Post Sandy: Will We Be Ready for Halloween?


Halloween is coming soon! and if you have noticed the Kids and Dirtbikes are out in full force recently.

Last year we had a bigger issue Superstorm Sandy. But the community had an impromptu parade.


In 2011 the community took back the streets. Starting very early on, the police had a strong presence on Gerritsen Avenue. They were patrolling the Avenue and the courts frequently. They also had foot posts with a patrol car at every intersection of a one mile stretch of road. During the prime trick or treating hours (4-8pm) there may have been up to 20 police vehicles and at least that many officers.  The officers were from not just the 61 precinct, officers were brought in from the 63, Patrol Boro Brooklyn South, and Brooklyn South Task Force.


Before - 2010


After - 2011


For the first time in years, the B31 bus was not shut down. This is a major accomplishment for us as a community.  People were free to walk up and down Gerritsen Avenue without fear. Even yours truly was able to walk around and talk with people.  One person said “If this is what it takes then so be it”, another told me “Thank You”, others were just surprised to see me walking around and had a lot to say about last year. The property owners patrols were a success as well. They were able to get the word out and kept watch over the area.


There were a handful of arrests and at some point a dirtbiker thought it would a good idea to ride up and down the weeds with all of this police presence. Needless to say, it did not end well for the biker.

Although the 2010 events were full of drama it seems that we have seen a drastic improvement and was a complete success thanks to the Police, Property Owners, Councilman Fidler’s Office for standing up for us and State Senator Golden’s office for arranging essential meetings.

How do you feel?


Body Found At Point

The burnt, naked body found on a Brooklyn beach Sunday has been identified as a missing 14-year-old girl.

Law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York on Tuesday that the body found in Gerritsen Beach was Shaniesha Forbes, who had been missing since Friday.
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Will We Be Ready for Halloween?


Halloween 2012 approaches and you maybe remember (Recently Transferred) Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas, had promised a sustained response over the years to ensure Halloween 2010 would never happen again. Halloween 2011 saw a major response and a quiet calm halloween.

That statement was the past, we now have a new Commanding Officer of the 61 Precinct; Captain John M. Chell. As of right now, there is no public statement or commitment of resources for our area. In comparison to last year, DI Mastrokostas reached out early to residents for ideas. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Locally, there has not yet been any statement. However, the GBPOA (Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association) will meet the first Wednesday of October.


The 61 will more than likely keep the same response level. If they keep the same level of response we should expect:

  • Officers at every other intersection.
  • Officers at the Parks.
  • Patrols following Buses.
  • Roving patrols in weeds with all terrain vehicles.
  • Sky Watch (this is a long shot, but it may be available)
  • TARU Video cameras and such (also a long shot but who knows)

Before – Halloween 2010


After – 2011

Caucasus Garden – Dumps Flyers Everywhere in GB


If you woke up over the weekend to find an annoying foreign language flyer under your windshield your not alone. Caucasus Garden (2715 Avenue U, NY 11229) thought it would be a good idea to hit ALL Gerritsen Beach residents cars over the weekend.

Placing any advertising on a vehicle is not new the law has been on the books since 2003, and says the placement of handbills and other advertisements on the windshield, under windshield wipers, on rear windows, side mirrors, antennas, door handles and other parts of the vehicle body are prohibited.

Fines start at $75 for each handbill, poster, sticker, or other form of advertisement. Therefore, when ten flyers are found on vehicles in a one-block stretch, the distributor can be fined $750. Repeat offenders may subsequently be fined up to $150 for each flyer. Any person or group whose name, telephone numbers, or other identifying information appearing on the handbill will be responsible for the violation and fine. The Environmental Control Board issues all summonses issued in New York City.

When asked, the store said they were allowed to distribute their flyers that way, they really had no idea what was going on. Ignorance of a law or a mistake of law is not a valid defense or excuse.

Call 311 to report it.

Update: because people asked for it. I didn’t have to look very far.



