GBCares 2012 Newsletter

2012 Newsletter Reveiw of 2011

Events: 9/11 Ceremonies


Freshly Painted Scoreboard

In time for the Gerritsen Beach & Marine Park 9/11 Ceremonies, the area around Larry Veling field has been spruced up.

Our area is holding two ceremonies to remember 9/11:

  • Marine Park at 5:00pm presented by Senator Golden
  • Gerritsen Beach at 7:00pm at Larry Veling Field
Below is some before and after shots

Before (above)



After! A nice new view!






After! Nice job.







Even the little league container got a paintjob.

September GBPOA Meeting Roundup


G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. - Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race.

We haven’t done a Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association roundup in a while because there hasn’t been anything to talk about. So here are the cliff notes.

Kiddie Beach is wrapping up the season, congrats to all.

Racoons - are overwhelming some areas of the beach. Especially the areas with an abandoned lot or home. The city does not acknowledge a raccoon problem nor do they have any actionable  plan or advice. The responsibility is on the home owner. However, if you see “rats” in an empty lot or abandoned home the city will come in clean it up a bit and bill it to the property. Call 311.

Hurricane Irene - Rumor is they shut down the Knapp sewer plant which could be to blame for the sewer backups into homes. People were opening sewer caps, sewer manholes to try and get rid of water with no success.

17 Lacon Court (aka Jemal) – The DOB has already issued $13,300 in violations with three more about to go into default judgment. They are on top of the situation but they do not know who the owner is, as their violations notices are being returned.  There is A LOT of stuff going on there, expect an update soon.

Dangerous & Damaged Utility Poles – No one is having luck getting action dangerous or damaged utility poles as each company Verizon, ConEd, and NYC passes the blame to each other. Some have reported it reported it to 311, others the 61 precinct, and one has gone to every city office ten times to demand action.

FEMA – Report your damage to FEMA!

Little League Walkway, Scoreboard, Containers – GBCares sent out a letter on behalf of the Gerritsen Beach Little League asking for $500 monetary donations from organizations to repair the cement walkway, paint the scoreboard, paint the containers, and plant flowers around the flag pole in time for the 9/11 ceremony. Everything is done except the cementing, which is awaiting an architect plans to be filed with nyc parks. GBPOA plans on donating the full amount.

Flag Vandalism – Most of the flags at the Little League were vandalized breaking the poles and brackets those will be replaced.

Seba Traffic Light - No one knows when it is switching on. Seba will be a flashing red (aka a stop light), while Gerritsen will remain green.

9/11 Ceremonies – Marine Park at 5:00pm, Gerritsen Beach Little Leauge 7:00 pm

Halloween - Halloween is coming (again)  some members of the GBPOA will be walking the streets. A few plan on attending the 61 & 63 council meetings to demand an actual response.

Dan’s 5k Fun RunSaturday, September 17th.

G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. (above) – Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race. It’s that time of the year again for the races which is this Saturday.



GBCares Newsletter 2011

View and download your copy here.

Events: GBCares Meetings

Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc  General Membership Meetings
When:  Monday, April 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
Where:  St. James Church (2776 Gerritsen Ave)

When:   Monday, May 23, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
Where:  PS 277 (2529 Gerritsen Ave)

Events: GBCares Annual Halloween Festival


Come dressed in a costume and participate in Halloween!

Enjoy a day of spooky fun for the entire family at the GBCares Annual Halloween Festival from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 30, rain date November 6th at Larry Veling Field.

Children of all ages are encouraged to come dressed in a costume and participate in Halloween parades at 2 p.m.

While you’re there, participate in a variety of fun activities, including face painting, pumpkin painting, creating your own costume jewelry and more.

The event is free or low cost and open to the public and is organized by GB Cares, Inc. For more information please contact: Michael Taylor at 646-220-8215 or LillyBeth Hanson 718-648-6599


Censorship. Sound Familiar?

