All Way Stops Signs Coming for Noel and Madoc Avenues

Stop hating (all way)

All way stop signs may be in the near future for Noel Avenue and Maddoc Avenue.

Residents of Noel Avenue submitted petitions to CB15 requesting all way stop signs because of the speeding on Noel and Maddoc Avenues.

A traffic study will be conducted shortly by DOT.

Noel and Lois, Noel and Seba, Maddoc and Seba , Maddoc and Cyrus

Hope and Dreams Hold Florence Ave Fence Together


The iron fence that sits atop the Florence Avenue Bulkhead is about to just fall over.

Out of the dozen or so poles that are supposed to be securing the fence to the bulkhead – all but three have eroded away. On top of that the dead end sign is acting as a sail for the wind. When the wind blows the whole fence sways back and forth.



Bulkheads to Be Cleaned


Back in the Spring of 2007 the New York City Department of Design and Construction was tasked with reconstructing four bulkheads in the Gerritsen Beach area,  including sewer work. The majority of the work is complete at the Bartlett Place, Devon Ave., Everett Ave., Hazel Crt.

Now, Those areas are surrounded by splash pads (yellow) and it looks like they are doing some shoreline stabilization as well . According to CB15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo this is all part of the DDC Project to do some minor cleanup of the area.


Sheepshead Mosque Brings Show of Force to CB 15


Residents in Sheepshead Bay have been opposing a mosque that is going to be built on 2812 Voorhies Avenue. The mosque plans to build as-of-right meaning they will build within zoning and not apply for any special variances.

Opposing Residents have been doing a few things to get their message across. First, they attended a plumb beach civic meeting where racist undertones were very apparent. Then there was an anonymous fliers circulating headlining “Say no to mosque at 2812 Voorhies Avenue.” It basically states there are quality of life issues such as parking, traffic and noise. It goes on to state that the mosque has a goal of establishing an Islamic state in America, has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and rejects Israel’s right to exist.


Which brings us to last nights CB 15 meeting.
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Gerritsen Avenue to Get “Traffic Improvements”

DOT August 2009 Gerritsen Avenue
Building upon improvements in September 2005, which was the green streets plan, the DOT has been requested to also study traffic at Gerritsen and Avenue U.

The Department of Transportation will be implementing these changes very quickly starting in September.

Here is what they want to do:
Gerritsen Avenue will now all be a single lane, with all left and right turn bays. They are going to extend the painted median from Avenue W (where it currently ends) all the way down to Gerritsen and Nostrand.

They will also be installing bike lanes on the North and South bound lanes on Gerritsen Avenue. The bike lanes will be eventually connected with other city bike lanes. DOT usually installs bike lanes to get rid of the excess roadway, and to induce slower traffic.

Avenue U has the largest amount of changes.

  • Gerritsen Northbound at Avenue U (toward Nostrand) you will only be able to go straight and make a right no lefts onto Avenue U.
  • Install left turn bay on Avenue U Westbound (going toward Kings Plaza).
  • Install left turn bay on Gerritsen Southbouth (coming into beach, across from Engine 321).
  • Install a painted pedestrian island on Gerritsen South of U. This would an area with you can stand in the middle of the street between chinar and that new liquor store.

DOT August 2009 Gerritsen Avenue
Gerritsen at Knapp (the fork/angle/On the Run)
Install southbound right turn lane with additional green arrow time.

This is all to improve pedestrian safety, traffic crashes, reduce delays and most importantly reduce speeding, because the study shows that most people go between 40-50 MPH on Gerritsen Avenue, when 30 is the limit.

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“Three Amigos” Block Sheepshead Bay’s Lundys Cherry Hill from Opening


Meet Sheepshead Bay’s “Three Amigos!” Carl Kruger, Theresa Scavo, and Michael Nelson.

In front of Lundys – now Cherry Hill Market – the “Three Amigos” threw a surprise Good Friday photo opp. If a Good Friday photo op isn’t surprising to you, consider this: as a Good Friday Processional by St. Mark’s Church were walking by, they continued to take pictures. Barbara Berardelli of the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association actually had to ask them to stop out of respect for the occasion. While they complied, all three remained with their backs turned as the Processional proceeded. Father Grimaldi, of St. Marks even went over to acknowledge Councilman Nelson, who did not respond in kind.

Kruger, Scavo, Nelson and the people from Cherry Hill then debated their points of view regarding the building’s use. Kruger said that any business selling groceries (ie putting them in bags, cashiers, shopping carts, etc.) that’s not allowed on Emmons Avenue or in the Sheepshead Bay Special District. Meanwhile, there are at least two other small markets within three blocks of Cherry Hill, that bag groceries and have cashiers. Yet, they are not being targeted by the Three Amigos.


When pressed, Senator Kruger had no answers as to why his press release pre-dated the actual DOB violations, and all three disclaimed credit for the stop work order. Scavo even went as far to say that Cherry Hill’s representatives were “giving us too much credit” for getting the work stopped – an interesting point to make considering they were all literally outside taking photos so they could all presumably take credit for stopping Cherry Hill. It might be worth nothing that Mike Nelson hardly uttered a word the whole time.

