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Breaking: Gerritsen Beach DESTROYED by Sandy

Update: Most of the beach is flooded, people are pumping out. I am not really taking pictures I have other responsibilities.


SEND ANY VIDEO OR PICTURES to info@gerritsenbeach.net


So this is the deal….

MOST IF NOT ALL of the OLD Section was flooded.
MOST IF NOT ALL of the NEW Section was flooded.





Knapp Street 3-4 Feet of Water


240 comments to Breaking: Gerritsen Beach DESTROYED by Sandy

  • Anonymous

    Breaking? It’s more like broken.

    • Lynn

      Anyone know about Fane Court & St. James Church?

      • Tom McCormick

        Anyone reading this concerned about the state of Gerritsen Beach please know that the power is out from the South side of Allen Avenue all the way down to the point and has been since 8 PM Monday night. If you have loved ones and can not contact them it is more than likely due to the power outtage. From the south side of Bijou Av down to the point was in about 3+ feet (or maore) of water as of 8:30 Monday evening. From Bijou to Allen was about half a foot. Beyond Allen was spotty, some houses got flooded some were lucky. Anyone with a ground level house was floded to out, anyone with a baesment and a few feet up from ground level lost whatever was in their basement. The water has all but gone down and people are still trying to pump what is left in their basements out. This is provong difficult without power and gas for generators is becoming hard to come by. Any of this may change as of tomorrow but as for tonight that’s the story. Everyone is helping each other to whatever extent that they can so know that we are all looking out for each other. Email me at MJOLNIR5@aol.com with questions and I’ll see what I can find out for you about specific people.

        • poppajoe

          Thanks for the update Mac…….

        • Mary Botkin


          I just sent an email to you regarding a home on Abbey Court. Thank you.

        • Marlene

          Thank you, my mom and dad live on the ave. btwn chanel and devon. She is really stressed, but the flood in the basement is down to about 8 inches, and considering it was up to the ceiling that is a great improvement. Please keep up the posts.


        • gbRes

          any idea who can help with basement cleanup….water is gone…mess is still here..does anyone know who I can call?

        • Tom McCormick

          Getting reports from Con Ed that the power won’t be back on until Tuesday at the earliest. Conflicting news from a friend in the 60th Pct that power will be back on tonight. I can’t imagine that they would turn power back so soon with so many houses empty and the ckt breakers left on, that could cause problems. I walked the neighborhood today and with 1 exception everyone seems to be safe, damp but safe. Resurrection has over 120 cots and blankets, hot food/drinks/ and heat so if you’re looking for loved ones try there. Cell service is still largely down (assuming cell towers have no power) land lines are down (not damaged jut no power). Everyone is helping each other. The only concern at this point is that generators and cars are running out of gas and no one seems to have any. NYPD, FDNY, Sanitation, etc have a strong presence so don’t panic. Those of us with power/heat/ etc, are helping our neighbors. Many of us have been here for three generations and blood is thicker than water, even sea water.

        • Tom McCormick

          To the person who emailed me regarding the Family @8 Noel Ave. I deleted your email accidentally. I had been getting so many and it’s been tough to keep track. Hopefully you’ll see this post here.

          I was unable to get down to the end of Noel, being so close to the creek that block did take a large amount of flooding. I did however bump into a good friend of mine who livws at the very end of that block of Noel when I stopped for lunch. She informed me that everyone on that block was safe and well. The power is still out as are the phones and cell service is intermittent. She also said that no one has left the block and everyone is hankering down awaiting a FEMA representaivte to knock at the door. They are doing what they can to keep warm and disgarding what cannot be saved for sanitiation who was going around today.I hope this pouts you mind an easy and I’ll try again when I can.

    • Lynn

      My Prayers are with all the folks in Gerritsen Beach, I just can’t believe this awful occurnece. Lynn

      • On Looker

        Hey Danny. A billion miles away here. Have checked in off and on since you posted those funny videos of the Gerritsen Beach Community meeting (welcome to international fame GB!)
        Thoughts are with you and your community (even the loud blonde haired chic who talks funny and called you a peodo)!
        Chin up GB

    • Tom McCormick

      Folks, as of 11 P.M. Monday night still no power from most of Allen Avenue all the way down to the point. Mail service was restored on Thursday or Friday last week so if you are eager to contact anyone try mailing a letter. I’d reccomend including a stamped return envelope with a sheet of paper for the addressee to respond with as I can’t imagine anyone would have anything dry to write on. Also residents have been posting on facebook using their hand held devices so try there as well.

      Thing has quieted down here as everyone has done all that they can without power, heat, phone, or internet. Anything ruined was thrown out for sanitation. We can’t begin to rebuild or do anything else until we have electricity. Gasoline is scarce and generators are failing. Everyone is hunkering down to deal with the cold spell as best they can. The neighborhood feels like a Dickens’ or a Tolstoy novel. Sun is setting early now so there is little day light to work in. Tonight will reach below freezing per the weather forecast. We are worried about pipes freezing and possibly cracking.