Mau Mau

We have been trying to get more information on White Island (Mau Mau) to let our readers know EXACTLY what is going on and we are being ignored by GBCares, who held all of the meetings regarding White Island over the past year or two. After multiple phone calls, emails, face to face requests, a snail mailed request, and a public plea – we have been ignored.

But then we found this uplifting quote:

Some might think that because the newsletter is so good and filled with so much relevant and factual information, these people are using it to learn and inform others. But this is just not true. These people have something to hide, so they don’t want the general public to know the truth so that they can decide what their concerns or opinions might be.

That quote came from a GBCares Newsletter in 1998 referencing the war they had with the Property Owners. What happens when you substitute newsletter with website in that quote?

We cannot help but notice the massive amounts of irony after reading their article (below) and we know some will ask us “Why even release this?”.

Let’s quote GBCares since they said it best, in that 1998 Newsletter.

If you don’t know the truth, you can’t make an informed or educated decision, or even have an intelligent opinion on the issues that affect us all. This has to change and is changing, thanks to the many different people who are fighting the uphill battle to properly express the views of the entire community.

Well Said! We will warn you, you will have to strap in and READ. It should take all of 2 minutes.

Here is what we found:
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Patriotism Alive and Well


In time for the September 11th Memorials scheduled for Saturday, September 11th 7 pm at Larry Veiling Field the Flag was draped over the Avenue.


The New Future of Seba Avenue Park – Hockey?


Red Boxes are Expansion Plans

Seba Avenue Skate Park is expanding again.Parks recently held a meeting at Councilman Lew Fidlers office with George Broadhead of the Property Owners and John Douglas of GBCares. They were invited to see the new plans and offer their input.

We will be getting a new general asphalt field on the right side of the park more toward Lois. The new asphalt MAY end up being used for roller hockey WITH nets. That’s a huge maybe right now. This won’t be started until Spring of 2012.

Here is where we are now.
Right now as we speak – a Parks contractor is building the comfort station. Then after that is completed Parks is going to expanded the Tot Lot with sprinklers. This is nothing new.

As for the existing Asphalt which is the middle ground for the Skate Park and Tot lot – that will be replaced with swings: 8 Child 8 Young 1 Handicap. Project completion date: Fall of 2012 Epic Time-line
September 2006 – Construction Begins
October 2006 Groundbreaking Ceremony
June 2007 – Equipment Installed
July 2007 – Skate Park Being used by Kids
August 2007 – Park fences repaired
November 2007 – Seba Park Open
February 2008 – 12 Trees snapped. One Bench removed.
March 2008 – Comfort Station Announced
June 2008 – Trees replaced
July 2008 – Seba Avenue Park covered in graffiti.
August 2008 – graffiti cleaned up.
February 2009 – Drug problem at park peaks.
February 2009 – NYPD narcotics crack down.
March 2009 – Fire Destroys part of park
April 2009 – Repairs started
October 2009 – Sprinklers announced
December 2009 – 20 Benches stolen
December 2009 – Benches found. Newspapers call it biased incident.
January 2010 – Plans for phase II shown Swings announced.
February 2010 – Crackdown on vandalism. Fidler pushes for arrests.
March 2010 – Benches repaired or reinstalled.
May 2010 – Comfort Station construction begins
July 2010 – “Gun” used by outside kids to intimidate locals. Was a BB Gun
September 2010 – New Asphalt Expansion announced. Swings replaned.

Gerritsen Avenue Gets a Much Needed Trim – At What Cost?


Well Trimmed Avenue

Just in time for the GBGames, Gerritsen Beach’s Mid Summer celebration, Gerritsen Avenue got a much needed trim – but not by who you would expect.

Millennium Development – not GBCares – came in at the request of the Parks manager to trim Gerritsen Avenue. Millenium Development has an interesting story. They are based out of Bergen Beach and are under the umbrella of Bergen Basin Community Development Corp & Bergen Beach Youth Corp which are well funded and are the rumored political tool of Councilman Fidler. Between those two organizations they receive between 4-5 Million dollars in reported funds and also a million plus from Councilman Fidler. Their officers are well paid as well most making over $100,000.


