Body Found At Point

The burnt, naked body found on a Brooklyn beach Sunday has been identified as a missing 14-year-old girl.

Law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York on Tuesday that the body found in Gerritsen Beach was Shaniesha Forbes, who had been missing since Friday.
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Video: Tornado Touchdown at Point


Update: 6:30 pm Onlookers ready for round 2

PS 277 Park Destroyed by the Parks Department


The Parks Department appears to be Back-Clogged

Gerritsen Beach, PS 277 Park aka Dr. Johns Playground, has been destroyed by pure negligence of the Parks Department, they NEVER turned off the sprinklers at the park.


Soggy park leaves residents all wet

Since the onset of the summer when the Sprinklers were first turned on, they were rarely turned off for the overnight hours, leaving the water to just sit there with no drainage. Two years ago we first reported on a similar drainage issue at the park. This summer started the same way with the same leaks. However, whatever little drainage there was clogged up and left to pool in the park.

Since the water has no where to go but underneath the rubber mats, the damage, is staggering. Almost every mat is floating and/or broken as children have started to play with them.

We know that PS 277 is the school of marine biology but installing a pond is taking it to a whole new level!


What it USED to look like in June 2010


What it USED to look like in June 2010

GB Flyover!

Those Signs are Really Working.


NYCParks Reminds Us Not to Ride Vehicles On Parkland. We Destroyed the Signs.


Gerritsen and Devon- Only sign that survived.

Yep. Last week, NYC Parks put up about a half dozen signs on the avenue reminding us not to ride on the park land. Now most are destroyed or missing. One or two might be left.


Gerritsen and about Everett

Please Stop Tearing up The Fields

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Resurrection Sports is asking for our help from our neighborhood, to help stop the constant tearing up of OUR fields.

Compared to previous years, this year it seems there has been no enforcement from the 61 precinct, 63 precinct or parks police. Every day there are dirt bikes tearing through the streets. Every weekend there are dozens tearing up the soccer fields making them unusable.

I need Help, This is to anyone who knows the kids who ride the Motor Cycles up the fields, can you please tell them to stop riding on the dirt Flds all 3 of them are getting wrecked. Resurrection Softball uses those fields from now through June. Please stop doing donuts- and digging holes in the dirt.. as of now they are not playable and have to be redone by the Parks Dept.. Thanks- John Fox

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Gerritsen Beach Is Burning


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (

In the last two days, there have been more than five separate brush fires incidents back weeds ie. weeds surrounding Gerritsen Beach. These fires were large and due to the dryness of the area fast moving.

The Back Weeds itself is pleading:
Fullscreen capture 1112012 12156 PM


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (

Most area FDNY units in the our area as well as the Vollies were called in to help with the blaze.  A few FDNY vehicles including the Brush Fire Unit (BFU-6) became stuck on debris for more than three hours. Additional Staten Island brush fire units had to be called in to control the brush.


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (

WPIX: Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover

Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover
Just last month, the field behind PS 277 in Gerritsen Beach was the site of celebration as volunteers planted hundreds upon hundreds of trees as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s “Million Tree Program.”

A Park Uprooted and Destroyed


Vandals rip up almost a hundred trees back weeds.

This past weekend the Gerritsen Beach ball fields dugout and newly planted trees have been destroyed. Vandals ripped up and tossed around more than a hundred trees. They also severely damaged the dugout bending fence poles completely out of shape.


For those keeping track, they did not last 30 days.

The specific area of the back weeds , formally known as woodchips, behind PS 277, is now part of the nyc million tree program. The parks department and hundreds of volunteers planted these trees no more than 30 days ago. As soon as you walk back there went you will see more than a hundred trees ripped up and tossed around. Worse yet, sitting right in the middle of all of these trees is a mural with a Gerritsen Beach little league golf outing t shirt flapping around on top of it.


Some of the problem is the area itself the fields are very dark at night which and the dugout is not visible on a good night.The dugout is behind trees on Channel Avenue and the street lights don’t reach back there. The tree area behind the school suffers the same issues and would be almost impossible to see at night as it is uphill and behind containers.


I guess they didn't see the sign. Clean Up or You're Out!


$100,000 Moved to GB to Clean Weeds


Last year, parks cleared a large patch of land across from the library to plant 2,000 plus trees. While clearing the land they discovered a berm of cement and debris. At the time, Parks promised then that they would coordinate with sanitation and just remove the debris. Months later, Parks discovered they didn’t have enough money and shelved the project.

To get the project completed Councilman Lew Fidler has moved $100,000 in discretionary funding from another parks project into this specific project to have the debris removed.


More and More Trees Grow in Gerritsen





Parks had a second day of tree plantings. I guess I haven’t been back there in a while because the entire tree line is fenced off to protect the trees they have been planting.

More Trees Grow in Gerritsen


Trees! - After

This past weekend the NYC Parks department with the natural resources group and hundreds of outside volunteers came in and planted thousands of trees as part of New York City’s Million Tree program, behind PS 277.

Last year, we saw the million tree program for the first time when theyplanted thousands of trees across from the library.

If you remember, this project started five years ago as a clearing project behind PS 277, and cause quite a stir three years ago.

The Parks department is also busy also along the tree line planted more trees.


Before - March 2009 a large area of woodchips

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Events: 9/11 Ceremonies


Freshly Painted Scoreboard

In time for the Gerritsen Beach & Marine Park 9/11 Ceremonies, the area around Larry Veling field has been spruced up.

Our area is holding two ceremonies to remember 9/11:

  • Marine Park at 5:00pm presented by Senator Golden
  • Gerritsen Beach at 7:00pm at Larry Veling Field
Below is some before and after shots

Before (above)



After! A nice new view!






After! Nice job.







Even the little league container got a paintjob.

Updated: NYPD Investigation

The altercation was a half-mile from the beach, the police said.

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