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How to Help Us: Let’s Rebuild Edition


I found this in the dark the other night at the Vollies Memorial Hall

    1. Organizing HOT Food, relighting sternos, moving fresh food in and out (even if a few hours).
    2. Sorting and distributing clothes.
  3. COFFEE 
    • Please for the love of everything holy…COFFEE
    • Gerritsen Beach Fire Department 52 Seba Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11229
    • www.gbfd.net



75 comments to How to Help Us: Let’s Rebuild Edition

  • allan feinblum

    I am confident the people of Gerritsen beach will come back as strong as ever. The city, state and federal government should do all they can to make sure the people who can’t fend for themselves receive food, blankets heat and fuel for their homes and cars. In the race for the Assembly in New York state 45th AD none of the candidates visited the damage sites to get first hand experiance of the horrible damage that was done. I am a write-in candidate. I am a progressive democrat and the other three candidates are all conservatives who do not want to protect the public school system. My children and grandchildren attended public school and I believe an atmosphere of integration with children from all religious backgrounds and nationalities is a strong plus for public schoolenrolement. The world is a big place and we have to get this generation to rid themselves of any hangups which i was brought up with. allanfeinblum@aol.com

  • Good folks of Gerritsen Beach, A pop up kitchen will be set up today at noon by the New York State Police “Syracuse”
    in front of the vollies fire station on Seba Ave. to feed those in need. This is being done through the efforts of my lodge the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #38. Lodge #38 has also arranged for many vollies from Long Island “Hicksville” to come and help folks clean out the homes. They will be at the Seba Ave. fire station as well at noon today.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone heard anything about the ConEd situation?

    • Tom McCormick

      Con Ed confirmed rumours yesterday with an offical press release that they will not restore power to a home until the panel has been inspected by a liscenced electrican. While the concern over electrical hazards is a serious issue many feel that this is unreasonable. Of course no one wants power restored at the risk of fire or injury but in this situation maybe the city could work with Con Ed to have D.o.B. or the Fire Department inspect the panels. Of course wiring should always be done by a professional electrican however panel inspection should be a simple resolutin cleaning the old panel, lubing it and replacing the existing breakers. Any outlets below the water line should of course be disconected or breakers removed until they can be rewired.

      The idea that all 2400+ homes in the neighborhod need to hire someone at God knows what cost for this is madness. And no one has been able to answer the question, “if I do get this done and no one else on my block does can a single house be turned up or does everyone on each transformer need to have this done first?” And how are we to do this without telephone service?

      • Tom McCormick

        Update: 10 P.M. Wednesday evening.

        Con edison has restored power from Allen to Bijou. Street lights are lit. Windows on the one block of Dictum all have the glow from television sets and porch lights are lit without the aide of generators. I’m sure those home owners are happy. Didn’t see many lights on Celeste or Bevy but some may not know the power is on or may have ther panels off pending an electrican. Also some people have fled to warmer pastures. This doesn’t mean that the power will continue to come up for the rest of The Beach, Bjiou to Allen only got a foot of water tops so there was far less water damage (excluding the blocks directly on the water) and I’m guessing less threat of electrical damage. From Channel down is the avenues are lit by flood lights. This is helping. Snow is falling quietly and the rest of the neighborhood looks like the hedge maze in The Shining.

  • Beach Resident

    I also have gotten the same information from Con Edison. Marty Golden said he would look into it but no answers yet. I did hire my own electrician who is coming back tomorrow and my entire elect box is being replaced. It was under saltwater way to long to be saved. There are so many rumors regarding this situation. My suggestion is to call con Ed on your cell phone and hear this information for yourself.

  • Tom McCormick

    Just to clarify here is the link to Con Ed’s statement. Last thing anyone should do now is spread rumors.


