Bank of New York Buys SSJ Development Tax Liens from City

Not sure what to make of this but the Bank of New York just purchased 950 Tax Leins from the City of New York worth $16,910,848.38.

We should be interested because  of the 950, 6 were from SSJ Development.  SSJ had major plans to turn Danza’s property into condos, lucky took an interest.

At this point, people may or may not be living on the property legally, boats may or may not be being junked and scrapped on the property, the property is in shambles.

As of right now the leins are worth $171,576.36 and have varying interest rates from 9%-18%

Block Lot Address Property Surcharges Lien Total Interest
8833 1 2433 Knapp St $76,798.10 $3,849.34 $80,836.05 18%
8885 450 17 Lacon Ct $16,673.84 $843.12 $17,705.57 9%
8891 638 Knight Ct $8,074.54 $413.16 $8,676.31 9%
8891 658 Knight Ct $4,146.09 $216.74 $4,551.44 9%
8891 662 Knight Ct $52,241.03 $2621.48 $55,051.12 18%
8891 690 Lacon Ct $4,340.79 $226.47 $4,755.87 9%

Edit: Removed owner SSJ Development from table, removed fees of $188.61 for spacing issues.

Lacon Court Still a Mess

Lacon Court Dumping

According to a follow up story from Courier Life, Lacon Court is still a mess.

Residents say the folks running the marina at Lacon Court in Gerritsen Beach are still illegally dumping fill and garbage on the filthy site — which the state ordered to be cleaned up by Nov. 6.

In fact, more than three weeks after the deadline to clean up the decrepit waterfront area passed, residents say the two lots along between Lacon Court and the Plumb Beach Channel are being used for more nefarious purposes.

Read more:

Dumping & Squatters, Oh My! Everything About Lacon Court is Illegal!


Currently EVERYTHING about Lacon Court is illegal and forming a dangerous situation.

Right now there are numerous people living squatting in dry-docked boats and house boats that are on the water.  They are running loud portable generators for the better part of the day and night. They are also not connected to any type of sewage or septic syetem. Instead, They have a port-a-potty that residents say they have witnessed them dumping on nearby ground to empty.

Residents are worried because the property “flat out filled with skel’s” with people walking in and out every day at every hour.

They also took down a large portion of the required construction fencing and dumped a very large amount of milled asphalt on the property where it could fall into the nearby creek.

Dumping all of solid waste on our community is disgusting and is a blatant disregard for the law. Criminal charges must be filed on the property owner(s) and whomever illegally dumped the material.

The Danza property is filled with vehicles, boats, and construction debris. The boats that Jemal was forced to remove now sit in the former danza property.

We have no idea who owns this property now, since Stephen Jemal was successfully sued by his orginal investment companies. He now owes 18.9 Million to his investment companies. We do suspect that SSJ Development still owns the properties.

Developer Stephen Jemal Loses in Court Owes 18.9 Million

Since the summer of 2008 we have been tracking the progress of a court case of two Texas based companies: “Gerritsen Beach Investments Ltd” and “Riviera Investments I Ltd” vs Stephen Jemal. You may know Stephen Jemal and his company SSJ Development,LLC – they own the vacant Lacon Court and Knapp Street properties, and plan to develop into luxury condos. Apparently, these Texas companies were investors that SSJ Development courted to invest in his development of vacant land in our area.

If you remember way back in July of 2008, we broke the original story that Lacon Ct and Knapp street developer Stephen S. Jemal got into a $5.5 million dollar contract dispute with his investment companies. That story ballooned into a major story when Jemal sent a letter threatening to sue, then the website came under a denial of service attack, which I was able to prove came from an associate of Jemals, and there was a Daily News story covering it.

Anyways, after a few years in Federal court, a judgment has finally been rendered.

The Texas-based companies which were the originally investment companies for Jemal’s properties here in Gerritsen Beach won 7.8 million dollars plus interest, for a loan that Jemal failed to repay.

Jemal also lost a second case to a bank in Philadelphia. The bank loaned Jemal 11.1 million dollars for properties in Cape May County, NJ. According to the complaint, Jemal also failed to pay back this loan. This is currently being contested, but according to the complaint, the Jemals personally guaranteed these loans through a confession of judgment.

As for the fate of the properties in our area, we have not been able to ascertain what is going to happen. Speculation includes that they may be sold off to the highest bidder, given to the investment companies, or even Jemal might get to keep them if he shuffles them around.

In an interesting twist, it seems as though Jemal does not have the ownership he thought he had on Lacon Court. According to the last property owners meeting, the New York State DEC tried to fine Jemal for failure to clean up his docks but couldn’t because he was not listed as the owner. Calls to DEC and Alan Maisel were not returned.

Lacon Court Running Two Businesses

Fullscreen capture 572010 95433 AM
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According to the recent property owners meeting there are two operations – one which is illegal and the other is being investigated is being run out of Lacon Court. One is King Kong tree removal and chipping service, the other pictured above is a boat canvas operation.

First it was ETO at the property, and now the same people are running businesses in the community.

Exclusive: Courts Say Jemal Owes 18.9 Million – How Will This Effect Us?

Our neighborhood’s favorite wanna-be developer is up Gerritsen Creek – and apparently can’t afford to buy a paddle!

Two federal courts recently handed down multi-million dollar judgments against developer Stephen Jemal, the man the Daily News said would “re-energize” our waterfront. So much for that plan, huh NYDN?

The judgments include 11.1 million dollars for unpaid loans in connection with properties in Cape May County, NJ handed down in March (which Jemal apparently is still being contested before the Court) and 7.8 million dollars for unpaid loans from private Texas investors in connection with Jemal’s Brooklyn properties, including the much-discussed lots on Knapp Street and Lacon Court.

What these judgments will mean to our community remains to be seen, but one would think that the undeveloped properties in our area may be sold off to the highest bidder.

Hopefully, more to come as I make a few well-placed phone calls.

SSJ’s Lacon Ct Open Door and Storage Policy

In clear violation of what someone would call “LAW”,  SSJ Development’s properties at Lacon court are untouched, abandoned, vacant, dormant being used as storage for vehicles, boats, non-construction equipment, and dreaded WOODCHIPS!

On top of that, the property’s perimeter fence is not doing well either. It’s in overall bad shape and either destroyed or no existent in most places. Also, The property’s main gate is not even locked or even closed anymore. It’s just wide open allowing whomever inside.




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