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Day 15: WHAT WE NEED & Thank You to Marty Golden!

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Gerritsen Beach Fire Department, Mayors Office, OEM, and State Senator Marty Golden and Staff! Marty and his staff were on on Gerritsen Avenue before, during and after the storm and they have not left since Day 1.  There are too many little things to mention from, coordinating rescues (before, during and after) unloading trucks, coordinating OEM, FEMA, National Guard gas, I do not think we could of gotten out of this mess without you!


Gerritsen Beach Fire Department
43 Seba Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11229

Needed now in Gerritsen Beach:

VOLUNTEER MANPOWER (Demolition and Construction)


licensed electricians
licensed plumbers
Sheet rock (Tape & Compound)
circuit breaker panels
Hot water heaters

Dust Pans
Garbage Bags
Garbage Cans
N95 Masks
Work Gloves
Bring Coffee…….. PLEASE bring coffee…..
MONEY – the Department and Community need to rebuild.
  1. www.gbfd.net/donate
  2. https://www.wepay.com/donations/1641719007 

Please mark any money donation for “Gerritsen Beach Relief Fund” or for the “Gerritsen Beach Fire Department”

32 comments to Day 15: WHAT WE NEED & Thank You to Marty Golden!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to the vollies!!! You have done sooooo much for us that it is truly amazing. My family finally came in to see me and did not believe how bad it was. They were amazed at all the help the community and the vollies had done. I will surely donate plenty this year to keep you guys going…THANK YOU!!!

  • Ginnie

    Thank you so much for all that the vollies do! My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, Kevin and Kelly, were helped so much by our wonderful crew. I will say this though that Marty Golden had nothing to do wth this that inexcusable so called represenative! He showed up at a shelter that my son was working at and was carrying on like he cared about us and asked people to remember him at the election. That is just wrong and I have been so very mad about this. He came out of nowhere after the hurricane and I just hope that my vote counted. I voted somewhere new this time, not a vote somewhere other than my usual place and my daughter took me there after the new places were pronounced. Then, the buses didn’t pick me up. I did not vote for Marty because he has done us wrong. I hope that all of you did because what he has done is not right the last years. I am ashamed to be Irish with him in control. Vote out Marty Golden!

    • Irish Kevin

      Ginnie sorry to see your post was Hidden.That happens to much when someone posts the truth. Looks like The Golden Boy still has many of people snowed.

      • Irish Kevin

        I might not live in the Beach any longer but I can say that the week+ I have been here I have helped more people,stood on gas lines to get fuel for Generators got dirty digging out older residents.Worked 12+ hours a day for free,So if you all beleive that hitting the disloke key is the thing to do carry on !! Did Golden even get his hands dirty or work up a sweat ?

        • Joey G


          • Irish Kevin

            Hi Joey !! Been here for approx 8 days have been helping friends out as much as I can. At the end of the day I feel beat and done.A friend of my daughters house was real bad 7′ + of water I am trying to check the structure now. This was in the old section. At some point many of the houses in the Beach might have to be replaced.(Many without Flood Insurance) don’t know how people will be able to afford it. Well good hearing from you hope you are well. After all is said and done I will try to stop and say hello. BTW this is the worst storm Damage I have seen since Andrew in Homestead in the early 90s.But this I mean the Dollar amount.

  • Beach resident

    I’d like to thank the young men that helped me dig out a bit on the day after the storm. I understand they’re friends of my neighbor, Hunter. They asked for nothing in return for the several hours of work they did. I was constantly breaking down & they kept reassuring me everything will be ok. It was beautiful to see so much help & compassion in these young men. Thank you. Also a big thank you to the Vollies and the folks manning the relief center at the Vollies Hall as well as all the people who donated. This wouldn’t have come to pass without all of you. Thank you. Like so many others I lost everything on my first floor which leaves me with only that which was in my bedrooms. We’ll get through this as a community. Good luck to everyone. If my thanks missed anyone please rest assured it was unintentional.

  • sammy

    well folks you had your chance to get rid of this Bay ridgier and you blew it. This man has interest in the bay ridge manor AND WHERE HIS WIFE DRAWS A SALARY also owns the apartment building next to it which kinda old and crappy. HE converted apartments and now changes them for heat and hot water, this is all reported in the Village Voice. HE BOUGHT ON HOUSE ON SHORE ROAD FOR 1.5 MIL AND THE APARTMENT BUILDING FOR 2.75 MIL. We were shown a apartment by his daughter who kinda said there are doctors and lawyers living in the building. Oh I’M SURE THEY DO. THE HALL WAY WAS FILTHY . the garbage in the yard was a mess with old mattress which kinda had stains which indicate bed bugs ! well you had your choice and blew it. Also folks this gentlemen receives a police disability pension for his leg and he still runs 5 ks how come? This politician thinks he is somebody but the people on his block wont even say hello to this crone y!

  • The Beacher

    Golden is a Politician getting press when he can. I agree with the previous statements. This guy is out for #1 and that is all that counts. The Vollies deserve to be commended on their Help and dedication to the Beach,as far as Golden goes I guess the Apartment Building saga about says it all.

