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With Hurricane Irene Approaching

Hurricane Irene is approaching and the Vollies would like for you to know the following information

The Vollies will be available in the event a problem may arise you can contact them at 718-332-3333 (emergency) or 718-332-9292 (non emergency). Please continue to check the news for changes in the weather so you may […]

Adopt Me!

She’s a sweet and friendly cat. Her owner apparently decided that she no longer wanted her anymore (since GB doesn’t already have enough issues with stray/feral cats), and put her out on the street; however, she is declawed so she can’t defend herself against anything. I would take her myself, but we just […]

Vote for Nicole

Help Gerritsen beach resident Nicole Hidalgo compete against 3 others to sing at a JETS home game!

1) Like the Jets Facebook Page 2) Like the Video

Ken Daly, GB Resident Write Up in “Brooklyn”

Ken Daly, National Grid’s global finance controller, was named president of the company’s restructured New York business. He previously held senior positions in the company’s finance, human resources, operations and customer service operations in New York.

Adopt Me

He’s about 6 weeks old now, not quite old enough for adoption but I’d like to have a home lined up asap. His name is Tito. I took him in when he was 3 weeks old. His mother carried him across the street, and then promptly got hit by a car. I hand […]

Summer Reading Program ready to kick off

Summer Reading Kickoff at the Gerritsen Beach Library this Thursday, June 9, from 2:00 – 4:00. Sign up for Summer Reading, participate in fun activities and receive a free RIF book.


Summer Reading Booklists Babies & Toddlers, Kids in PreK – Grade 6 (PDF) Booklist for Teens and Adults(PDF) […]

Wanted: Lost Cat

Coming in Via Email:

I was informed that she was taken and released in the beach. I’m offering a reward to anyone who knows her where abouts. She is a black cat with beige markings. Her right back paw is beige. Her left ear is tipped. She is neutered and has her shots. […]

Happy Easter

Good morning and Happy Easter to everyone.I saw the Easter Bunny this morning. As I was sitting here one of my neighbors was outside in a bunny costume hiding eggs. At least I think it was a neighbor. Maybe it really was the Easter Bunny.

I wish everyone a wonderful day.

Happy Easter!

Snow & Cancellations

Winter Storm Warning for NYC from 10AM today to 6AM tomorrow. 4-8 inches of snow is expected. Travel with caution.

Resurrection CCD CANCELED today due to inclement weather!!! Good Shepherd CCD is also canceled

Take this time to sign up for Notify NYC

Snow Coming: Clear Fire Hydrants

Fire at 77 Bevy Court

With another possible snow storm coming the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department is urging everyone to clear fire hydrants on your block and to keep them clear as much as possible during the storm.

If you remember exactly one year ago there was a Devastating fire at 77 Bevy […]

Happy New Year

Dear residents of gerritsen beach both near and far. GerritsenBeach.net would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We had an interesting year to say the least.

Show Us Your Lights!

Lights go Up On Gerritsen Avenue

We’ve already seen some around and we’re not sure if they’ve been up all year or just since early November. We’re talking about Christmas lights and we want to feature photos of decorated homes and holiday yard displays around Gerritsen Beach.

Whether your home features traditional white […]

Good Bye Papa Lee – from the Leone’s

Longtime resident and community activist, Joseph D. Leone, suffered a massive heart attack and after two days of hospitalization, he succumbed in the presence of his loving and loyal family, on September 28th 2010. These are the comments and eulogy the family would like to to share with the community that showed “Papa” Leone love.

Good Bye Papa Lee – Written by Joe Leone, Jr.

On September 28, 2010 my dad Joe Leone passed away. Six years ago I was a Vice President and Tax Manager for the Bank of New York. I left a full time job because I knew my father was aging and needed my help with his business, of which I had helped him with since I was 14 years old, over 40 years now. Despite the financial hardship it would cause her and I, fortunately, my beautiful wife Cindy was loving enough to understand what I needed to do. It was the best decision of my life because I was able to work with and spend the last six years of my life with him. Previous to that, when I was working at the Bank, I rarely saw him once a month and also on Holidays. In His Loving Memory, I vow to continue his Tax and Accounting business for this community. My new associate will be handling the insurance and annuity part.

For those of you that didn’t make the Funeral Mass, the Eulogy which was done by nephew Josh is below.

Continue reading Good Bye Papa Lee – from the Leone’s

Gerritsen Beach: What Will You Do About It?

The question begs: “What Will You Do About it now?”.

Here is our short list.

Call 311 to complain to the Mayor You can call demand answers from the 61 and 63 precincts. 61 Precinct Community Affairs: (718) 627-6847 63 Precinct Community Affairs: (718) 258-4444

The 61st Precinct Community Council meets next Wednesday […]

Retaliation is Alive and Well in Gerritsen Beach over Comments

It has come to our attention that commenters who choose to comment with their real-names on the website are being targeted by local leadership for making comments.

Those being targeted are the ones who expressed concern over White Island. They are essentially being harassed. These people have received phone calls, been emailed, and approached over […]