Property Owners Meeting Roundup

Unlike last year there was no yelling. There was no screaming. Just regular property owner business.

61 Precinct Report

  • 1 Stolen Vehicle.
  • Halloween was successful because of the Help of Gerritsen Beach. Thank you to George and Gerritsen Beach for making this successful. St. James opened their doors to the officers to use the facilities. We will be doing this every year to make sure this will not be a problem again. There were two arrests and summonses written.
  • There was some question about the boundary line and why sometimes there is a jurisdiction problem. 61 Sgt Carty explained that we need to get the boundary line out of your minds and that no matter the emergency the police department will have to handle these jobs. He was given two specific examples. 1) A four car accident where there was a very long response time. 2) The GBCares containers were burglarized again. They had a 5 hour response time with the 61 and 63 passing the responsibility as someone waited for a response.
Green Water in Creek
Everyone that lives on the water and in the area saw a very strange Green in the water. Someone who used to work at the plant said it is very possible that a green dye was used to trace a line.
Little League Walkway
GBCares on behalf of the little league sent out a letter requesing money & support to repair the walkway before the September 11th memorials. When Parks was asked after the letter was sent out,  Parks denied their request to do the work unless an architect drew up plans. This did not allow the completion on time. There was some discussion about why the PO was writing out checks to GBCares and not the Little League. The PO has a $250 limit on checks they can write to organizations. There was some confusion and discussion about two separate $250 checks to gbcares about the walkway that have no been delivered and another third unwritten check for Halloween festival.
Proposed ByLaws Changes
Voted against lowering the meetings from 12 to 10 meetings a year
Voted against lowering the requirement for officers from 6 to 3 meetings.

Community Tree Lighting
December 3 @ 6pm Rain Date: December 4 Resurrection Children’s choir will perform

FEMA Meeting

The FEMA meeting at the Cort Club was hosted by Senator Golden and the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. George Broadhead, president ran the meeting. Senator Golden and a Representative of Congressman Turners office attended. Department of Environmental Protection attended the meeting. Good information from the 7 or so FEMA representatives that attended. Some of the important information is as follows:

Call if a disaster has caused:

  • Damage to your home, personal property or vehicle.
  • Loss of wages and/or
  • Death of a loved one

Or if you need;
Temporary housing
Unemployment Benefits
Essential home repairs; and/or
A low interest loan for a home or business.

Call 1800-621-3362 to register now or online at
Deadline is October 31,2011. Get a claim # when you call.
The incident date was between August 26th and September 5th.
The disaster # is 4020
You should call your insurance company also to see if your insurance will cover your damage.
Once you get a denial from your insurance company, that letter should be forwarded to FEMA.
FEMA will come out to inspect your damage 5-7 days after you register.
If FEMA denies your claim they may offer you a loan for your home repairs at 2.5% interest.
If you are a non profit, FEMA may offer 3% loan.
If you are a business, you may be offered a 4% loan.

When you call please have;
Your social security number
A mailing address
Your personal telephone number
Address of the damaged property
Insurance information
Your routing number on your checking account.

FEMA and Property Owners to Hold Meeting About Hurricane Irene


City State and Federal representatives will attend this meeting to inform you about assistance for victims that have incurred damage to their property during Hurricane Irene

You MAY be able to file a claim with FEMA.

Councilman Lew Fidler, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Assemblyman Alan Maisel
Time: Monday, October 17th, 7:00 p.m.
Place: Kings Bay Y
Location: 3459 Nostrand Avenue (corner of Avenue V)
For additional information contact (718) 241-9330

Marty Golden State Senator Marty Golden and The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association
Time: October 19th at 7pm
Place: The Cort Club
Location: 2648 Gerritsen Avenue

For additional information contact 718-238-6044

September GBPOA Meeting Roundup


G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. - Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race.

We haven’t done a Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association roundup in a while because there hasn’t been anything to talk about. So here are the cliff notes.

Kiddie Beach is wrapping up the season, congrats to all.

Racoons - are overwhelming some areas of the beach. Especially the areas with an abandoned lot or home. The city does not acknowledge a raccoon problem nor do they have any actionable  plan or advice. The responsibility is on the home owner. However, if you see “rats” in an empty lot or abandoned home the city will come in clean it up a bit and bill it to the property. Call 311.

Hurricane Irene - Rumor is they shut down the Knapp sewer plant which could be to blame for the sewer backups into homes. People were opening sewer caps, sewer manholes to try and get rid of water with no success.

17 Lacon Court (aka Jemal) – The DOB has already issued $13,300 in violations with three more about to go into default judgment. They are on top of the situation but they do not know who the owner is, as their violations notices are being returned.  There is A LOT of stuff going on there, expect an update soon.

