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Fidler on Crime Stats: “too good to be true.”

Maybe taking cue from the HEATED and long debates going on here at GerritsenBeach.net, Lew Fidler our city councilman is echoing calls for hearings to investigate alligations of misconduct, even asking for a audit by the comptroller’s office.

“People can misinterpret or misuse statistics all the time,” City Councilmember Lew Fidler told Courier […]

Lew Fidler Wants To Arrest Your Kids.

Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of Gerritsen Beach,

All of theSeba Avenue Park vandalism has touched a nerve with our community and especially our councilman who is responsible for the funding to build our park.

On Monday, there was a major meeting convined at Lew Fidler request at his office with: […]

The Battle for Seba Avenue Park: All-Out Offensive Planned

Listen up and Listen good.

Gerritsen Beach is seriously angry and residents are not going to take it any more. In the works is what I am calling an “all out offensive” against the vandals who are dismantling in OUR park.

To stop this vandalism “once and for all”, Councilman Lew Fidler is […]

Skate Park Mini-Crack Down and Bad News for Swastika Crew

Although we pointed out that the Seba Avenue is just senseless vandalism and not some bias incident.

After a bit of research it turns out that Etching, painting, drawing or placing a swastika on public or private property without permission, along with cross-burning, are considered felonies punishable by up to four years in prison. […]

Seba Benches Found but Parks and Post call it a Bias Incident

Why did the NYC Parks Department, the Post and Parks Manager Alex Mezzatesta exaggerate a non-situation in Gerritsen Beach?

This was going to be a post straight up about how the missing benches that were uprooted were found. GerritsenBeach.net got word early last week that they were located but due to inclimate weather […]

Plumb Beach Rest Stop No Longer Being Locked Up

The Plumb Beach Belt Parkway Rest Stop is no longer being locked on a regular 7 day a week basis. More often than not the Plumb Beach Rest Stop isn’t locked up at closing allowing it to be populated at the early morning hours.

It only took 2 and a half years for […]

Gerritsen NYPD Dirtbike Helicopter Chase

Thanks for everyone who sent this in!

For a good amount of time (1-2 hours) one of the nypd aviation unit helicopters, were chasing multiple dirtbikes up and down back weeds. As well as multiple police cars flying up and down gerritsen avenue.

This afternoon happened to be crowded on the Avenue and […]

GBCares Container Burglary

Tools being used by Gerritsen Beach Cares volunteers and staff have been stolen from their containers.

The equipment stolen includes: Weed Wackers, a speaker system, other maintenance tools..etc. Totaling a few thousand dollars.

If anyone knows where these tools are or who actually perpetuated the crime please call the 63rd Precinct as soon […]

Gerritsen Beach Is Burning

Property Owners Meeting Roundup:

Gerritsen Beach has had a rough past few weeks, and who knows if it’s over yet. As a community we’ve had 4 arsons in the past couple of weeks! Usually you don’t get that in a month. All of the fires including: Seba Avenue Park, all of the Weed […]

Burglaries up in the 61st Precinct

Via The Bay News

Recently released crime statistics show that over the past month burglaries in the 61st Precinct jumped by 68 percent. Officials said that in November 2007, residents in Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest and parts of Midwood told police that 25 residential and commercial break-ins occurred in their neighborhoods. This […]

Seba Avenue Park Has Been Fixed Up

Seba Avenue skate park has been fixed up, but for how long?

It looks as though on or around Thursday, July 24th, Seba Avenue Park was cleaned up by the Parks Department. Litter was removed and the graffiti was covered. That’s it. Thanks.

According to local skaters the park is falling apart. They […]

The 63rd Precinct Night Out Against Crime!

The 63rd precinct Night Out Against Crime!

Here is the photo gallery.

All of the area’s local civic  groups were there including: Bergen Beach Civic, Fraser Civic, Mill Basin Civic, and Flatlands Civic.

There were rides from advark amusements, a huge spread of food, as well as pizza from La Villa, and Lenny […]

NYPD: Fireworks are Illegal

As the 4th approaches, cops are arresting against anyone found selling and possessing illegal fireworks.

Since May, cops have been encouraging residents to report on anyone dabbling in illegal fireworks.

Currently, cops have the authority to close businesses and confiscate cars if fireworks are found inside them, officials said.

Last year, the NYPD were […]

more bad news on the Plumb Beach Attack

The victim of what the authorities say was a hate crime died in a Brooklyn hospital yesterday, five days after he was attacked, robbed and forced into roaring traffic on the Belt Parkway, where he was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Link to NYTimes Article Link to PDF

GB Police Blotter

TEEN ARRESTED IN AVE. T ROBBERY: A 16-year-old Gerritsen Beach resident has been arrested for allegedly joining a group of thugs that robbed a 58-year-old Midwood resident last week.

Police said that Michael Sheehan, a resident of the 200 block of Allen Avenue, was taken into custody shortly after the robbery, which took place […]