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Video: Gerritsen Beach After Sandy

9 comments to Video: Gerritsen Beach After Sandy

  • Trainman

    Very well done!
    Thank you

  • allan feinblum

    This film captures the events during the storm and the horrible damage that was done to property and the neighborhoods of Gerritsen Beach. The spirit of the community helping each other is gratifying. Events such as these makes one more aware than ever to be thankful for the good in our lives and how each day holds events which may forever change our lives. We have to live in the present.The government has the responsibility to take steps to restore the community and plan to reduce the destruction in future disasters. the lessons learnt during this storm may save lives in the future; the cooperation of the people will inspire other people facing such devestation to work together in rebuilding. Allan Feinblum

  • poppajoe

    Excellent job……..I hope we are allowed to pass this along

  • anon

    I am sorry for Millie and Fred. Very nice and good people. I hope the 12/12 concert gives individuals money to rebuild.

  • korynne taylor-dunlop

    Dear Poppajoe: did you or your family live on Abbey Court? The original PoppaJoe and Nana Katie did- about 40+ years ago

  • Renee

    So honored and priveledged to have met so many wonderful, amazing, and strong volunteers and residents of Gerritsen Beach. Doreen, one word that comes to my mind to describe you…valient. God bless you all.


  • Estelle Witkowski

    To all our friends and family in the ‘beach’
    Frank & I have been living in Arizona for almost 12 years now, but our hearts will always be in the ‘beach’ We
    want you to know that we have forwarded the GBVFD website to more than a dozen people. Know for sure people from Oklahoma, Texas, Massachusettes, Virginia, and several of our friends here in Arizona have told us they have used the ‘donate’ site,and we thanked them. Our friends have told their friends, so we hope donations are coming in the way we think they are.
    God bless the people from the beach, we are very proud of everyone, we know they are all helping one another, and we think it is beautiful……love you all…….

  • Vickie Clark

    There’s a car load coming your way today from Hands Helping Humanity, Bethlehem, PA!