Hope and Dreams Hold Florence Ave Fence Together


The iron fence that sits atop the Florence Avenue Bulkhead is about to just fall over.

Out of the dozen or so poles that are supposed to be securing the fence to the bulkhead – all but three have eroded away. On top of that the dead end sign is acting as a sail for the wind. When the wind blows the whole fence sways back and forth.



Bulkheads to Be Cleaned


Back in the Spring of 2007 the New York City Department of Design and Construction was tasked with reconstructing four bulkheads in the Gerritsen Beach area,  including sewer work. The majority of the work is complete at the Bartlett Place, Devon Ave., Everett Ave., Hazel Crt.

Now, Those areas are surrounded by splash pads (yellow) and it looks like they are doing some shoreline stabilization as well . According to CB15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo this is all part of the DDC Project to do some minor cleanup of the area.


Oily Substance Poured All Over Devon Avenue Bulkhead


Oily substance covers Devon Avenue bulkhead

It seems like only yesterday that the new bulkheads were finally finished. To be more precise it was around August 2008 when they were completed.

Now it seems as though someone intentionally  poured an oily sticky substance all over the Devon Avenue bulkhead.


A Clean Bulkhead August 2, 2008

Bulkhead Construction on $9Mil Knapp Lot

[Bulkhead Construction]

The lot which is currently on sale for $9 million, is currently undergoing bulkhead repairs. This is not the city repairing the bulkhead as some may have first thought, but the property owner. They have also repaired the entire sidewalk on Knapp Street adjacent to their property

Bulkheads are Mostly Done


Bulkhead construction which started at the beginning of the year, has mostly been completed (in the new section).

Bulkhead picture gallery from the water from the summer of 2007


Devon & Joval Bulkhead Repair

Most bulkhead work in the beach is underway. Watch out for no parking signs so heavy equipment can be brought in.

Property Owners Meeting: The Run Up to the Green Streets Meeting

So I went to the property owners meeting, and unlike the 61st Precinct Meeting it wasn’t that boring. It was the exact opposite. The topics that were discussed were:

  • Bulkheads Project is going to start on the 25th
  • Crime Rate
  • Lacon Ct project and soil testing
  • Knapp and U Project for sidewalk permits
  • and of course Green Streets

Ah Green Streets, the project no one seems to want. Well this is the deal, there will be a meeting this upcoming Wednesday at PS 277. There will be some very important people there and the point of this meeting is to have them listen to the community. If there is disconcern and no one shows up they will assume that everyone is for it and the project will go forward. There will be time to review the plan at the school. There will be posters and a presentation explaining this.

The Property Owners and GB Cares both voted against such a proposal. Some of the interesting points of this plan raised at the meeting were:

  • Changing the Direction of Burnett
  • No Left from Avenue X to Avenue
  • Gotham and Florance to be both turned one way
  • and other street changes

Ive been told that adjustments can be made but it is my impression is that it is all or nothing with Marty Golden. Even more interesting, it is a becoming a hot political issue with local politicians. Marty is all by himself on this. Alan Maisel and Lew Fidler have not been invited to Marty’s meeting and express that if we don’t want it we shouldn’t get it. Is the invitation in the mail?

Also at the meeting they briefly murmured about notifying the community other than their usual methods but that conversation went away and no definitive action or stance was taken. One resident said that it is the Property Owners responsibility to notify the community because the flyer’s left in the stores, left on bus shelters, and ads in Our News, are not enough.

So come to this meeting and come with an open mind. If you don’t come and show up, this project will happen.

I was going to say be civil and calm about this, but if you are it wont be as interesting for me.

If you want to discuss more, other than in the comments, come to the message board.

Bulk Heads Revisited

According to the Bay News

Two bulkheads at Channel Avenue and Garland Court were supposed to be included in the bulkhead project, but the city says property owners there have been uncooperative.

Abandon Ship… Canton Ct. is Sinking!

Recently, we took a boat trip and photographed every bulkhead in Gerritsen beach. It looks like Canton Court, which collapsed a few years earlier, is sinking again.

Bulkhead Construction

A Capital Construction Project administered by the New York City Department of Design and Construction will begin
soon in our community. The project will be reconstructing six(6) bulkheads.

  1. Channel Avenue
  2. Garland Court
  3. Devon Avenue
  4. Hazel Court
  5. Everett Avenue
  6. Bartlett place

First up is going to be Bartlett Place. Oh boy! It needs it.

Bulkhead Flickr Picture Gallery

Please take note of the following:

  • Street Access for pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.
  • Vehicular access may need to be temporarily restricted, generally during work hours.
  • Signs will be posted informing residents of necessary street closures and/or limited access.
  • Parking may be temporarily restricted where necessary to allow construction to proceed. Signs will be posted indicating the temporary restrictions.
  • Driveway access may be temporarily restricted in order to perform certain work.
    You will receive notification of the above restrictions from the project staff.
  • Property Damage Concerns Under the terms of the contract, the Contractor is responsible for the repair of any proven property damage and restoration of the construction area, including sidewalks and curbs, to at least the condition that existed prior to the start of construction.


NYC is rebulding GB bulkheads

The City is going to be rebuilding a number of bulkheads around the beach including:

  • Channel Avenue
  • Garland Court
  • Devon Avenue
  • Hazel Court
  • Everett Avenue
  • Bartlett place

Its going to cost around 2 million and should start in 2007. The pdf says spring 2006 but I know it didnt start yet and the main capital project page says 2007.

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