Then after the meeting on the street, Barbara Berardelli approached the “Three Amigos” and asked them how they could justify keeping her Civic Association in the dark about the stop work orders. She angrily took great offense to them doing all of this on Good Friday and noted their behavior of ignoring the procession of St. Mark’s. Scavo responded saying “You didn’t know(about the stop work order)? It was was all over the blog” (Apparently is now the main source of information for Sheepshead Bay political news for local civics – not CB 15). I even heard Mrs. Berardelli scream out to Kruger “You don’t represent me!” she continued that the three of them would not have acted so disrespectfully if this were a Jewish Holiday, or if they were in a all-Jewish Neighborhood.


Anthony Kelly, project manager of Cherry Hill, then gave his account of recent events. According to Kelly, DOB Deputy Commissioner Bryan Winter came into the building and told them that their plan approval has been revoked and that he was taking their copy of the plans away from them. Kelly responded by stating that the Brooklyn DOB commissioner Derrek Lee, Winter’s boss, had signed off that all work had been completed, therefore the building was no longer a work site and Winter’s actions were totally improper – and that there was no way Winter was leaving with their plans.

After further conversation, Winter left the premises and returned later that day with a new stop work order revoking the “sign off”, pulling the plan approval, and ordering that all work stop. Violations were for: (1) work contrary to plan and (2) use contrary to zoning. The work contrary to plans consisted of TWO shelve units that supposedly did not appear on the approved plans. The use contrary to zoning violation is DOB’s answer to the much debated question of whether Cherry Hill is a market or restaurant – DOB was declaring that the primary use was for a market. But, according to Kelly, the plans show that 60% of the floor area usage is for a restaurant, while 40% is used for a market, making the market use “accessory” in nature.

Since the issued violations, Cherry Hill is consulting an attorney regarding legal action not only to fight the DOB violations, but to consider whether the Three Amigos’ actions are wrongful.

Happy Easter!

Video of the entire “Meeting”

Schatz Brothers Rumblings of another Large Construction

Whats to Come?

There are rumblings…. of something large coming, but nothing solid to put “out there” right now.

If you know anything please comment.

Whats to Come?

Sheepshead Bay Surprised with Alternate Side Despite Mayors Promise


The DOT has instituted alternate side of the street parking regulations along the northern side of Emmons Avenue between Bedford & Nostrand Avenues, and along parts of Shore Parkway and apparently didn’t consult with the local Civic Association before doing it.

According to the January meeting of the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association, condominium owners and the owner of 2801 Emmons Avenue pushed for the regulations so their streets can be cleaned by the city.  Members were upset of not being told that the regulations were being considered, and that the building owners expect the City to clean when they pay to have a maintenance budget and superintendents who are supposed to keep their areas clean.

Many feared that this was the start of more regulations to come, meaning that these alternate side of the street parking signs will keep popping up alongside condos that don’t want to use their own money to clean their areas, forcing the city to clean their streets.

The Association also claims that Mayor Bloomberg promised to leave Emmons Avenue untouched from alternate side regulations when he held a town hall meeting in August of 2005.

CB 15 was notified and everything is legit, but residents in attendance voted unanimously to fight this “surprise” change.

Whats to stop any of this from coming into Gerritsen Beach on the Avenues once new buildings are completed here?

10 Story Synagogue on Bragg Street – Doesn’t Pass Community Board

2261 Bragg Street wants to put up a 7 story vertical extension to their existing 3 story building(above).

There was a public hearing Monday, October 27th 7:00 but

  • Zoning Committee: YES: 4 NO: 12 – Not Recommended to CB15
  • CB15: YES: 13 NO: 22 – Not Recommended to BSA

YES voters: Cathy Blundell, Raisa Chernina, Dr. Alan Ditchek (V. Chair), Edmond Dweck, Henni Fisher, William Glassman, Rabbi Eli Greenwald, Morris Harary, Dr. Herb Hedetsky, Al Smaldone, Mitchell Shpelfogel, Leonard Simon.

It now moves on to the BSA (Board of Standards and Appeals), to be approved or not.

10 Story Synagogue on Bragg Street?

2261 Bragg Street is applying to community board 15, to put a 7 story vertical extension to their existing 3 story building(above).

If you have anything to say about it (for or against) there is a public hearing scheduled for Monday, October 27th  7:00 pm in room U-219 at Kingsborough.

CB 15 Committees 2008-2009


For those who care here are the CB 15 Committees and the Members:

(Click the Image for a PDF)

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September Meeting Schedules with a Extra Special Guest

Here are the local meetings that are coming up. The Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association has invited STEPHEN JEMAL of SSJ Development to discuss his development on Knapp St. That should be an interesting meeting if he shows up. I should go and meet him.