Dangerous & Damaged Utility Poles – No one is having luck getting action dangerous or damaged utility poles as each company Verizon, ConEd, and NYC passes the blame to each other. Some have reported it reported it to 311, others the 61 precinct, and one has gone to every city office ten times to demand action.

FEMA – Report your damage to FEMA!

Little League Walkway, Scoreboard, Containers – GBCares sent out a letter on behalf of the Gerritsen Beach Little League asking for $500 monetary donations from organizations to repair the cement walkway, paint the scoreboard, paint the containers, and plant flowers around the flag pole in time for the 9/11 ceremony. Everything is done except the cementing, which is awaiting an architect plans to be filed with nyc parks. GBPOA plans on donating the full amount.

Flag Vandalism – Most of the flags at the Little League were vandalized breaking the poles and brackets those will be replaced.

Seba Traffic Light - No one knows when it is switching on. Seba will be a flashing red (aka a stop light), while Gerritsen will remain green.

9/11 Ceremonies – Marine Park at 5:00pm, Gerritsen Beach Little Leauge 7:00 pm

Halloween - Halloween is coming (again)  some members of the GBPOA will be walking the streets. A few plan on attending the 61 & 63 council meetings to demand an actual response.

Dan’s 5k Fun RunSaturday, September 17th.

G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. (above) – Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race. It’s that time of the year again for the races which is this Saturday.



Events: GBCares Meetings

Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc  General Membership Meetings
When:  Monday, April 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
Where:  St. James Church (2776 Gerritsen Ave)

When:   Monday, May 23, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
Where:  PS 277 (2529 Gerritsen Ave)

Events: Town Hall for Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay Residents


Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!

Senator Golden has invited the participation of the following agencies to attend the meeting and address individuals concerns with representatives of the NYPD, the Transportation, Parks, Buildings, Environmental Protection, Sanitation and Fire Departments.

Senator Golden will be updating the community on the 2011-2012 New York State Budget and recent legislative efforts. Senator Golden and his staff will be providing important community information and announcing upcoming events for those in attendance.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at the Salt Marsh Nature Center, located at 3302 Avenue U (at East 33rd Street). 7:30pm – 8:30pm

For more information, please contact Senator Golden’s office at (718) 238-6044

GBPOA Meeting Postponed

The normally scheduled first wednesday Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting has been rescheduled until next week.

Events: Marty Golden Town Hall

I am encouraging the community to attend the meetings which will be an opportunity to discuss concerns related to the quality of life of the community and issues effected by the 2011-2012 New York State Budget. I have invited the participation of the following agencies: the NYPD, the FDNY Fire Safety Unit, the NYC Department of Transportation, the NYC Department of Sanitation, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the New York City Transit Authority (M.T.A.), the Department of Buildings, and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach and Sheepshead Bay residents are invited to attend Senator Golden’s community town hall on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at the Salt Marsh Nature Center, located at 3302 Avenue U (at East 33rd Street). 7:30pm – 8:30pm

March GBPOA Meeting Roundup

Just like the last few meetings (except November) The meeting on March 2nd 2011 Nothing happened. No speakers. No guests. No substantial news. Seriously.

Four Sparrows Retail Center – Rescheduled

The EDC meeting for Four Sparrows Retail Center Project, which was postponed from January 11th due to snow, has been rescheduled. The new meeting will be held on

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
At 7:00 pm
In the Kings Plaza Community Room

Property Owners to Close it’s Doors. Possibly For Good.

The next Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association meeting will be closed to the public and only open to A members.

Because the group, which dates back to 1922, has never received public funding and is not a non-profit, it can legally close their meetings. However, actions speak louder than words. The group acts and intends to be a local civic organization and this is a dangerous slippery slope they are headed down. They intend to have the community come to them with issues that can be voiced and hashed out in public. If the meeting is closed the public will not be able to voice their concerns and be heard. Similar election meetings have occurred previously without closing the meeting.

Since Halloween subsequent meetings in the community are critical. There are other important issues that need to be addressed or discussed such as the traffic light, marine park having a possible high school, all of the homes currently under construction.

There is no reason for anyone to be less than candid just because the public is watching.

OK, rant over. Forgive me a little righteous indignation. I believe that the Property Owners is retaliating against the community and reporters because of a video that surfaced of last meeting. Despite promises of transparency and a member vote, they are closing the meeting. Groups like this should do their business in public unless there is a compelling reason not to. And an inability to be open when people are watching is no such reason.

Update: (12/2/2010 – After Meeting) Sticking to their guns the Property Owners half closed the meeting. They actually uninvited elected officials and the local precinct from the meeting. They have gone on the record saying that if elected and police were in attendance it is a public meeting. However they did not follow through as any one who wanted to was also to attend the meeting. Non-members as well as A and B members were in attendance in the meeting no one was asked to leave.  It was discussed that – specifically – cannot record meetings anymore.

