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Updated: NYPD Investigation

The altercation was a half-mile from the beach, the police said.


Stabbing on Gerritsen Avenue

Police last night were searching for 3 white males that fled the scene near Gerritsen Ave and Channel Avenue after someone was stabbed multiple times. This happened in front of the Laundromat at 2690 Gerritsen Avenue

Serious Assault | Searching For 3 W/m’s That Fled The Scene near Gerritsen Ave Brooklyn, NY | […]

White Wave Laundromat Burglarized

Last week White Wave Laundromat was burglarized. The creep or creeps went in through the back and tried to smash their way out the front. No word on what was taken if anything.

Shooting in Marine Park

Only a matter of time before this happens here:

The police said Thomas Dunikowski of Marine Park, Brooklyn, fired after confronting unruly youths on the street where he lives. Read more: Two Teenagers Shot With Rifle in Brooklyn

A Burglar Led Into Temptation by Catholics and Tattoos

Investigators believe that the burglaries at the Knights of Columbus and Wyld Child tattoo shop may have been committed by the same person.

Read More.

Breaking: Barricaded EDP Seba Ave & Noel Ave

0947 Hours: 33 Seba Ave: A female EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person, ie: a person suffering from an acute episode of mental illness) refusing to take her medication. Is barricaded at location refusing to open the door. ESU on scene.

1200 Hours Second ESU Truck requested.

1300 Hours (1pm) After a 4:30 hour stand off […]

Senior attacked

A 23-year-old thug Bevy court resident was arrested on April 15 after he dragged an 87-year-old woman to the ground during a purse snatching on Aster Court in Gerritsen Beach.

The elderly woman was mugged on Aster and Everett avenues at 3:11 pm when the thief jumped her. He ran off with her property, […]

Burglary at Wyld Chyld Tattoo

Thieves chiseled the lock and made out with about $1,000.

Hopefully we get video.

News Coverage of the Knighs of Columbus Burglary


Burglary at Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus Rev. E. J. Matthews #5989 (2882 Gerritsen Avenue, NY) was was broken into this morning.

Stealing THOUSANDS over $12,000 dollars raised for Cystic Fibrosis foundation. They also stole the money from the bar, cameras, computer, raffle tickets.

The Knights of Columbus proudly holds many events in the neighborhood including Octoberfest, […]

Tracey Real Estate Cleans Graffiti

Not that anyone was complaining but Tracey Real Estate’s Gerritsen Avenue office finally got around to cleaning the graffiti that happened a month back. A few spots remain.


Police Nab Laundromat Thief

The 61 precinct have caught a man wanted in the theft at Gerritsen Laundromat.

The man is described as a Gerritsen Beach man with a long history.

Bus Shelter Destruction Burrr It’s Cold Out there.

Just in time for the windy cold days. Don’t you just love waiting in a shattered glass bus shelter with no protection from the wind?

WPIX: Brooklyn Neighborhood Taking On Graffiti Vandals


Channel 11 WPIX picked up on the graffiti story. Although their headline suggests that the neighborhood is taking on graffiti vandals, there are no current plans for any official neighborhood watch program.

Disgraceful Graffiti Attack on Gerritsen Beach

Overnight graffiti appeared up on homes and businesses all over New Section’s Bevy Court, Everrett and Devon Avenue’s. Graffiti has been popping up on Bus Shelters over the course of the last few weeks as well as smaller unnoticeable places. Now it seems like the perpetrator(s) went all out and cause a decent […]