Senior Cut Day a Bust at Area Beaches


Manhattan Beach is just as interesting as Gerritsen Beach. They are a community that wanted to ban “thugs” from “their” beach, Ban Barbecuingthen they divided with two civic groups, they even sued themselves,  but nothing tops the “Bias Beach Bust” where Cops barred black teens from using a public beach in response to senior cut day two years ago.

Yesterday, police and community groups from Manhattan Beach and Sheesphead Bay believed yesterday was senior cut day. Naturally the two Manhattan Beach Groups  have been preparing for this day all year; making sure the NYPD knows they want nothing short of the army coming in to protect thier neighborhood.

Yesterday, the 61st Precinct and Broklyn South Patrol stepped up their force in Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay. They posted guards at the Sheepshead bay foot bridge, Sheesphead Bay Road,  and increased their numbers at Manhattan Beach.

According to Captain Mastrokostas they did grab at least one group of students and brought them to the TRACK Center for truancy. The Track Center is for students found by an officer not in school between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM. Other than that, there was not Cut Day turnout expected and it was just an ordinary day at the beach.



Manhattan Beach: Beachside Patrol to Close by January 1st


Manhattan Beach’s private security force Beachside Patrol is set to dissolve on January 1st, after 39 years serving the Manhattan Beach community.

It’s being closely followed by SheepsheadBites, who sums it up with “Money, Politics At Heart Of Beachside Patrol Problems“.

As we covered last year, an election dispute Manhattan Beach literately split the community into two groups the MBNA and the MBCG. Since then the groups were forced to share control over beachside trying to gain control over it.

September Meeting Schedules with a Extra Special Guest

Here are the local meetings that are coming up. The Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association has invited STEPHEN JEMAL of SSJ Development to discuss his development on Knapp St. That should be an interesting meeting if he shows up. I should go and meet him.

  • Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association, September 2 at 7:30 pm.; Baron DeKalb, Knights of Columbus, 3000 Emmons Avenue; 718-891-1937.
  • Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association, September 3 (and each fIrst Wednesday) at 7:30 pm.; St. James Lutheran Church, Gerritsen and Florence avenues; 718-648-6599.
  • Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, September 8 at 8 p.m.; Public School 195, 131 lrwin Street; representatives from the Office of Emergency Management will talk about hurricane preparedness; 917-747-5863.
  • 61st Precinct Community Council, September 10 at 7:30 pm.; Bainbridge Adult Day Health Care Center, 3093 Ocean Avenue; 718-627-6847.
  • Community Board 15, September’ 23 at 7 p.m.; Zoning Meeting September 16 at 7 p.m. Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Boulevard (in the faculty dining room) ; 718-332-3008

Case Dismissed in Manhattan Beach Incident.


Remember way back in June when civil rights died in Manhattan Beach? Yeah, I really don’t remember either but either way, there is an update to the story.

To quickly recap, On senior cut day in June cops were turning kids away from Manhattan Beach and sending them elsewhere, Gene Beradelli,  Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic’s attorney saw this and attempted to escort kids that were turned away into the beach, and was briefly arrested for disorderly conduct and giving a court date

It turns out that Gene Berardelli’s case was dismissed and he never had to see a day in court. What does that say about the arrest?

Manhattan Beach Video

Although the situation is long over here is a news piece that aired on cbs.

61st Precinct Community Meeting Report


Photo Gallery

I attended the 61 precinct community council meeting last night and I am glad to say that it wasn’t boring. At the same time, the meeting wasn’t an uproarious mess, it was actually quite smooth.

This meeting was the first 61st precinct meeting to take place since “Civil Rights are Dead on Manhattan Beach” so I was expecting an uproar from Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay. However, it did not seem like Manhattan Beach was there to condemn or to applaud the police officers actions on “Senior Cut Day”.

Gene Berardelli was there, but did not make a statement at the meeting. Sheepshead Bay/ Plumb Beach Civic President, Barbara Berardelli said a few words. (I’m going to summarize because it was hard to hear.)

She said that what happened was wrong, she didn’t see truancy, she saw exclusion, and she wants to make sure that this never happens again. Adding that the kids are part of our community, no matter where they live; because we are responsible for them from 8 am to 3 pm.

Sheepshead Bay will not be painted with the same brush as Manhattan Beach because they left on trains from a station with “OUR” name on it.

She was really beating up on Manhattan Beach, saying that Manhattan Beach will no longer dictate the agenda without input from our side of the Bay also adding that they are willing to work(stressing work)with the 61st.

Right after her statement, Barbara Berardelli reached out to the 61 and told them that her organization wants to help and be part of the solution and not the problem.

The captain then made an explanation of the day’s events in an effort to head off a debate with Barbara Berardelli and 61st member, Cy Schoenfeld.