  • I have to say I have seen a great deal of help down here from neighbors, volunteers, verizon…I have yet to see NYPD patrolling the streets continuously during the night, I have yet to see the media attention this disaster deserves, yet to see the elected officials do anything productive with regards to electricty or the the gas situation….Why is this neighborhood along with many others that have been devastated being ignored….Has anyone gotten a ridiculous determination by FEMA….IT IS A JOKE THE AMOUNT OF MONEY FEMA THINKS IS REASONABLE….. When I go out and actually get to watch the news I hear help is coming, be patient, things are getting better, WHERE ARE THINGS GETTING BETTER…I DONT SEE IT…..IF NOT FOR SANITATION WE WOULD STILL BE AMONGST MOUNTAINS OF GARBAGE THAT USED TO BE OUR BELONGINGS….The Volunteers and the donations have been overwhelming but people we need more from our government….WE NEED MONEY TO REBUILD….GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES….

    • Tom McCormick

      I’ve seen more than a few patrol cars this week (including last night) and I’ve noticed unmarked cars sitting with uniformed officers at the corners of the avenues up and down Gerritsen. There’s a police presence here. Sanitaion has been fantastic though. Especially those on sanitaion who live here.

      I agree with you on FEMA. People with five hundred thouand dollar houses are being given five thousand dollar checks. If FEMA doesn’t step up and do the right thing here this could tip the scale back into another massive ression. If we loose what is for many of us our only real investment then the ripples of this will be felt for generations. I’m sure for many displaced people it may be too late in life to ever recover such a loss. We’ve been patient enough. It’s time for our government to step in and they can start with Con Ed and these insurance companies. My 100 dollars a month for the past ten years would have yieled a 10x better pay out if I had put it in a bond fund all those years instead of paying insurance.

      • Not Trolling

        Well thats what happens when you vote in Bob Turner …and the GOP same for Staten Island you wanted Austerity well you got it my friend keep voting Republican

  • Dawn

    I agree completely. Where are our government official? Where are the public service personnel needed for friends and family to feel safe, warm, or even just considered? They haven’t been there for us with the exception of the sanitation dept. All other help has come from the volunteer fire dept here in gerritsen beach as well as from our generous neighbors. Let’s get our public officials involved and sooner rather than later. We need help NOW!!!!

    • Not Trolling

      Turners fixing Breezy first best you be assured he doesnt have a problem like you do not a peep out of him ….keep voting Republicanyou wanted Bloomberg and he left you to drown ….and he left you in the snow keep on electing millionares and billionares ….and businessmen and you will get the business …

  • Hali Denenberg

    I am curious to know how the school has held up. I went to P.S. 277 (I used to live on Gerritsen Avenue in the 70’s – my parents had the house since the 60’s and my father used to have the butcher shop on what we used to call the Knapp Street Triangle). Now I’m a teacher in Dallas, TX. Some of my students are asking about helping other students. I haven’t seen anything about if there was any damage or needs at the school. Is there anything my students could do for the school?

    • Anne Marie Corrado

      Hi Hali. My maiden name was Anne Marie Olsen. We went to PS 277 together years ago. I am now a teacher there. Our school was not damaged but most of the kids in the neighborhood have been displaced. It is a three day weekend here. But if you can email at the NYC DOE address above, I will ask my principal for suggestions of things your kids might like to do.
      It is great that you want to help.

      • Hali Denenberg

        That would be great Anne Marie. You can email me at sailrgalATswbellDOTnet (replace the at with @ and the dot with . ).

        I’m hoping that, since the school didn’t take damage, my old house didn’t either (I lived at 2570 Gerritsen, right across the street from the school).

    • Tina

      hi Hali, this is your next door neighbor at 2572, when you were a kid. (Helen and Angelo’s daughter) I live in Florida now. Our old neighborhood was hit hard. My husband’s sister had 7 feet of water in the basement on Bevy. They still are without power. They are not getting help fast enough. You can be sure that all of the neighborhood firefighters, police and EMT workers are at work, but who is helping their families? It is just not right. They need to go to work knowing that their families are safe. I hope things change for them soon. Regards to your family.

  • gerritsen resident

    A FEMA representative told me that there is a meeting with CON ED tonight at Resurrection at 7PM.