One interesting item was discussed but it’s like a tree falling in the woods. If no one is around to hear it – did it make a sound?

October GBPOA Meeting Roundup: PS 277 Crossing Guard Edition

The October Gerritsen Beach Property Owners meeting was all about the PS 277 crossing guards But first it began with a couple of candidates running for office.

First up was Mike DiSanto who is running against Marty Golden:

Then we have Bob Turner who is running against Anthony Weiner

This is where we would usually give you the report on what the 61 reports back to the community. But the 61 has decided that they are disallowing anyone from filming them at meetings they attend. There was a bit of hullabaloo as most did not care either way but the 61 refused.
Continue reading October GBPOA Meeting Roundup: PS 277 Crossing Guard Edition

GBPOA September Meeting Roundup

The only real news from the September Property Owners meeting was that State Senator Marty Golden stopped by after a small absence from our area.

He announced lots of upcoming events and services. He discusses the caution light, street repair, and GBCares uncertain future.

Check out the video above.

GBPOA August Meeting Roundup

The August Property Owners Meeting was jammed packed full of topics to discuss.

Practically all of Beacon Court showed up about their parking tickets and that was heavily discussed – We will save that for a separate post. That was the bulk of the meeting – stay tuned.

61 Precinct August Crime Report

Bob Turner for Congress
Bob Turner who is running against Anthony Weiner stopped by gave a speech on why we should vote for him.

He is holding a Volunteer Meeting at Buckley’s 7:00 August 10 2010

Community Gardens
GBCares donated $400 to Donna Davis, who spends thousands of hours maintaining the garden.

GBCares wants the GBPOA to make a matching donation to the garden. The Property Owners made clear that they will and are 100% supporting the gardens – but because it’s not their money to give away – there are procedures that need to be followed.

Apparently, what was happening was whatever supplies were needed for the garden – someone picked it up and submitted receipts to the GBPOA. The GBPOA had an arrangement with Donna to submit a yearly budget but they was never followed.

If you don’t know where the Community Gardens are. It is the lot to the left of the library on the Bartlett Avenue side.

GBPOA July Meeting Roundup

George Broadhead, opened the meeting with an introduction of Eagle Scout, Matthew Conte. The GBPOA was one of the organizations to have honored Mathew’s having attained the prestigious recognition at the recent Eagle Scout ceremony, held at Resurrection.

Eagle Scout Conte, in his Scout uniform, led those assembled in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance was taken, and several officers and board members were absent because of health, death in the family and other reasons. To date this administration has had an exemplary attendance record.

The Chairman remembered Mrs. James Brandow (nee Margaret Snyder). Her daughter, Coleen Donnery is an officer of the GBPOA, and condolences were extended to her and her family.

Many senior members had called the President, George Broadhead, at home, to tell him they did not want to venture out in the extreme heat.

Sgt. Michael Doyle, of the 61st Precinct, gave a report about crime in Gerritsen Beach and nearby: The good news was that the burglar who robbed a home on Bevy Ct. recently was apprehended and jailed. He was traced to Brownsville, thanks to an alert citizen. He also explained the reason for escorting a group of young boys out of the vicinity of Seba Avenue park a few weeks ago.

The matter of a gun having been displayed at Skateboard Park was touched on, but not to everyone’s satisfaction. It had not been determined, but a pellet gun was found abandoned nearby.

City Councilman Lew Fidler told about the City Council having completed the budget on time; and he told that he was again giving money to GBCares, equal to what was given last year. He also had $ 7,500 fort youth projects to be under the guidance of the Millennium Development. He had the GBPOA and John Douglas, President of GBCares to meet with Paul Curiale of the Youth Group.

There were no questions about that, but Broadhead asked if the Councilman would weigh-in on the controversial (to some) inclusion of anyone from the “press” attending GBPOA meetings? The Councilman did not want to comment.

Two members who have persistently objected to the presence of the blogger, raised the matter again. One of them asked a young man across the room, why he was present, and if he had a camera? The Chairman advised him, he was out of order, and the young man in question was the son of a Board member who had briefly stepped out of the meeting.

Further to his argument, he showed a small article about Gerritsen Beach that appeared in “AM” the free paper distributed at subway entrances throughout the city. He does not feel our community should be publicized, and went on to include “Our News” since it is distributed in outlying neighborhoods. The “AM” article was only one of all of the neighborhoods in which there is a small feature article.

The GBPOA contributed money to the cause of a “care-dog” to assist Anthony Tuttoro. His mother was present, and expressed her appreciation.

Doreen Greenwood spoke on behalf of State Senator Marty Golden and announced upcoming events.

GBVFD Chief John Czap spoke to the need to turn off the pilot light on water heaters when flooding may occur in cellars. He offered to attend the August meeting and give a demonstration, in anticipation of hurricane season.

GBPOA meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month, at St. James

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