The captain’s statement consisted of three main points. He discussed what happened last year on Manhattan Beach, how the 61st was not prepared and how they were basically caught by surprise. He also went on to say that this year’s response was a truancy operation. All kids were told they would be picked up for truancy if they did not go home or back to school, though, he did not say there were any kids that were actually picked up for truancy that day.

The captain then addressed Barbara Berardelli’s statement by accepting their offer of help and said he would talk with them for next year.

The meeting ended with (and I’m being serious) everyone holding hands and loudly singing, God Bless America. It was kind of a cool thing to do but very weird at the same time.

Community activist Ed Eisenberg, who was obviously upset at the attention Manhattan Beach is getting, was heard screaming at one point “This will be another Crown Heights”. Consider this a warning, if this “community activist” says something out-loud or directed to me, I’m going to post about it in the future.

It seems as though that there are some people who are bothered by this site. Why? I have no idea. All I do is go to local meetings, see things in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods, call it like it is and post about it here. I have no agenda, I’m not on a “power trip”, and I’m not affiliated with any elected official. So whoever has a problem with me; get over it.


Via Ny Post

June 12, 2008 — Cops barred black teens from using a public beach in a predominantly white community, a Brooklyn lawyer claims – adding that when he tried to get the youths in, officers arrested him.

Gene Berardelli told The Post he was cuffed, thrown in a squad car, put in a cell and then issued a summons as a disorderly person after attempting to get the black teens past cops and onto Manhattan Beach last Friday.

More Here at

Civil Rights are Dead in Manhattan Beach


We all remember Manhattan Beach right? They have had more of their fair share of crazy news but the flow of this crazy news doesn’t seem to ever stop.

I know some of you hate me for even bringing up Manhattan Beach on this site, but I have to say, some really important stuff going outside our little world. Think of Horton hears a who.

Friday, June 6th was senior cut day for some local schools, and then they head down to Manhattan Beach for a day of sun and fun, but the past two years have been anything but fun. Last year there was the infamous email from Dr. Ron calling beachgoers “thugs”. This year in anticipation of the return of the “thugs”, the residents have been demanding all year for a plan addressing “Senior Cut Day” and all that comes with it.

Well Senior Cut came and it did not go well for beachgoers their civil rights went out the window. Before I get to that really big news. Here is what I personally saw.

Civil Rights are Dead in Manhattan Beach

Knowing senior cut day was Friday. I made sure to at least make an effort to get down there and catch the “thugs” in action. On my way down to Manhattan Beach I had heard that Gene Berardelli, Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic’s attorney, was arrested for disorderly conduct. I was surprised, mainly because this is a guy who sits on the 61 PRECINCT COMMUNITY COUNCIL and I couldn’t see him getting arrested.

With this in mind I headed to the beach.

Continue reading Civil Rights are Dead in Manhattan Beach





South Brooklyn Civic Alliance Forming

To better represent south Brooklyn, a larger group representing all of the groups involved is forming. It will be called the South Brooklyn Civic Alliance. It is being organized by Marine Park and Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civics.

More information on this as it comes.

Here is the list of civics that are invited to join:

  1. Flatlands Civic Association – Hawkeye
  2. Fraser Civic Association – Red Tornado
  3. Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association – Superman
  4. Manhattan Beach Community Group – Martian Manhunter
  5. Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association – Flash
  6. Marine Park Civic Association – Batman
  7. Sheepshead Bay-Plumb Beach Civic Association – Aquaman
  8. South Canarsie Civic Association – Green Lantern

Manhattan Beach First Political Casualty “Beachside Patrol”?


The Manhattan Beach “BeachSide Patrol” is a private security force that patrols the quiet Manhattan Beach streets. At a cost of $400 a year residents can opt-in for its protective services. Resident usually call the patrol if they don’t feel it necessary to call 911.

After Manhattan Beach split into two groups, Beachside Patrols future was a question on everyone’s mind. Mainly because the Manhattan Beach Community Group founded the Beachside Patrol 38 years ago and it was unknown if the new MBNA members were going to continue to pay into Beachside. The other question was the if MBCG member Albert Hasson, who joined the MBNA, and the liaison to Beachside Patrol, would relinquish control. The MBNA ended up staying in Beachside Patrol, but the two groups must share Beachside Patrol.

The MBCG president Ira Zalchman, has asked the former MBCG board member Albert Hasson, for “written financial accounting” however, there has been no compliance by Mr. Hasson. Albert Hasson has been and still is the liaison to Beachside Patrol.

Mr. Hasson has been offered time to speak at the MBCG June meeting, but chose to resign from the MBCG. As an organization, Beachside is mandated to offer its services to every homeowner in Manhattan Beach, regardless of affiliation.