    To Tom,

    I did not see the police presence last night but if you say there were here I will take your word for it…My family is new to the beach home 470,000 plus 200,000 in upgrades and extentions FEMA determination is $1891.00 for eight feet of water in finished basement…lost 2 boilers, washer, dryer, refrigerator, tvs, electronics, computers, furniture, sports memorabilia and spent at least $4000 on sub pumps, generator, hoses, paid someone to eventually pump out basement, cant get geico to send an adjuster since calling at 2AM nite of storm, just for the two cars we lost….MEDIA is giving us little to no attention does the MAYOR REALLY THINK HE CAN SWEEP THIS UNDER THE RUG….What happened to the three states that Gov Cuomo said we would be getting gas from four days ago, r they walking it here…Once again today spoke with the outside World and was told nothing on TV, spoke with Con Ed told each home must have licensed electrician come and verify it is safe to turn power back on, this is for safety to avoid fires, I am having my home done now. WE AS A COMMUNITY AND OUR NEIGHBORS IN OTHER AFFECTED COMMUNITIES NEED TO start DEMANDING ANSWERS…….THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER IS GETTING OLD……

  • Anonymous

    Do you have flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)?

    If not, don’t expect much from FEMA.

    “The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers important insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which was created in 1968 to provide flood insurance at a reasonable cost.

    Federal flood insurance can be purchased through most major insurance agents, or by calling 1-800-427-2419 to find an agent near you. Flood insurance is inexpensive and can be purchased whether you live in a special flood hazard area or not.

    “If a property has flooded in the past, and no mitigation steps have been taken to reduce future risk, the chance is very high that it will flood again,” said Jim Wyatt, FEMA Flood Plain Manager. “Residents should purchase flood insurance now as there is a 30-day waiting period before coverage goes into effect.”

    It is important to remember that a flood may not receive a presidential disaster declaration, but with flood insurance, claims are paid even if the President does not declare a federal disaster.”

  • Former resident

    We lived on Hazel ct between Devon & Everett aves. We are coming back next week to help our friends.I am unable to find out if we can get Gas on Knapp street or anywhere near the beach ? how much of the Beach has no power. We are bringing supplies, we also have a few generators we were thinking of taking with us. We are unable to get in touch with our friends on the phone that is why I am requesting this info. Any info would help,Thank you.

  • fed up

    time to get these bums we consider “our politicians”
    out of office we need a chris christie type representing us
    F… Marty Golden
    F… Bloomberg !!
    im fed up !!

    • Elaine Comstock-leirer

      I am flumoxed by the small minds of the politicians that represent the residents of Gerritsen Beach. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse is stolen. Only NOW does Marty Golden want the area upgraded to A from B. In the time that he has represented the area was he so myopic as to not notice that this area is surrounded by water. I advise the voters in this district to forget about his glad handing you in an effort to manipulate and remember the devastation after this storm and the lack of government assistance.

      • Not Trolling

        Keep on voting Republican and keep on waiting for Govt to help you thats what Gerritsen gets for putting in Bob Turner

    • Not Trolling

      Yeah just like electing Bob Turner helped out …. vote gop and invest in Scuba gear cause they dont even want FEMA and we all know how great they are …

  • Current resident

    To Former Resident:
    There is gas (periodically), and you have to make sure that your LP end in the right number (today it’s odd or letter, tomorrow is even or 0), the lines are crazy so prepare to stand for a little bit.
    There is still no power, so def take generator, since its not clear when it’s coming back :)
    Hope it helps!

    • Former resident

      Thank you for the info,I will leave towards the end of next week and get to the Beach by the weekend,maybe conditions might improve a bit by then.

  • Tina

    I used to live in the beach and now live in Florida. After hurricanes Frances and Jean, FEMA set up trailer communities in Florida for people that lost their living space. Some were there for a good 2 years. Was there any mention of that happening in the beach? They can set up a trailer community in the fields by the school. This will allow the children to stay at their home school. Families could be close to their homes and start repairing what they can while having a warm place to call “home.”

    • Elaine Comstock-leirer

      first you have to elect representatives that think outside the box, who have on their staff instead of political appointees, aides who have some expertise on these matters. Your concept is over the heads of these impotent blood suckers.

    • annon1

      That would be great if they would set up trailers, we have been living with friends for two weeks now and don’t know when insurance will pay us so we can get the repairs done. I called Fema and asked about the trailers they said that there was talk of trailers but nothing more. The person I spoke to said that there was a problem because of space, I suggested the fields, marine park even floyd bennett field.

      It was no doubt a useless conversation.

