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Marine Park Halloween Walk 2009


This years Halloween walk was a mixed bag of fun and some disappointment. Disappointing only because the threat of rain forced the walk inside the nature center, and not on a trail like it was in previous years.

Fortunately enough…all of the volunteers stepped up and played the hand they were dealt offering the community a great event.

Once inside the nature center Marine Park Civic was offering free group pictures that they would print for you on the spot.

Local politicians State Senator Marty Golden and Councilman Lew Fidler were handing out apples and candy. After getting candy and apples for the kids, family’s walked into the nature center yard where characters were, then out the path to the street with more characters along the way.

Photo Gallery

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Halloween Trick or Treaters


Halloween this year was fun for all of the trick or treater in the neighborhood. There were many small to large groups of family and friends who made their way from door to door filling their bags with candy.


I spent most of my time in the “New Section” due in part to my love for sidewalks and also there are more groups in the area.

Halloween 2008 Photo Gallery – The Good

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Halloween Mischief 2008 D-Day

Gerritsen Beach once again lived up to it’s reputation as one of the worst Halloween Mischief neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Although there was a stronger police presence this year than in years past, it was not strong enough to prevent dozens of teens from vandalizing the avenue with eggs and shaving cream.

The mischief […]

D-Day is Friday… Halloween

This Friday is D-Day in Gerritsen Beach: Halloween! Halloween is trouble for any car, bus, city worker or delivery driver, and of course, any store front on Gerritsen Avenue. Gerrtisen Beach is so notoriously hazardous on Halloween that the MTA refuses to allow the b31 bus to continue past Ave U through the […]

Events: Vollies Haunted House

7TH Annual Haunted House “Vollies Fire department fund raiser”

ASYLUM Point of No Return.

Set in a jail-broken asylum, believed to be haunted for years by a young girl murdered during the escape of a mass murderer. This Halloween she seeks revenge as she creates havoc about the halls. With each turn, test your […]

Marine Park Halloween Walk


The Marine Park Halloween Walk presented by the Marine Park Community Association was Saturday October 18th 2008

If you missed it, you missed a great event for the kids. What a better way to spend your Saturday afternoon as a family then by scaring them to tears.

Police Officers, CERT Members, and Volunteers were on hand escorting the crowds into the walk. Which had a variety of spooky scenes and scary ghosts jumping out at you.

If you have never checked out a photo gallery before please, check out Marine Park Halloween Walk.

and if you even more brave, click more or look below and see some of the pictures.

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P.S. 277 Pumpkin and Cupcake Sale

PS 277 had a pumpkin and cupcake sale, that I headed over to after the concord.

Seemed like loads of fun, most of the grades came out. Its very funny to see the kids try to eat cupcakes while running around trying to get a pumpkin.

Ever tried to round up a dozen […]

Marine Park Haunted Halloween Walk

Marine Park Haunted Halloween Walk Saturday, October 18, 2008

1:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Creatures of the night make a daylight appearance for this frightfully fun walk through the park, which is followed by a delightful puppet show for all ages.

Contact Number: (718) 965-8913

Flyer (See Attachment)

Events: Halloween Festival

Halloween Festival

SATURDAY, October 25, 2008 Starting 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Rain date: November 1, 2008 – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) in the GB Little League area of Larry Veling Field (Gerritsen Avenue off Cyrus Avenue)

Pumpkin Painting, Pony Rides, Haunted Walk, Face Painting, Bounce Houses, Find a Needle in a […]

61 st Precinct Halloween Update

Update: Hello to the officers of the 61st Precinct who read this!

I attended the 61st Precinct Community Council meeting tonight. It was so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, I hate these meetings. They are long and boring, but this is how things get done and someone has to go.

The precinct didn’t have too much news to report. Captain Vincent G. Stella and his team have kept crime down for the most part; impressively, there was not one assault or stolen car for an entire week. However, purse snatching seems to be the trend during the before-and-after work rush. Women should be careful walking down side streets near busy train and/or bus stops.

After reading all of the responses on this site to the Halloween fiasco, I was expecting to see members of our community at the meeting to discuss/complain/demand answers about the police presence on Halloween. Everyone seemed so concerned about the kids in the neighborhood throwing eggs at the cops, damaging the bus shelters and being rowdy. People were complaining on this website that the cops didn’t do anything to disperse the huge crowd of teenagers or arrest anyone for vandalism. Isn’t anyone curious as to why the police responded the way that they did on Halloween? If we were a more vocal community maybe we would get some answers.

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Halloween in Gerritsen Beach

Halloween this year was fun for all of the trick-or-treaters. Small to large groups of family and friends made their way from house to house filling their buckets and bags with candy.

I spent most of my time in the “New Section” because I like sidewalks and they are family friendly.

Halloween 2007 Flickr Set

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Halloween Mischief

Gerritsen Avenue was all but fun for bus drivers, city vehicles, car service, and delivery drivers on Halloween. The mischief started late afternoon and ended early evening. A large crowd of teens pelted vehicles with eggs. It was like a firing range; buses were hit on both sides as they drove by.

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