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Community Meeting Wednesday

Senator Golden will be hosting a community meeting for the residents affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach communities on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at Public School 277 at 2529 Gerritsen Avenue.

New York State Financial Services Superintendent Ben Lawsky and staff will attend, along with Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit Commissioner Nazli Parvizi and representatives of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Grid and Con Edison.

Senator Golden believes that each and every day, the people and the communities of Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach, are making progress to fix the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy However, there is no denying that those effected still need our assistance. I continue to work with the effected families and businesses so that their lives can return to normal as soon as possible. This meeting on Wednesday will be another step forward on the road to recovery.

20 comments to Community Meeting Wednesday

  • The Beacher

    Golden sure gets a lot of Press.

  • Grammar Police

    That’s very nice, but I wish he used the correct word in his announcement. The word should be “affected” and not “effected.” The two words have different meanings.

    af·fect·ed (verb)

    1.acted upon; influenced.
    2.influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease.

    Sentence: “Hurricane Sandy profoundly affected the community of Gerritsen Beach.”

    “Affect” is rarely used as a noun and has a different meaning entirely when used so.

    ef·fect (verb; used with an object)

    to produce as an effect; bring about; accomplish; make happen:The new machines finally effected the transition to computerized accounting last spring.

    “Effect” is actually rarely used as a verb. When used as a very it is usually in business or academic writing. It is mostly used as a noun, such as in this sentence:

    “The disaster had a profound effect on Gerritsen Beach’s close-knit community.”

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever think that maybe the person that typed it up for this website made a typo? Is that too simple a concept for you?

      • Trainman

        With all that’s been going on in our community for the past month, it’s nice to know that the Grammar Police contributor has the time and energy to criticize the use of one word, to such a degree. I envy that detachment from reality.

        Oops… I forgot to double check the grammatical quality of MY reply. Oh well, it will give him/her something else to focus on. Oh No! I ended my sentence with a preposition. Please forgive my careless faux pas. What I meant to say was… “on which to focus.”

    • The Beacher

      Are you for real with this grammer nonsense ? Get a Life !!

  • anon

    Where is Bob Turner? He is still the GB rep. in congress. I know his house burned down in Breezy, but he is a very rich man. He can afford many more houses. He lost his seat so now he does not do his job until the end of his term?

  • Anonymous

    Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, and Manhattan Beach are all going to fit into 277 ? There wasn’t enough room for the Beach residents when they did the card give away last weekend. This should be interesting

  • Anonymous

    What I learned…
    if you were lazy or non caring and have not started the needed repairs and / or replacement of your electric panel, hot water heater and / or boiler the City will now supply those items and install them for you free. Hence you get to pocket the monies you got from whatever insurance and FEMA payments you received. However if you are one of those people who busted your ass finding and getting new panels, new water heater, and / or a new boiler and had them installed and of course paid for the labor and equipment you are sh*t out of luck because you are not getting it reimbursed
    if you want a loan from the federal govt it will take approx a month but only after you show them your past tax returns and if you have a good credit history you pay a HIGHER rate. If you have a POOR rating you can get a loan for under 4%. WOW its great to know its worth working and paying your bills on time
    Some have received payouts from FEMA as much as 30 thousand dollars and other only a thousand. Sorry but if the playing field is suppose to be level how does you homes necessary utilities, boiler, hot water heater and electric panelcost 30 grand and another doesn’t
    if you were one of our small local businesses you are screwed, no one seems to be giving them anything
    i guess it does pay to do nothing, be a dead beat on your bills, and just sit back and wait

    • The Beacher

      Anon;You seem a bit disturbed ?

    • anon

      You are right! I have appealed my grant to FEMA and all I can say is FEMA my ass. How does someone receive 26k and did not have to replace boiler, electrical panel, etc. This person received 10k for a 13 year old car. Where is the justice in that? I lost my car and got a big fat zero.

      • Anonymous

        When I was first interviewed by FEMA on the phone I was told that they do NOT cover any vehicles. Then when they came to inspect my house i was again told they do NOT cover any vehicles (btw I lost the 2 I had) nor do they cover any personnal property Then I hear from a neighbor that her inspector told her she might get something for her 20 year old car and her furniture. The next thing she’s getting a check for 20 grand plus and had no damage to her boiler, electric or hot water heater, but she’s getting a new flat panel for every room in the house and some cold Pabst from Thifty.

        • anon

          FEMA NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED!! I am contacting every elected official from the city, state and federal level, and anyone who feels that OUR tax money is being given to people who did not sustain the terrible losses that so many of us have, should do the same. I am also contacting the press, because no one in politics wants bad press. Look what the people of New Orleans did after Katrina. They voted all the bums out!!!

    • John

      Like they said at the meeting… there are many people that have yet to receive funds from insurance or FEMA. Many of these people do not have the credit or funds available to purchase a furnace, hot water heater, and/or an electrical panel. That’s in excess of $10,000+ right there.

      If you are a wealthy individual or managed to “scrap together” $10,000+ to make those replacements before your insurance or FEMA funds were received than just be thankful you had heat, electric, gas, and/or hot water for a couple weeks longer than many others. Many individuals/families are being forced to wait out the race between who gets there first… Rapid Response or their insurance funds in order to make the necessary repairs. I’m sure these people would have loved to replace their utilities weeks ago when you did… but they had no choice but wait.

      Just take it as being worth it you made that investment, and had the luxuries these others did not for a few weeks. You had the opportunity to sleep without being covered with three blankets, you were able to take a hot shower, you did not need to boil water to keep warm, you were able to walk out of the shower and not need to run to get under the comforters. You were able to flick on a light switch. I think a few weeks of these luxuries were worth your $10,000+ investment.

      We all had it bad… most, unfortunately did not have the luxury to apply for credit or write that $10,000+ check. Get a grip and be grateful!

      • Anonymous

        I slept under 4 blankets and had to borrow clothes but I didn’t sit around waiting Like many others I got out to find the boiler, water heater and electrical panel oh and that was without a car I lost them all. Stop making excuses I’m not wealthy and I doubt most of us down here are but if you have a house you more then likely have credit. And if you are a home owner and havent heard from FEMA by now then something is wrong,
        GB is a middle class working community with private homes not a city housing development where you sit and wait for what you think you are owed. If Bloomy wants to give away 10 grand to homes who have not made the repairs then give the same (if not more) to the people who actually did something to improve themselves and the community

    • anonymous

      See my post on I.R.S. Publications that will help us all..They take some time to read But beleive me you won’t be disappointed by the information listed.

  • anon

    So what happened at the meeting?

  • anon

    Does anyone know who is towing cars off of Cyrus.? All the cars are gone including mine which was running. I drove it today and parked it on Cyrus about 2 pm. Went out to go someplace and the car is gone. I got the run around from 311 so I reported it stolen. Whats going on?

  • J Because

    This is a neighborhood of, by and for the working class. Every affected resident should receive the proper funds to replace boilers, hot water heaters, electric panels, wiring and refrigerators(the new basic necessities)on an even basis. Everyone will need the possibility to afford the necessary changes to allow this area to thrive in the future.

  • anonymous

    Useful information….Get a copy of I.R.S. Publication # 547…Also I.R.S. Publication # 2194 “Disaster Loss for Individuals”…. Also for State Disaster Relief Funds..Keep yourself well informed about all you are entitled to for your loss…Amazing reading, and nobody is informing us about your benefits.