  • Sheepshead Bay Plumb Beach Civic Association, September 2 at 7:30 pm.; Baron DeKalb, Knights of Columbus, 3000 Emmons Avenue; 718-891-1937.
  • Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association, September 3 (and each fIrst Wednesday) at 7:30 pm.; St. James Lutheran Church, Gerritsen and Florence avenues; 718-648-6599.
  • Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, September 8 at 8 p.m.; Public School 195, 131 lrwin Street; representatives from the Office of Emergency Management will talk about hurricane preparedness; 917-747-5863.
  • 61st Precinct Community Council, September 10 at 7:30 pm.; Bainbridge Adult Day Health Care Center, 3093 Ocean Avenue; 718-627-6847.
  • Community Board 15, September’ 23 at 7 p.m.; Zoning Meeting September 16 at 7 p.m. Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Boulevard (in the faculty dining room) ; 718-332-3008

Sheepshead Bay Community Fights a Group Home at CB 15


Hasc Center is opening a new Group Home at 2055 East 21st Street, a one family detached home. Hasac Center is an organization that serves infants, children and adults who are developmental challenged or have learning disabilities. It also offers an array of services to the families of these individuals.

I know group homes are always a tough sell to local communities and this was no exception, the entire audience was filled with people from the area surrounding the group home.

According to state law the community board can do one of three things.

You may either: (l) approve the site recommended; (2) suggest one or more alternate sites; or (3) object to the establishment of a residence at the site because to do so in your Board’s opinion, would result in such a concentration of residential facilities that the name and character of the neighborhood would be substantially altered. Please note that under state law need or over-concentration of residential facilities constitutes the only legitimate ground upon which the community can object.

Not without my consent

I’ve never heard such ignorant and bigoted statements from a crowd ever before. One guy said children are calling it an insane asylum, others wanted background checks run on the Hasc clients, another said they had super human strength, another said they couldn’t control their sexual desires and would be sexual deviants. Then at one point a CB 15 board member heard members of that community say something to the effect of “its going to be torched anyway“. Another board member was so disgusted with the crowd that he had to leave the audience and be calmed down by a friend.

Despite the crowds resistance, Chairperson, Theresa Scavo kept the meeting running extremely smoothly. She took no crap from the crowd, kept it moving, and even took time out of the meeting to explain to the crowd how community board meetings work and what the crowd should expect.

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New Verizon Utility Pole Locations

[Photo courtesy of mylunchfell/flickr]


According to Community Board 15 chairperson Theresa Scavo, Verizon will begin installing large poles – similar to telephone poles – in front of homes in order to deliver is FiOS fiber-optic service to the area. Scavo notes that once the pole is in the ground they will not be moved. If you see Verizon workers preparing to work in front of your home, and you are not happy with the potential placement of the pole, Scavo advises calling the board immediately – before work begins – at (718) 332-3008.The streets the company will deploy to are:

  • Ave. V from Bragg to Ocean
  • Bragg from Ave. X to Ave. T
  • On Brigham from Ave. W to Ave. U
  • Haring from Ave. Z to Ave. X

More Streets Here

Mike Nelson and Brooklyn View say “Blog Rumors are not true”

Blog Rumors Are Not True? Really?

Just to let everyone know, there are TWO sites in our part of Brooklyn where people can go and get news, and Sheepshead Bay Civics site and forum at

If you have been following, Councilman Mike Nelson’s former deputy chief of staff Robert Varley recently went public with that Nelson told him to post things on the two area sites.

It was recently picked up by the Brooklyn View. Who ran the story with the title “blog rumors are not true”. What blog are they talking about? in their own article is called a forum, oh that’s right, this is the only “blog” they can be talking about, but let’s not credit this site properly. Let’s continue to STEAL images off the web and now stories. Then lets overuse the word “blog” until it sounds like you don’t know what your talking about. You know what fine, I burnt that bridge by calling you out for stealing images.

The article continues to say that Mike Nelson doesn’t read local blogs(why plural?), WHICH COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Why did he have his people get in touch with me to stop the comments on the original Manhattan Beach post that was bashing him? But I forgot he doesn’t read them because they have zero accountability. Apparently the post had enough credibility for him to want it to stop.

The article continued to say that they tried to contact Varley by email and he did not respond. He didn’t respond? He seemed like a responsive guy when I LOOKED HIM UP AND SPOKE WITH HIM. Nice reporting Brooklyn View. Boy did I learn a lot speaking with him. All of which will come later.

The Brooklyn View then got a MAJOR fact wrong. The user “City Insider” never attacked Nelson or his family. In fact nowhere on the site does anyone ever attack Nelson. There were anonymous comments on directed at nelson and his wife, but that’s ok lets not credit anyone or get the facts straight.

Hey, Brooklyn View, can I talk to you over here for a second? If you could not get in touch with Robert Varley why even post RUMORS from blogs “with zero accountability”?

Mike Nelson, you apparently you still can’t count, you said “…I’m not surprised they hide in blogs seen by 30 of their friends”. That is so funny and clever! However, On my site alone I average 725 unique hits a day, some of which are from CITY HALL. That is alot more than your 30 guess. forum is also very popular.


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