  • anon

    It is very hard to press the green like button on any negative Golden stuff. Does Daddy still work for Golden?

  • The Beacher

    Daddy ? Dream on. Golden is a Politician ,Politicians try to make people think they are in their corner where in fact they are only in their own period.If anyone thinks otherwise its time for a reality check. Now as I said a Welll done as usual goes out to the Vollies,These people are your neighbors who help,save and protect you all and do it for FREE. Now that is Dedication.!!! Please don’t confuse Politicins with Good dedicated people.They are two different Animals.

  • Jay

    Marty Golden has done a lot for the community, but the insurance companies won’t pay up, and neither will FEMA. I’m not a resident of this district but I came to Gerritsen Beach first hand to see the devastation and donate. Marty Golden was just a phone call away, offering advice and getting things done

    • The Beacher

      Getting things done ? Explain Please Jay ,really now don’t you think it is a little early in the process to say the insurance companies are not paying up. So now FEMA and Insurance Companies are the problem,this very well might be true,time will tell. It is interesting when someone takes a shot at a Politician it is always someone else’s fault. Ever hear of wagging the dog ?? The time has come to put Politics aside and get some help to all the residents of the Beach.I can’t help but noticing that on the Pro Golden Posts there is always one like.

    • The Beacher

      So Jay,Cat got your tongue ???

  • Gene Kohl

    Has anybody know where Richie Nelson and his Mother areliving? I wrote him twice with no answer

  • Gene Kohl

    Has anybody know where Richie Nelson and his Mother are living? I wrote him twice with no answer

    • Anne

      Gene – I know they stayed with neighbors for the first week, but have no idea where they are now. They might be staying in the house on the second floor. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know. Anne

  • Gene Kohl

    Thank you Anne. If you find out please let me know. I am sended #3 letter to his old house

  • Jason

    It’s amazing that the press hasn’t destroyed elected officals that haven’t help.
    Turner, Filder, Maisel, Weinstein…..


    Hello Marty so where are you today taking pictures? I keep seeing you with volunteers and not doing any work whats with the photo ops? The election is over and I saw you at a warming center looking for votes. How low is that . I was trying to warm up and had to see your sorry ass looking for votes. well it didn’t work as me and my whole family of about 25 from breezy didn’t vote for your sorry ass. I also saw that you are buying up real estate in Bay RIDGE . NICE TO HAVE BIG BUCKS AND BANKS GIVING YOU LOW INTREST LOANS.
    My friends from Bay ridge tell me you have a part in a catering hall . So where the free dinner your catering HALL IS SENDING. how CAN THE PEOPLE REELECT A money bag chauvinist pig like you . you wanted to teach women how to act/ Come on Marty you are in a daze and your days are numbered as the people have seen your true colors as you are out for self and could care less about the people of BROOKLYN!
    Get those hands dirty and stop taking picture ops we know your not doing nothing!

    • The Beacher

      It is truly a shame that it takes a disaster like this for someones true colors and motives to be seen.Helen I could not agree with you more !! We can be sure of one thing that Goldens cronies will be posting under some more names,as Helen said don’t be fooled by these phoney posts and attempts to get publicity.

  • Irsh Kevin

    I see Golden is still at it,a few of his supporters like Jay and Jason are trying to drop hints that the Golden Boy is out to help the people in the Beach. I have been here now 10 days digging,removing sheet rock,waiting on gas lines,and guess what I am not looking for votes or in political office.Fact is I drove up here from Florida to help out friends with no strings attached.

  • anon

    Greenwood and Cavenaugh are Republicans so of course they will praise Marty.
    I would like to thank the REAL helpers like Paul Meskiewitcz who no longer lives in the beach but gave freely of his time and energy to help those of us who needed help. I would also like to thank the organization who gave each beach resident in need a debit card. That was truly generous. I don’t see Trump,Gates or Winfrey. Don’t Americans count any more? The money like the jobs leaves the country. We have to rebuild our community on our own and we will, better than ever.

  • glen

    I just saw state senator photo puss on pix and he wants food for people at gb. Why doesn’t he get his brothers catering hall to cook up 200 hot meals. He wants tents for people to warm up in. what is he kidding they are on the beach how you gonna get warm in a tent. Why don’t they bring in mobile homes ? This senator doesn’t do nothing but get his picture in papers and puts himself on T.V. Did you notice none of the neighbors from G.B. wouldn’t even stand with him.? Hey puss YOU GOT SOME RICH FRIENDS why don’t ask them for some cash to help out folks in G.B.

    • Anonymous

      i for one think Marty has been doing his hardest for us. I can’t and won’t trash the man Thank you Marty

      • The Beacher

        Another Golden plant,Give it a rest all he cares about is #1 Golden and Free Press.Dig in his own Pockets never happen.

  • Mouse

    How about a shout out to “mom and me” Carmella the hot dog lady giving her time and product on her own dime to feed the residents of GB,now that’s a caring individual with no personal agendas