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Wyld Chyld Tattoo Closed

Wyld Chyld Tattoo (2606 Gerritsen Avenue) has closed after two years of operation.

During the time in business they did expand next door, expanding their operations.

The tattoo shop is located at what used to be the short lived M & M Isurance, and if we go way back the former Brooklyn Public […]

Video: Tornado Touchdown at Point

Update: 6:30 pm Onlookers ready for round 2

Embarrassed Parks Department – Temporarily Shut Down Dr. Johns Playground PS 277 Park for Cleaning


The embarrassed parks department learned the definition: “It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” We were squeaky wheel and we got the parks department to clean up our park. They didn’t do anything about the sprinklers yet. That might be a more involved project.

The Parks Department did release a statement to news 12 that park plumbers investigated and cleared a blockage in the drainage system last month. Officials say they will follow up immediately to investigate and attempt to clear the drainage line again.

I have more parks related stories coming.
Video below:
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Gather Inn Again Opens Kitchen

The gather inn again has opened their kitchen to great reviews. We have yet to try it. Has anyone tried it?


Tour Bus Spotted in Gerritsen Beach

Not a sight you usually see on Gerritsen Avenue in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday!

The NY Times thinks we are being left behind? How funny would it be if we are included in a south Brooklyn anti-hispter bus route.

I could only imagine:

Ladies and gentleman on your right is the […]

2012 DEP Gerristen Beach Clean Up – August 18th

Please join the New York City Departments of Environmental Protection, Sanitation, and Parks and Recreation on Sunday, August 12, in a day of service to help clean up some of the local beaches and shorelines that New Yorkers enjoy the most. The clean up will take place from 8 am to noon. Rain […]

Those Signs are Really Working.

Play Ball! Opening Day for Gerritsen Beach Little League

The Gerritsen Beach Little League marched down Gerritsen Avenue to Larry Veling Field Saturday for the annual Opening Day ceremony.

The Gerritsen Beach Little League is staffed by volunteers who donate their time to coach, or serve on the Little League Board of Directors.


Please Stop Tearing up The Fields

[jwplayer mediaid=”9192″]

Resurrection Sports is asking for our help from our neighborhood, to help stop the constant tearing up of OUR fields.

Compared to previous years, this year it seems there has been no enforcement from the 61 precinct, 63 precinct or parks police. Every day there are dirt bikes tearing through the streets. […]

The Bantry Closed Set to Reopen as “The Gather Inn” Again

The Bantry Bar closed it’s doors this past weekend but enough but about them. The more exciting news is that it will be re opening March 17th as the The Gather Inn again. Acording to the facebook page the owners are Jaime and Anthony DeNardo. We wish them luck with this exciting news.

They are […]

Jahn’s/Chinar Knocked Down

It happened pretty fast but within the last two weeks the scaffolding went up and this week the building was knocked down.

Identify This Tagger

This Graffiti Artist criminal recently spray painted the Knights of Columbus and New Dutch.

In the video above the tagger is spraying new dutch.

Update 1/17/12: Picture Below

Community Tree Lighting

Gerritsen Beach residents and business and community members turned out for the annual tree-lighting ceremony at St. James.

The lighting is a volunteer effort led by the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association. During the ceremony, guests enjoyed a visit from Santa, and music from the Gerritsen Beach Community Marching Band and Resurrection Children […]

Liquor Store Needs Help IDing Thief

Yesterday, around 9:25pm, these two kids walked in the store, grabbed a bottle of vodka and ran off.

WPIX: Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover

Brooklyn Park Destroyed Weeks After Extreme Makeover Just last month, the field behind PS 277 in Gerritsen Beach was the site of celebration as volunteers planted hundreds upon hundreds of trees as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s “Million Tree Program.”