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Ragamuffin Parade: TOMORROW


The Gerritsen Beach Fire Department annual ragamuffin parade is tomorrow! Step off Plumb 2nd and W ends at the Firehouse/Hall

Lets make this a great parade!

Last year photo gallery


4 comments to Ragamuffin Parade: TOMORROW

  • NSRMinze

    What time does the parade start?

  • -Homeowner

    All the members of the Gerritsen Beach Marching Band, put our hearts and our souls into marching for the community that we love on Thanksgiving day. We left behind our own problems from “Sandy”, and marched proudly for the children and for all our neighbors so that we could have some normalsy,on Thanksgiving day. We were all affected by Sandy, but we got our band together to carry on the tradition of the Ragamuffin parade. I am honored to be a Beach Rat, born and raised, and to be a part of a great community, and a great band. Carol DeWitt Torres

  • Ghost of Marley

    I do not mean to sound like Scrooge, but, I think the last week of November is way too early for Christmas decorations.