Breaking: Swimmer Struck By Jet Ski

A woman, was struck by a jet ski at the point Sunday around 5:30 pm leaving a gash on her back. The Jet ski fled the scene.

Jet Skis In Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

UPDATE: No new news on the injury or the jet ski. but EVERYONE at the point is from out of the area and do not respect the waterway.

Issues at the Devon Avenue Bulkhead


The other night some boats were broken into off of Devon Avenue. Fishing supplies and other things were also stolen. That area needs to be monitored more closely because in addition, the area is covered in graffiti and some of it is offensive.

It would be nice if the neighbors and police could monitor and patrol this area. We cannot tolerate boat break ins and graffiti covered areas such as this.



Remember to Keep Your Doors Locked!

This video was taken on April 9 2012 @ 4:08 AM on Melba Court this guy walks down the block checking car doors untill he finds one that is unlocked.

In this case items in the car were stolen.

Please Stop Tearing up The Fields

[jwplayer mediaid=”9192″]

Resurrection Sports is asking for our help from our neighborhood, to help stop the constant tearing up of OUR fields.

Compared to previous years, this year it seems there has been no enforcement from the 61 precinct, 63 precinct or parks police. Every day there are dirt bikes tearing through the streets. Every weekend there are dozens tearing up the soccer fields making them unusable.

I need Help, This is to anyone who knows the kids who ride the Motor Cycles up the fields, can you please tell them to stop riding on the dirt Flds all 3 of them are getting wrecked. Resurrection Softball uses those fields from now through June. Please stop doing donuts- and digging holes in the dirt.. as of now they are not playable and have to be redone by the Parks Dept.. Thanks- John Fox

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Electric Wheelchair Stolen in Front of St. James Church From Disabled Man

Brian Daly, 32,  electric wheelchair was stolen last night in front of St James church. Brian has cerebral palsy and cannot get around without it.

Brian is pleading for whomever stole his wheelchair last night to return it promptly. The motorized wheelchair, which cost $10,000, was stolen outside of St. James Church on Gerritsen Avenue while Daly was attending a function inside.

The chair was uninsured and Daly is unsure how he’ll be able to afford a new one.

It was suggested we take up a donation.

Update! Donations are closed. We raised $1310!

Anyone who knows where it is please call the police.

This will be all over the evening news tonight.

When asked Brian said:

“I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my wheelchair go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

This is a joke Brian did not say this.

Brooklyn man’s wheelchair stolen:

View more videos at:

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Halloween is Here


Halloween 2007

Halloween is here and after some preparation, police and local plans are being rolled into action. Even the MTA has an emergency action plan for the B31. Although the MTA says suspensions “will be likely” I hope we can prove them wrong. The property owners association from their announcement,  has organized a good amount of people for their roving patrols, and the 61 and 63 precincts will have a presence in the area.

Although I have no official knowledge of how the 61st, 63 and Parks will deal with Halloween in Gerrtisen Beach, I’m going to guess there will be a presence of marked and unmarked cars, and plain clothes officers. The 61 commanding officer will be in the area as well. If you are a parent, I would make sure you keep an eye on them because summonses and arrests sound likely.

Remember all NYC Parks close at dusk and anyone committing a crime will be arrested (no matter how old).

Update: 1:00pm (It’s about time we retook the streets)


Brooklyn South Task Force greets you when you come in.


NYPD Off-Road Vehicle (61 Pct)


Brooklyn South Task Force at Seba Avenue Park.

Neighborhood Watch Party on Devil’s Night


Bus Damage - Halloween 2010

It’s about time!

From the reports of last years Halloween, it looks like we might need to buy, umbrellas, or riot gear! I vote for neither. How about you?

The Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association is requesting volunteers to walk around Halloween afternoon and night. They are counting on supportive members like you to help us all have a safe Halloween. Can you help?

Your time and effort will not only help us keep the neighborhood safe but also help us build a better image of our community!

The association is also requesting that everyone remain vigilant and calm. No one should take matters into their own hands and anyone walking around trick or treating to be follow Halloween safety and to call 911 if they see any mischief.