      • Tina

        Try again and get some publicity. Call the tv stations. At least you found someone to talk to and didn’t get a machine. There is plenty of space in the “weeds” in Gerritsen Beach and in Marine Park. That is no excuse.

  • Angry

    I say no one should live on a coast! Fend for yourselves!

  • Time to go

    Time for the mass exodus too begin selling the house as is
    No more water for this fisherman I’ve had enough do yourselves a favor and go !

  • Anonymous

    Fyi – if you dont yet have electric, ConEd is at the point. Go there and have them turn your lights back on if your electrician hasnt yet sent in the form but your box is good.

    Also, I have flood insurance but they’re giving me a hard time becuase my 1st floor is partially below ground level. Even when you try to do the right thing you cant win with these insurance companies.

    • Not Trolling

      Keep voting Republican …. invest in scuba gear fend for yourselves

      • The Beacher

        The fact is the Republicans help out the rich,they are against Labor Unions,Social Security,Medicare anything that might help the average citizen. They ran Romney a Billionaire who could care less about the working class,Ryan an anti Union person who wants to do away with collective barganing. Now they say they want to help the storm victums,Don’t hold your breath people.As far as the debt goes Reagan started it and elected to run it up and blame it on the Democrats.The problem here is most people won’t take the time to do the research and find out the real facts.

        • Irish Kevin

          Beacher,you are on the right track, let me explain the Republican agenda. The agenda is Corporate Dominance best described in FDR’s speech Rendezvous with destiny,Basically the rise of Corporate Dominace and the theft of human rights.It is truly amazing that the GOP when in power Runs up the Debt and never mentions a word about Debt until a Democrat is in office. Not Trolling has the right idea and is not fooled by the Political BS.How this relates to this blog is how the insurance companies will trey and succeed in screwing the Public out of insurance coverage they have been paying for.ie Corporate Dominance and greed.

  • Time to go

    Allstate is giving the run around won’t send an adjuster and transfers my calls

  • annon1

    Two weeks now fema denied me because I have flood and homeowners
    insurance so I didn’t get any money from them. My flood insurance adjuster came last friday, a week now and they didn’t even get back to me and tell me if I am getting any money for my damage and when he does the check will have to be forwarded to the bank that holds my mortgage so they can sign the check and send it back to me to cash so that is going to take even longer, homeowners came yesterday,, so I have to wait for them also… I have no electricity, no heat and my house is growing mold. I called Fema they said there was nothing they could do until the insurance companies pay. Does anyone know who I can call to complain about all of these companies I am tired, fed up and cold. I heard about a class action suit agains fema and I think I am going to join it!!

  • The Beacher

    I guess we are all finding out what our Insurance policies are worth. In Florida during the year they had more than eight major storms,Many of the insurance Companies declared chapter 11 to avoid paying claims.These Companies are not Good Neighbors by no means. These fights will go on for years.

  • Trainman

    I read in the paper a few days ago that all the insurance companies that offer homeowners policies in this area are suing to have the storm designated as a hurricane. Governor Cuomo declared the storm a tropical storm to ensure everyone pays their normal deductible. I don’t have first hand information but I am assuming the insurance companies are dragging their feet until they get a decision on their suit. I’m sure most of you know if Sandy is declared a hurricane every one will then have to pay huge deductibles amounting to 2 to 5% of the value of their home.

  • steve gould

    Were coming up from Ocean Isle Beach NC, on Monday night/Tuesday, we have 3 trailers loaded with :
    Food- canned
    female/male hygiene/toilet paper/sanitizer
    baby diapers/wipes/lotion/formula
    cleaning supplies/trash bags/flashlights & battery’s
    bath towels/soap/shampoo/razors/shaving cream/

    We will be starting a x-mas toy drive,wrapped presents B/G.
    and a tool drive, let me know your needs..
    I have been thru 2 hurricanes, it sucks..but you get thru. what else can we help with?
    Let us know.