      • Marianne

        My children live on Ira Court I am residing in Florida I want to thank you for keeping us informed I speak to them and read your info everyday thank-you

  • Coope

    My mom lives in gerritsen beach. I’m worried, could this story have a little more elaboration??????

  • Resident

    We packed up and left. Any news?

  • Jean Ford

    Is Resurrection shelter open and accepting animals?

  • anonymous

    Florence ave and back courts Ira joval Knight had about 3 to 4 feet of water. Cars almost completely submerged. As of midnight flood waters have almost completely receded. Hope morning tide is not as bad.

  • Abcd

    I am in a shelter can anyone tell me about how Everette and bevy court looks like

  • Anonymous

    How is dictum between channel and bijou?

    • Lives on the block

      My entire basement flooded and so did most of the neighbors. It’s not good. It flooded up to Allen ave.

  • joe

    Okay so from the school 277 down gerritsen cars were submerged about four feet. No one has power, all houses with basements are flooded. Houses under street level submeged. New section was pretty flooded it seemed. Waters are down but im not sure how the elderly did, there were a few people in need. my house is on beacon and lois and we were fucked.

  • Anonymous

    Im on florence ave.. Is it true there was a tornado as well?

  • Anonymous

    I am in a shelter at the moment. Is Landis Ct still underwater?

  • Anonymous

    The water on Landis court has receded. However the damage is done. Every house on the block, as did just about every other block in this neighborhood, received serious damage and destruction.

  • Anonymous

    Do you live on Landis?

  • Anonymous

    I know someone who is trapped on ivan. havent heard from her in a bit. so worried.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean by “received serious damage and destruction?”

  • Anonymous

    Did the boats on Landis ct go on land or were destroyed?

  • resident

    Old section had 4 feet of flooding. Destroyed my one floor apartment. Cars submerged. A lot a damage done. Water now receded. Still no electricity.

  • Anonymous

    Florence was under, bevy was under on the new side. High tide is at 815 again this morning good luck everyone it’s supposed to be a bad one again! Stay safe & pray!

  • Anonymous

    Was everyone evacuated behind the Tamaqua?

  • are they allowing people back in the area yet?

  • Randy

    Does anyone know the extent of damage on Ave W near Gerritsen? any downed trees/lines? flooding? fires?

  • Anonymous

    How do expect people to turn off their gas and electric when basements are submerged?dont you think that statement is a little late?

    • poppajoe

      No it wsnt late, you reach under the water and shut the gas cock off then wade to the electrical panal and throw OFF the main breaker ….ITS SOLID ADVICE FROM THE ADMIN

    • Anonymous

      Not everybody’s gas and electric are in the basement just because yours is.

  • Anonymous

    Lester ct went under water last night. Any updates on current water level?

  • Anonymous

    talked to my dad on bartlett place this morning, water level down now. out of the house and back to normal levels in the canal. high tide is at 815 this morning, not sure what that is going to do.

  • Coope

    Any word on Dare or Abby court? Very close to the kids beach?

  • maribeth

    were on merit and half our house was underwater. i was scared shitless

  • Anonymous

    50+ houses in Breezy Point burned down.

  • Alfie (Arlene Bartha) Wace

    My family at 108 Frank Court was evacuated at about 8PM last night…nephew Joe said house was destroyed. That is all I know. Thank you for all your posts/information!

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me the state of Gotham avenue water side. Worried about my family and live out of state. Can’t get through to them and have heard nothing

    • Anonymous

      My son John is on Gotham, the basements are gone, he lost everything………some houses the basements were 8 feet deep and the water rose into their living room floors, very serious

    • Anonymous

      My son John is on Gotham, the basements are gone, he lost everything………some houses the basements were 8 feet deep and the water rose into their living room floors, very serious! No electric…..

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the update. I hope my parents are ok, I know they probably didnt evacuate because they have numerous boat spaces and always feel responsible to take care of people’s property. They also have a few dogs, I’m very worried.

  • Anonymous

    Wish they would send a news crew down there

  • Quentin Stone

    We are feeling the effects of Sandy in western Kentucky but, no where near what the Beach is experiencing. All my friends and family there have suffered greatly. I know the Beach will recover and you all won’t whine about it. I remember Donna in ’60 and the water from the canal came accross Bartlett Pl and up to 115 Gain Ct. Let’s see if FEMA will help you all. Proud to be a Beach Rat and I’ll be with you in spirit as you continue your struggle to recover.

  • Irish Kevin

    Joey G are you OK tried to reach friends in the beach can not get through ,phone says all is to busy.

  • Alfie (Arlene Bartha) Wace

    Okay, house on Frank Court not completely destroyed…first floor is totalled…upstairs bedrooms okay, roof on (for now)…tree needs to be removed NOW, but everyone is safe! **whew**

  • allan feinblum

    I am 73 now but years ago i umpired All Star games at your Little league Fields and i dont remember his name but he was a butcher and he ran the tournament preparring the fields and having an outing afterwards for the players of Gerritsen Beach who always had a competitive team and fans and The Latin Souls Baseball Team.. By what i saw while walking through your neighborhoods the people will rebuild better than ever and as a write in candidate for NYS Assemblyman on November 6th when I am elected my first business would be to see business establishments and private home owners would receive all the financial help from government that is available. allanfeinblum@aol.com

  • Betty and Fernando Gonzalez

    I live on eaton court by Cyrus. Does anybody know the status of the area . Ww were able to evac while water rushed in the basement. I hope everybody is ok in the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    My prayers are with everyone, I hope that you all get the help you need.