This is a battle between Hasson and Ira, not the merits of Beachside.

Bay News: Nelson in Bizarre Cyber Spat

Hey look at that we made the paper over this whole Manhattan Beach and Mike Nelson craziness.

Looks like Gary Buiso and the Bay News is the only paper with all of the facts straight.

Here is the Article (Warning: PDF Link)

Mike Nelson and Brooklyn View say “Blog Rumors are not true”

Blog Rumors Are Not True? Really?

Just to let everyone know, there are TWO sites in our part of Brooklyn where people can go and get news, and Sheepshead Bay Civics site and forum at

If you have been following, Councilman Mike Nelson’s former deputy chief of staff Robert Varley recently went public with that Nelson told him to post things on the two area sites.

It was recently picked up by the Brooklyn View. Who ran the story with the title “blog rumors are not true”. What blog are they talking about? in their own article is called a forum, oh that’s right, this is the only “blog” they can be talking about, but let’s not credit this site properly. Let’s continue to STEAL images off the web and now stories. Then lets overuse the word “blog” until it sounds like you don’t know what your talking about. You know what fine, I burnt that bridge by calling you out for stealing images.

The article continues to say that Mike Nelson doesn’t read local blogs(why plural?), WHICH COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Why did he have his people get in touch with me to stop the comments on the original Manhattan Beach post that was bashing him? But I forgot he doesn’t read them because they have zero accountability. Apparently the post had enough credibility for him to want it to stop.

The article continued to say that they tried to contact Varley by email and he did not respond. He didn’t respond? He seemed like a responsive guy when I LOOKED HIM UP AND SPOKE WITH HIM. Nice reporting Brooklyn View. Boy did I learn a lot speaking with him. All of which will come later.

The Brooklyn View then got a MAJOR fact wrong. The user “City Insider” never attacked Nelson or his family. In fact nowhere on the site does anyone ever attack Nelson. There were anonymous comments on directed at nelson and his wife, but that’s ok lets not credit anyone or get the facts straight.

Hey, Brooklyn View, can I talk to you over here for a second? If you could not get in touch with Robert Varley why even post RUMORS from blogs “with zero accountability”?

Mike Nelson, you apparently you still can’t count, you said “…I’m not surprised they hide in blogs seen by 30 of their friends”. That is so funny and clever! However, On my site alone I average 725 unique hits a day, some of which are from CITY HALL. That is alot more than your 30 guess. forum is also very popular.


Update: Fatal Motorcycle Crash Right Outside Kingsborough Campus

[Youzdjan Bekir/Facebook]

Youzdjan Bekir aka “Eugene” aka “Ozcan” was leaving school at about 12:40 when he ran into an automobile attempting to make a left hand turn onto Irwin Street.

In the most recent Bay News (I would have a link here but the site is broken), the two Manhattan Beach Organizations joined forces (much like the 80’s cartoon GI Joe and Cobra) to demand action from the city. Both groups would like to see a fully functional traffic signal at Oriental Boulevard and Ocean Avenue. They also would like to see their “zebra” lines removed.

Councilman Mike Nelson’s Former Deputy Chief of Staff Wants Apology, for Posting on Forums for Nelson, then Being Outed by Nelson.

Every politician has his enemies; Councilman Mike Nelson apparently has a lot and keeps piling up more.

It recently was exposed on the forums that Councilman Mike Nelson, had his former Deputy Chief of Staff Robert Varley post to various websites including this site under the guise of City Insider. Every post that was ever written by Robert Varley aka “City Insider” was seen and approved by Mike Nelson. The identity was always a secret, which was important, since City Insiders opinions should never be linked back to Mike Nelson.

Varley left his position as Deputy Chief, under good terms in February 2008, and the forum account has been un-used by Varley since. However since February a Norman Chesler, who was a close friend of Mike and his wife Shela Nelson, had began commenting on He has been threating that he would reveal things that will be detrimental to the Nelsons and others. However, it should be known that Chelser is someone who who’s admitted making the $56,000 in payoffs to Clarance Norman, the former chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party. Clarance was convicted of three felony counts of accepting illegal campaign contributions during his 2000 and 2002 re-election campaigns for his seat in the New York State Assembly and is currently serving a jail sentence. Chesler although his credibility is close to nil due to his illegal dealings, he still could say some damaging things.

Other than Chesler people have been saying some nasty things about Mike and Sheila Nelson. According to Varley the Nelsons then took action, blaming him for the nasty comments, then outing him as City Insider on the Forum as another poster because according to Varley “maybe that would make those nasty comments go away”.

Varley who attempted for days to get in contact with Mike Nelson took his story public.

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