  • annon1

    Has anyone taken advantage of the NYC rapid repair? I am still without heat or hot water because the insurance companys and fema have not paid anything. I am tempted to try the program that the Mayor announced Rapid repair but afraid that I may be giving myself more headaches than it is worth. I know they come and inspect the home and can make repairs but what if they start finding more wrong than what I know about and create problems for me who can’t afford large renovations. Has anyone used this program so far.. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      I know someone from Staten Island who is trying to use them. They came to look at the work and said they would be back in about 2 weeks to do the repairs and would call to comfirm before they come. Who can wait another 2 weeks

  • Janen

    Wonder if anyone can recommend a mold removal company. I am confused on who to call and would love to know if anyone has used one and found them dependable and fairly priced.

  • anonymous

    I hate to tell you good people of Gerritsen Beach but you all are screwed,these insurence companys are gonna claim chapter 11 and not have to pay at anything other then a few bucks per house if you even see that.People like Mitt Romney have interest in insurence companys.He was a invester in Poe down in the south after wilma they declared chapter 11 and liguidated the company and ran off with millions of dollors.They dont care about you or your familys.Just work together and you shall get threw this with the help of the common neighbor.Lets thanks god Mitt lossed.

    • Irish Kevin

      What you are saying is correct,as well as the year of 6 plus major hurricanes in Florida the insurance companies did the same thing.I had neighbors that waited over two years for some kind of settlement. BTW National Flood Insurance has a $250,000 Cap anything over that your screwed. After dealing with insurance companies both in Florida and the Beach,they are the ones we end up fighting with.Good Neighbors ?? Good Hands People Forget it. As for Romney he is a Billionaire how would he know what it is like to try to make ends meet.When I was in the Beach helping friends the last few weeks some called their insurance companies and got these exact words “Don’t call us anymore,we will call you”

  • Still here

    To any one who needs a FREE stove,I have a perfectly good stove for anyone who lost theirs,send email to mouseaction@hotmail.com

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  • toothless in gb

    Anyone raise the house yet?

  • Still here

    Getting the NYC runaround as far as raising the house,I don’t know what to do ,stay and rebuild only to flood again,can’t get the go ahead on raising,can’t sell what’s left of my house,this was not my 50 year plan…..our politicians suck,,,stuffed shirt tie warring gas bags.a year later and WERE STILL WAITING.

    • Anonymous

      Where is our boy Golden ? When there is free publicity he is right there. As far as raising goes, I wonder if we don’t raise the house will a bank give a mortgage on it when we try to sell, not to mention getting flood insurance. I have been thinking about this for a while now , my conclusion is I think we are screwed.

  • Mr Murphy

    Screwed is an understatement. When we get the New Flood insurance rates (that is if we can get it). Than we will know exactly how screwed we are. BTW anyone want to buy a House (not raised yet) if not how about a Bridge !

  • Biggers-Waters

    Golden has been great! Are you kidding? He is a State Senator, only so much he can do. Blame it on Congress for being so slow to act and remember those that voted against giving us any help. Blame it on the ridiculous red tape in getting help, but on the other hand I’m happy to see that FEMA etc. make sure that they are helping people that need it. And don’t think that they don’t catch plenty of potential frauds. I do totally agree that NYC Build It Back is, well, doing NOTHING for anyone. You will not have any trouble getting Flood Insurance, it’s a Federal law to have a right to it, so no matter what insurance company services the policy it is ALL National Flood Insurance. Any one who had flood insurance at the time of the storm knows this because all your insurance company did was pass you over to them. The problem is the price of it. The Biggers-Waters Act was passed before Sandy and was in response to taxpayers not wanting to foot the bill for disasters in other parts of the country. (No one wants this until it happens to themselves.)Billions in debt after Katrina, it was supposed to make National Flood self sustaining. So now, flood insurance rates are set to rise at 20% a year for 5 years. This was all going to happen BEFORE hurricane Sandy. Everyone should be joining Stop FEMA Now and fighting to repeal the Biggers-Waters Act. Even Congresswoman Waters says this was NOT her intention with this law. Make some phone calls, write some letters to Schumer.

    • Anonymous

      BTW Do you work for Golden ? He is a typical Politician A Publicity Hound. Looking to get a free plug any way he could. My point about the Flood Insurance was basically price. Tell ya what if you live in the Beach try to sell your house. Do you believe that the people trying to sell or rebuild with limited funds give a hoot about Biggers-Waters.