There are murmurings that Millennium Development, though manifest destiny, is positioning it self for expansion into Gerritsen Beach. They would bring in youth programs, senior programs, events community cleanups.

Sounds great right? Well no…. Millennium Development is not a Gerritsen Beach organization, they would be stepping all over our existing organizations which already cover their scope. Money is spread too thin to begin with across our organizations – why not give $300,000 plus that Bergen Basin receives to Gerritsen Beach instead? There would be no competing with Bergan Basin fund’s. The community would have no say how Millennium Development spends it’s money within our community.

Back to the story at hand – Bergen Beach Youth brought in their youth group and with the help of Parks Department machinery the entire avenue was trimmed but at what cost?


GB Games and Car Show This Sunday!!!


The Annual GB Games and Car Show organized by Gerritsen Beach Cares is this Sunday.

There are two events in one that make this a single event great. First there is a car show hosted by Tri-Five Classic Auto Club and second a family oriented block party called GBGames, all sponsored by the community.

There will be lots of family oriented activities including a water balloon toss, a watermelon eating contest and bucket brigades as well as a ton of games. There will also be free or low cost rides including a bounce house, a water slide ride, and an obstacle course for the kids.

Be there! You make even see a dancing Elmo!

Elmo in Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

GBCares: GBGames Needs Sponsors


2008 GBGames

Gerritsen Beach Cares’ GBGames is Gerritsen Beach’s Mid-Summer Celebration. It is a combination Street Fair and Car Show on Gerritsen Avenue and a day of fun and games for the entire family!

Download the Flyer

That said, it cannot exist without your help! Gerritsen Beach Cares is requesting  that you or  your organization participate in anyway it can.

  • Volunteers to help, set up, run activities
  • Maybe setting up a table to promote your organization or assisting with coordinating an activity.
  • Any donation will be accepted and greatly appreciated by GB Cares and the GB Games participants.
  • Clean up at the end of the day.


GBCares: Olga Marshall Memorial Garden a Success!

GBCares volunteers were hard at work Saturday, May 29th 2010 cleaning and gardening a section of Gerritsen Avenue in Memorial of Olga Marshall. Olga Marshal, who passed away a few months ago, was the woman you always saw on Gerritsen Avenue gardening/beautifying on the avenue and around many of the bus stops.

What was before a barren section of Gerritsen Avenue now has a beautiful garden.






Event: Planting Flowers & Clean Up in Memory of Olga Marshall – Saturday!

Olga Marshal

Olga Marshall passed away a few months ago. She was a fixture of Gerritsen Beach anyone who have lived here knew her, if not by name, by sight, seeing her plant gardens around the bus shelters or taking in lost animals as her own). She worked with GB Cares to better the neighborhood.

Saturday, May 29, 2010 between 10:00am – 2:00pm there will be a cleanup and planting in the garden at Gerritsen Ave & Everett Avenue in memory of Olga Marshall.

Volunteers needed to help Clean Up and Plant flowers
in memory of Olga Marshall.

HELP for 5 minutes or 5 hours!

Bring your family & friends to help clean up and plant flowers to be appreciated by the community.

This project will start by cleaning up and planting flowers in
the gardens Olga created on Gerritsen Avenue by Everett Avenue.

We will plant a tree in her memory.
Depending on the numbers of volunteers we will expand to the other gardens she created and the tree pits along Gerritsen Avenue.

This event is coordinated by Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc (718) 648-3745
and the family of Olga Marshall

A Response to GBCares Newsletter

Humorous Pictures
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

A full year after the debacle known only as “woodchip-gate”, GBCares continues to blame this site and its visitors for all of its problems. But, the truth is literally in the details.

In an article called “Weekly Community Service Suspended Until Further Notice”, which GBCares released in their newsletter, they outlined their story, starring a jealous city agency, and a “careless weblog attack”.

Strap in kids!
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