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P.S. 277 Having MAJOR Issues With Crossing Guards and Speeding Cars

Via Facebook – Crossing Guard an Hour Late

PS 277 has been having trouble with “no show” crossing guards and speeding all week.

There are a lot of angry parents and they have been taking to Facebook to organizing & making well placed phone calls. Facebook is FILLED with angry parents.

Day 4 […]

Breaking: Water Main Break on Avenue Near the Point

DEP Water repair crews are working to fix a water main break South of Lois Avenue this Wednesday evening.

Right now water flow has been stopped in the area.  Some customers in the area may be without water while the repairs are made.

For future reference: In case of water main breaks there are […]

Boat Fire Update

Vollies were the first to get water on the Fire.

Via nycfire.net

Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY, 8/16/10

Address: at the docks off 1 Cyrus Ave off Madoc Ave

20:19 hours Phone Box 3667 – Report of a boat fire Engs. 321, 309, 254 TL159, TL!53 Battalion 33 Marine 3

20:20 hours Marine 3: […]

Breaking: Boat Fire On Landis Court

Photos by Gianna Gooch

Details to come….

Despite Residents Warnings Electrical Lines Fall

For the last several months residents of Noel Avenue have been contacting the city via 311 about a utility pole. Despite months of calls the pole came crashing down damaging property.

The utility pole had been sagging and the wires it supported were slowly dropping. It gotten so bad that neighbors would have […]

Motorbike Hit and Run on Gerritsen Avenue

There was an accident yesterday on Gerritsen Avenue involving a young “kid” on a small red motorbike and a car in the beach.

The kid whom is supposedly around 10-12 years old was was riding on some sort of electric mini-bike up and down the sidewalk and streets. (We are assuming the pocket […]

Pedestrian “Struck” on Allen Avenue Wanted Cash Instead of 911

Today I stumbled across an accident scene at Allen and Dictum where someone got hit by a car – or so I thought.

There were three people (2 Male, 1 Female) who said they were walking from “Ova Der” [meaning from Knapp Street] and “playin’” in the street at Dictum when a car […]

Unknown Container Springs DEC Hazmat

This morning a NYS DEC hazmat team inspected the contents of an unknown drum abandoned on Gerritsen Avenue near Lois Avenue Weeds Side.

Interesting site to see two suited-up people in hazmat suits complete with duct-taped gloves.

It turned out that it was diesel fuel but who leaves a drum of diesel fuel […]

Seba Avenue Park Construction Begins

Mark the date! Seba Avenue Park’s second phase has started construction.

This construction is for the planned comfort station.


Car Flips on Gerritsen Avenue and Avenue U

Since the island was installed was installed back in November 2009 things promised to get better. Today, A car fliped on Gerritsen Avenue today, no details on the why or the how. but the police responded, flipped the car, and EMS took away the driver.


Car Crashes into New Dutch

The Ice Machine didn’t deserve this!

Apparently an older gentleman crashed into New Dutch yesterday.

Tremendous Storm! Tremendous Damage!


There were roofs flying off, house siding flying everywhere, the water at the point was flowing onto the street, there was flooding everywhere, trees falling basically on every block, the Tamaqua started to lose docks.


If you can’t tell from the pictures and video below, the current, the winds, and the waves were eroding the point and pushing the sand down creek. It created a sandbar all the way down to Dare Ct.

How did everyone fair without power? We hear the the Old Section came up hours before the New Section.

Check out the literal ton of pictures and video.

Complete Photo Gallery – Flickr

Complete Photo Gallery – Facebook Continue reading Tremendous Storm! Tremendous Damage!

Odd Bread Breakdown on Gerritsen Avenue

In a bit of odd news a Peppridge farm truck broke down right in the middle of the avenue blocking traffic for a bit. The driver rushed to move his vehicle out of the way while taking all of the bread out of the truck to wait for (presumably) another truck.

It’s not […]

Ambulate Flips on Flatbush Ave

Coming in Via E-Mai: Photos and Story by Jeffrey Diamond

I was just leaving the mall today and just missed seeing this accident. From what the driver of the ambulate was saying, a car cut him off and caused him to swerve to avoid the car then mount the sidewalk hitting the light […]

Royal Bus Shelter Destruction

In the never ending saga of bus shelter destruction, this time a “Princess” gave the royal blow to the glass.

“Princess” I don’t think you realize that you are feeding into the GB stereotype. Your actions make the rest of us embarrassed and angry.