Bus Shelter Destruction Burrr It’s Cold Out there.


Just in time for the windy cold days. Don’t you just love waiting in a shattered glass bus shelter with no protection from the wind?


Buses Running then Not

Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

Please Stop Throwing Rocks


As much as it pains GerritsenBeach.net to bring it up: All weekend long kids were throwing rocks at people, buses and cars again from Seba Avenue Park.

One resident even tried to reason with the kids:

Tonight I was at the skate park…a group of teenagers ages ranging 13-15 were throwing rocks, scooters, and pretty much anything else they could at busses, car services, and houses across from the skate park….I told them what they are doping is absolutely dumb…but they dont listen. I called 911, and no response. They continued to terrorize for almost two hours. No one cares. Sucks man. This neighborhood is funny, the parents dont give a !@#$ , and apparently neither do the police. Ridiculous..

They were throwing rocks at the bus shelter while a young man was sitting there waiting for the bus with his girlfriend. If it would have broke. you could have killed one of them. Thats also very unintelligent of you all.

Ive never once in my life felt the need to call 911. However tonight, even I felt like i was in danger,and thats !@#$%^& up. thats not what this neighborhood is about. People shouldnt have to worry about a$$hole kids throwing rocks at them in Gerritsen Beach. Not smart guys. Unsafe, not cool, and totally stupid. it’s time for a reality check. Your generation is !@#$%^ up, and thats sucks cause you are all unfortunately the future of this neighborhood. Things arent looking up. =(

We have also heard on good authority that one of the Radio Control Airplane guys saw a kid that he thinks was involved in throwing rocks at his vechile and started to yell at him. The kid ran home got his father, and a how dare you accuse my kid started and the Airplane Guy left for fear of retaliation.

Editorial note: People have accused GerritsenBeach.net of “creating” these problems saying that they do not exist, have never existed and only exist because we wrote about it. They do exist, we are just the messenger. We hate these stories as much as you do because they are horrible to hear about and more horrible to know that it’s our kids. We only bring these stories to your attention to make you aware of what is happening in your community. However, If you have ever seen any historical Gerritsen Beach paper you would know that the issues we face today are the same issues that have been around since the year of the flood. We are judged on how we react to the situation. We have always intend to show the great things of the neighborhood and will continue to do so. We will show the “bad” when it becomes a neighborhood issue.

NYPost: Shatter of life & death

Shattered glass
The NYPost is reporting that the brand new bus shelters that CemUSA is installing all over the city are spontaneously shattering!

They suspect that cemusa is incorrectly using a 2.75-inch bolt instead of a 3.5-inch bolt which would make the unit more secure.

Gimme shelter from that bus shelter!

Two sparkling new bus shelters on the Upper West Side spontaneously shattered, showering people with a cascade of broken glass, according to pending lawsuits.

Two victims say they have no idea why the shelters broke. But an engineer who helped install them is offering a shocking explanation: His former company screwed the city by using bolts that are too small to bear the 900 pounds of glass at each three-sided structure.

Engineer Volkan Akkurt claims that standing under the shelters isn’t safe, according to his lawsuit against Cemusa, the Spanish firm that paid the city $1 billion for the right to install the snazzy-looking shelters in return for selling ads on them.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/shatter_of_life_death_QW3CEfHupI5pAoyzrQdv1M#ixzz0wKW7nWPb

Bus Shelter Destruction: Scratchitti Edition


Those new and improved shelters didn’t last very long. Most of the bus shelters on Gerritsen Avenue were scratched up.


Bus Shelters Return Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


The Bus Shelters that were taken out yesterday in the rain, were replaced with Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ones!

These new shelters (aka street furniture) as far as we are told are basically scratch proof and made of more durable “glass” that is more resistant to shattering.

City Takes Out Bus Shelters


Today, a city contractor took out at least five bus shelters on Gerritsen Avenue. They did this while raining forcing people to stand in the rain, not to mention the extended forecast calls for more rain.

Rain is a short term complaint. What does this mean for the long term?! Well for one – there will be less shelters for the kids to smash. More seriously, these shelters are most likely gone for good. We have put in a call and await confirmation of our speculation.

Whitney (Church Parking Lot)
Avenue X (Across from Brenmans)
Everett (Bagel Store)


Bus Shelter Destruction: Storm Edition


The criminal animals took advantage of the storm smashing 4 shelters on Gerritsen Avenue.

As you can see they used bricks and lawn decorations to smash the shelters.

Everyone who took the bus this morning in the rain thanks you for getting wet and cold.



Bus Shelters Kicked In


Apparently, someone who may have been a bit off their rocker went around and kicked in about 6 or so bus shelters, destroying a good amount the glass on all of the shelters.

It’s only a matter of time now before someone turns surveillance cameras to look at the shelters. Oh wait…they already have! ::Law and Order Dun-Dun::

Royal Bus Shelter Destruction


In the never ending saga of bus shelter destruction, this time a “Princess” gave the royal blow to the glass.

“Princess” I don’t think you realize that you are feeding into the GB stereotype. Your actions make the rest of us embarrassed and angry.


Tis’ the Season to Smash


Nothing like sharing in the Christmas spirit with your neighbors by smashing a bus shelter forcing them to stand in the cold!

Pick on a Bus Shelter Your Own Size


Three Bus Shelters were smashed today. I personally don’t see the point of breaking these bus shelters, but apparently someone wasn’t hit hard enough as a kid.

Seba Avenue
Gotham Avenue
Devon Avenue



Bus Shelter Vandalism: Fan Appreciation Edition


I don’t appreciate this vandalism, even when it’s free PR. It was done at the Gotham Avenue bus shelter, its kinda hard to miss.


Bus Shelter Destruction Ice Cold Edition


Thanks to the morons who did this during the coldest week so far of this winter! With today’s snow i’m sure many people cursed out whoever did this.


It’s Easier to Create Than Destroy. Be Proud, Be Nice!

Looks as though there is a video following up on Bus Shelter Says: This Day Is Yours

This bus shelter has a huge histroy since starting this site.

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