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Breaking: Swimmer Struck By Jet Ski

A woman, was struck by a jet ski at the point Sunday around 5:30 pm leaving a gash on her back. The Jet ski fled the scene.

Jet Skis In Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

UPDATE: No new news on the injury or the jet ski. but EVERYONE at the point […]

Breaking: Deadly Building Collapse 40 Frank Ct

Upper portion of 40 Frank Ct(Department of Buildings) fell off foundation 4 workers injured. 1 Critically. A 25-year-old construction worker has died at Lutheran Hospital as a result of his injuries.

The Department of Buildings officials are investigating whether the work was being done in compliance with the permit.


Wind Damage

Last night’s wind knocked over this tree on Plumb 1st

36 Million for Anthony Turturro

Seven years later Anthony Tuturro who was struck by a speeding car at the 2004 Christmas Tree ceremony gets a verdict. Which after the math is all said and done works out to be $19 million from the city. Via NY Post

Acording to the decision the panel believed that city officials ignored […]

Breaking: Wires Down on Gerritsen Avenue

Breaking: Crane Collapse in Creek

A crane doing construction work on the bridge on the Belt snapped, approx 40 ft of the crane fell into the water along with deisel fuel and hydro fuel, No one was injured. The construction company was going to handle the clean up.


Accidents on the Rise on Gerritsen Avenue

In total there were five motor vehicle acciednts most with injuries in the past week.

June 25th Gerritsen and Avenue W with injuries June 28th Gerritsen and Channel Ave with Injuries June 29th Gerritsen and Everett Ave no Injuries July 1st Gerritsen and Avenue U with Injuries July 2nd Gerritsen and Cryus Hit and Run […]

Car vs Bus at Gerritsen and Channel Ave

This evening a white car collided into the back of a city bus.

Second Death at Point in a Month

Yesterday, a middle aged man lost control of his car and ended up on the sidewalk. The man was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

There is no additional information at this time.


Activity at the Point

Coming in Via Email

Lots of activity at the point. CPR was given to a male.

Update 6/10/11: Obviously something awful happened we don’t want to speculate.


Giant Sink Hole on Knapp Street

This sinkhole was forming over the course of a week. Cars kept dipping more and more into the street until it finally gave out.

Car vs Building Seba and Gerritsen

Car vs. Building

I guess you could say they must of really been on the run

Please Stop Throwing Rocks

As much as it pains GerritsenBeach.net to bring it up: All weekend long kids were throwing rocks at people, buses and cars again from Seba Avenue Park.

One resident even tried to reason with the kids:

Tonight I was at the skate park…a group of teenagers ages ranging 13-15 were throwing […]

Breaking: Another Car Flip On Gerritsen and Avenue U

Photos by: Eddie Velinskie

After the pedestrian island was installed at Gerritsen and Avenue U this has been – at least – the second car to flip there this year. The first was in May.

A woman got out shaken up and taken to the hospital. She hit the bell on the island. […]