If you are interested, have questions, concerns, or just want more details call George at 917-538-4415

61 Precinct Halloween Message


The 61 precinct has been posting these messages in stores on Gerritsen Avenue

61 Precinct Ready and Willing are We? Prepping for a Gerritsen Beach Halloween


At last night’s 61 precinct community council meeting the 61 Precinct Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas flat out asked for our assistance to prevent another dangerous Halloween in Gerritsen Beach.

As explained at the meeting, the 61 precinct does not want Halloween to go down like it did last year. Councilman Lew Fidler and Property Owners President George Broadhead echoed that call and asked the Deputy Inspector to start forming a plan together. The Deputy Inspector did explain that the precinct has a finite amount of resources and that if the 61 was to deploy 6 cops to our area it would be a big deal. Although he has no problem doing that it would be taking away a decent amount of police resources and deploying them to our relativity low crime area, and secondly how effectively can those cops police the area without assistance from parents or a plan for the weeds?

Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas is asking for ideas: any idea. One idea is that some parents step up and police the area with the officers naming names and knocking on doors. The Deputy Inspector also going to request Sky Watch but the equipment could be in use else where in the city. He may also request a photo/video team to capture pictures and video on the police end they may be actionable.

There are meetings scheduled, plans are in the works, I wont go into much detail but they will be making arrests this year if it comes down to it.

What are your ideas?

September GBPOA Meeting Roundup


G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. - Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race.

We haven’t done a Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association roundup in a while because there hasn’t been anything to talk about. So here are the cliff notes.

Kiddie Beach is wrapping up the season, congrats to all.

Racoons - are overwhelming some areas of the beach. Especially the areas with an abandoned lot or home. The city does not acknowledge a raccoon problem nor do they have any actionable  plan or advice. The responsibility is on the home owner. However, if you see “rats” in an empty lot or abandoned home the city will come in clean it up a bit and bill it to the property. Call 311.

Hurricane Irene - Rumor is they shut down the Knapp sewer plant which could be to blame for the sewer backups into homes. People were opening sewer caps, sewer manholes to try and get rid of water with no success.

17 Lacon Court (aka Jemal) – The DOB has already issued $13,300 in violations with three more about to go into default judgment. They are on top of the situation but they do not know who the owner is, as their violations notices are being returned.  There is A LOT of stuff going on there, expect an update soon.

Dangerous & Damaged Utility Poles – No one is having luck getting action dangerous or damaged utility poles as each company Verizon, ConEd, and NYC passes the blame to each other. Some have reported it reported it to 311, others the 61 precinct, and one has gone to every city office ten times to demand action.

FEMA – Report your damage to FEMA!

Little League Walkway, Scoreboard, Containers – GBCares sent out a letter on behalf of the Gerritsen Beach Little League asking for $500 monetary donations from organizations to repair the cement walkway, paint the scoreboard, paint the containers, and plant flowers around the flag pole in time for the 9/11 ceremony. Everything is done except the cementing, which is awaiting an architect plans to be filed with nyc parks. GBPOA plans on donating the full amount.

Flag Vandalism – Most of the flags at the Little League were vandalized breaking the poles and brackets those will be replaced.

Seba Traffic Light - No one knows when it is switching on. Seba will be a flashing red (aka a stop light), while Gerritsen will remain green.

9/11 Ceremonies – Marine Park at 5:00pm, Gerritsen Beach Little Leauge 7:00 pm

Halloween - Halloween is coming (again)  some members of the GBPOA will be walking the streets. A few plan on attending the 61 & 63 council meetings to demand an actual response.

Dan’s 5k Fun RunSaturday, September 17th.

G.G.R.M.M.B.B.R. (above) – Great Gerritsen Round Mau Mau Barrell of Beer Race. It’s that time of the year again for the races which is this Saturday.



Beware: Inspection Stickers are Being Stolen

Car owners beware we are being told that more than a few cars were broken into last Sunday night with the intent  to steal the inspection stickers and anything loose. This mainly happened in the new section.

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