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the ‘tude? I don’t work for Golden but he was here with the Beach throughout the storm and did a whole lot afterward. My whole point was that the price of flood insurance was going to double over 5 years with or without this storm. If you care about the price , then you – and everyone else – should care about Biggers-Waters. All flood insurance comes through FEMA. As far as trying to rebuild or raise with limited funds is the big, immediate problem, where the hell is Build It Back? The Long Island version of it is moving along, providing money to homes to be raised. In NYC nothing is happening. I think Bloomberg is pissed at ‘losing’, I mean not having Chris Quinn win. Has anyone heard of anyone in Brooklyn getting any help from them? There were buy outs in for a block in Staten Island but that’s all I have heard of.

  • Anonymous

    Me thinking what I do about publicity seeking Golden is a bad attitude come on already ! So Golden is your Hero and not mine, That’s about it. As far as Build back goes your question is certainly valid. My point is repairing our homes and funding that repair above any Insurance we might get is going to be our problem. The Golden’s and Bloomberg’s are out to help their own.

  • Pixie

    Just to add a comment on the Publicity seeking Politicians. I and others I know of asked their help with post Sandy issues. It was like trying to get blood out of a rock. IMO they all are out for themselves.

    • Frank Lopez

      Right On Pixie, Politicians Especially ones like Golden looking to get free Publicity are Snakes , as I once said they don’t Fly straight.

  • Manny Ribera

    T think Frank speaks from the heart.

  • Still here

    Had my build it back meeting yesterday,these knuckleheads tell me I’m approved for new windows,are they frecken kidding me,I’m holding up my house with 6×6 timbers.I applied for lifting assistance and they offer me windows.funny thing is if I were on public assistance I’d be at the front of the line for anything I need.go figure?

    • Pixie

      This is the type of garbage most of us are experiencing. My previous statement that we were on our own seems to be true. When are taxes are due they want them immediately to bad when we need any type of assistance it falls on deaf ears of idiots that don’t have a clue.

      • Mr.Murphy

        As soon as I finish the work on the Old Place on the market she goes. Not willing to take this gamble again.

        • Willy B

          Same here Murphy !!!

        • Anonymous

          If the city helps you rebuild with Build It Back, you can’t sell for 5 years. In Nassau County, this rule was challenged and found to be unfair and repealed. Does anyone know if the NYC law is being challenged? What if your house was already for sale when the storm hit? We all would like to be able to rebuild and go back to whatever we were doing before Sandy, but this all seems to just go on and on.

          • Pixie

            So if we get help through Build it Back we are stuck here for five more years, Now what if another storm hits ? This just keeps getting better !!

  • James S.

    Yeah it’s time to go, moving out of Brooklyn.

  • Mr.Murphy

    Back in the “Old Days” The Beach was a great place to live. Now it does not have the same appeal and Hometown feeling. The Houses are older many structurally in bad condition, after all things only last so long. The price they were getting (pre Sandy) for these old dwellings was ridiculous. Besides being an easy commute to NYC there is no other plus factors. The time has come for me and many others that I have talked to for us to seek out better values. I do have a bad feeling that it will be hard to sell with all the updates we now are being required to do. The flood zone A is not a good thing for the seller.

  • Joey Donuts

    Just get finished repairing after Sandy and the pipes bust due to the
    Cold weather!!! Jeez a loo!

  • Janen

    Anyone know anything about elevation certificates. My insurance company says they will need one for my flood insurance since it was purchased after a certain date ( I don’t know what that date is ). I heard that some places have a community one, does anyone know if GB does.

    You are right about getting out I am pouring money to repair my house so I can sell it. I don’t have the money to raise it. So now I am screwed no one will buy it mainly because the flood insurance rates will be outrageous. I would sell if for what is left on my mortgage if I could, just to get out but even that is a $350,000 but no one wants a house on the water anymore My nerves are shot LOL

    • Mr Murphy

      What they are requiring is an elevation study which is done by qualified companies. In many states before you can get Flood Insurance you have to get an elevation report. Trying to sell a house in the Beach is going to be tough. What surprises me is that neither of our realtors have commented on this. Looks like we are all on our own.

  • Max McGerk

    The smart thing to do is get out now.!!