printed copy of comments made on […]

Marty Golden Energy Town Hall

[The Whole Meeting If you watch all of it you get a cookie]

Last week was Marty Golden’s energy town hall it was designed to discuss our public utilities and our energy services. In attendance was Con Edison, Verizon, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and the New York City […]

Anthony Weiner: Green Streets Money Exists

Although Anthony Weiner talked heavily about Health Care and Immigration reform at the last property owners meeting it’s a little out of our scope and we won’t touch on those larger topics. You can watch the whole video here. However there are some topics which you need to know about!

The Green Streets […]

Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Meeting Roundup

Last night was the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association Meeting and it promised to be interesting because Congressman Anthony Weiner was going to come by. People started to pack the meeting early and by the beginning of the meeting there was a decent large crowd.

On top of the community residents that were […]

Anthony Weiner to be at Property Owners Meeting Tonight

Well, last night Anthony Weiner was at the sheepshead bay plumb beach civic meeting…more to come on that later.

However, he will be at TONIGHTS property owners meeting. Be there!

Wednesday 7:30 pm St. James Basement Agenda to include Committee Reports re: Kiddie Beach Teen-age “Open Mic” […]

GBCares Meeting Roundup

We are looking for a round up of the meeting if anyone is willing to share.

GBCares Meeting Monday

There is a Gerritsen Beach Cares meeting Monday April 5th 7:00pm in the St. James basement.


Your invited to the Annual GBC Membership meeting on April 5th (7:00 p.m.) in the basement of St. James Church.

We are asking for a leader or representative from all the organizations, sports groups or programs, schools, event organizers, […]

GBPOA March Meeting Report

From March Property Owners Meeting

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners March meeting nothing much happened. The meeting started a little after 7:30, was lightly attended (a few board members are hospitalized), and ended in under 20 minutes.

20 Minutes?! Really? This was mostly due to the fact that the MTA Brooklyn meeting was […]

Property Owners Meeting Roundup

On Wednesday January 6th (and every first Wednesday) the property owners held their meeting in the St. James basement. Here is the rundown.

61st Precinct Report: There was some tire slashings on the morning of January 1st on Gotham Avenue. Residents of Gotham Ave who were at the meeting did not know others were […]

Property Owners Meeting Wednesday

There is the monthly meeting of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners scheduled for Wednesday January 6th.

Seba Avenue Park is going to be a major topic of discussion.

St. James Lutheran Church Basement Gerritsen Avenue between Florence & Gotham Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 7:30 […]

Property Owners November Meeting

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners November meeting was short but effective. The main topic was ETO.

This Is Whats Happening With White Island Now

[Whole White Island Meeting at Property Owners Meeting]

Phase 1 is already semi complete, which was clearing all of the vegetation on the island (trees and fragmities)above the 10 foot contour, this was for survey purposes this was completed last July.

Now is the second phase which is the full redesign of the […]