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Bus Shelter Says: This Day Is Yours

This bus shelter has quite a history. It was the shelter that was destroyed last year within days of being installed here:

Look at the Fancy Bus Shelters That didn’t take long The Never Ending Story Bus Shelter Destruction: Not My Kid! […]

Bus Shelter Destruction

I hate it when this happens. Gerritsen and Lois Avenue

Happy New Year – Constructive Vandalism?

Bus Shelters Destruction part gajillion

Another Picture Here

Three New Bus Shelters

Just in case you didnt know, three new bus shelters are in place.

Seba Avenue Devon Avenue Gotham Avenue

Bus Shelter Destruction: Not My Kid!

Property’s Owners Meeting – July 11th 2007

Some more information about the Bus Shelter destruction on Cryus Ave came out at last nights property owners meetings.

Did someone see the kids breaking up the shelter?

For now, a nameless guy saw some kids with a garbage pail banging into the glass at 4 am and the the kid was doing it is about 17 or 18 years old.

The guy supposedly called the police but the police never came. (Although the times article said that it was repaired due to a 311 call.)

Then sometime over the next day or two, someone else rounded up about 4 kids and brought them to the guy who witnessed it and he pointed out one kid.

The guy who identified the kid, recognized his father, when he confronted the father he responded

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The Never Ending Story

Recently, the city had started to installed the brand new bus shelters in our neck of the woods.

Just as soon as it was put up, it was covered in graffitti, and the very next day it was destroyed.

Today we found it with a note on it. Asking parents to ask their […]

That didn’t take long – The day after

This was the next day after the graffiti vandalism. It is completely destroyed.

They even destroyed a section of the glass roof.

That didn’t take long

Within days of being complete the Cryus ave bus shelter has been disgraced.

You get $500 if you report it to the police. Link

Look at the Fancy Bus Shelters

It even says Gerritsen & Cyrus.

None of the other shelters were done over yet except for Lois Ave.

New Bus Shelters Coming

Looks like our bus shelters are being upgraded. So far, the Cryus Ave and the Lois Ave bus shelters has been upgraded.

Ouch! Lois Ave Bus Stop

Looks like someone got a little excited and jumped the curb last night.

In doing so, they destroyed a bus shelter located on Lois ave, while leaving their bumper behind.

More on our […]

More Bus Shelter Destruction

Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue X

Who are these kids? Does anyone see this happen? What can be done to stop this?

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Update: Disgrace

Shelter Express the citys contractor for bus shelters removed the damaged shelter.

Orginal Story


Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn NY

Recently a bus shelter was knocked down. It was reportedly knocked down on 9/15/06.

When I went up to investigate I saw a sign tied on to the damage shelter.

The sign reads:

DISGRACE Neighborhood people try to better our neighborhood and you do […]