  • kay

    How is garland court? I grew up there. Live in florida now and was praying for everyone.

  • Corinne

    Can anyone tell me if any of the bridges are open yet. Want to get to my dad, but I cant find any updated info. Please let me know.

  • Anonymous

    Im on dare ct b/w seba cyrus, more that 4ft of water flooded all cars, basements and first level of homes. What do we do now. Whats the advice. People running low on batteries, no food and bad conditions in the cold.

  • Dave R

    Can anyone tell me if the Roads are closed getting into the Beach.. Coming from out of state to help family.. Thanks..

  • Donna

    Praying for everyone.

  • Eddie Liu

    I grew up and love Gerritsen beach. I moved my business and family to Southern California,. Im devastated to see the damage that occurred in my old neighborhood. Hope everyone is safe and our prayers are with everyone. Does anybody know how is the old section currently? I’m afraid for many of my friends and family there, couldn’t get through to everyone.

    Is everyone ok?

  • Anonymous

    Are we allowed back in gerristen? did the canal receed?,on Gotham?

  • Lidia

    Does anyone know the fate of Lois Avenue? My sister Adriana works for the NY Parks department and has been working the storm damage all night and day today. She can’t get home to check on her cats who were left inside of her house. Her neighbors phones are out with the power. If anyone knows about Lois Ave could they please call me at 443-994-9706,
    Thank you,Lidia

  • debi

    Looking for info for Canton Court???

  • susan

    Left Sunday afternoon. Any info on Canton court between Lois and water would be appreciated.

    • Jackie

      Plz update if anyone can, I grew up at 22 canton ct, currently live in Colorado and wondering how bad damage is between lois ave and the cannal? Sending prayers to everyone in the beach…

    • Anonymous

      I live on Canton between Lois and water. Water came up so fast, there was nothing we could do. Basement flooded up to ceiling, came into 1st floor through basement, front and back doors. Had to go to the 2nd floor to wait until it receded. All neighbors in same position, but everyone is safe that we have seen.

      • Jackie

        Thank you for letting me know… So sorry you guys had to go through this, but glad to hear you are surviving and doing okay for now under the circumstances….

    • Anonymous

      Susan, the Vollies came to your house to shut off the gas about 10 min ago. The water has receded but your basement is still flooded. Ed said you can access the first floor. Are you guys ok? We’ve been worried about you. Lori.

  • Coope

    Anonomous on date ct. My mom lives on 28 date ct. I’m in Indiana. I’m so pissed at CNN and Fox News for only covering New Jersey. Not sure if you’re close but I’d love to know if her house is standing. Good news is my cousins on Abby ct. Took her in. They had 4 ft of water on the first floor, major interior and landscape damage but no structural damage. They were able to sleep on the 2nd floor. But yes, from what I’m seeing on this site, this is unacceptable news and emergancy communication!!!!!! I’m an insurance agent here. So I’ll do my best to give some direction.

    1. Contact all of your family and make sure they are ok.
    2. Pray for the elderly, and those who are in worst positions than you.
    3. Find a safe place for you and your family to be.
    4. If your trying to get your family out of garritson as one person inquired about, hold off if you know you they are ok. If they smell gas or sewage, they need to get out of the house and go somewhere else.
    5. It’s a good time for the Irish to be neighborly and accept those into your homes. Check on your neighbors and give them a safe, warm place to be. Don’t let an elderly person pass underneath your watch.
    6. Contact your insurance company’s 1-800 number and report a claim immediately.
    7. Be there when the adjuster is scheduled.
    8. You can focus on clean up AFTER making the call. Do not hesitate. You don’t want to be 1,000 in line getting your home reviewed for damage and repair.
    9. Understand your policy. Coastal regions may have up to a 5% deductible on dwelling “A” when it relates to hurricanes. This can be more expensive than paying mold remediation and doing basic repairs on your own BUT an insurance adjuster will evaluate total damage and cost free. So use their estimate to compare.
    10. Contact FEMA, each of you should be eligible for flood compensation/relief. Obviously they have major priorities so don’t be upset if they are not prepared to asses damages this early in the game.

    Stay warm my friends. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • PB

      Coope, if you have a fb page would you post this there? So many people don’t know what to do. If you don’t, may I copy this and post it there? Thanks

  • Sue

    My uncle lives there in my grandmother’s old house on the corner of Melba and Cyrus. I read that a house hit into a house on Melba. Can somebody please tell me if his house is still standing? I don’t believe my uncle has a cell phone. Due to family issues nobody has heard from him since my grandmother’s passing a few years ago.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sue we were flooded bad last night. I’m pretty sure Mickey got out. I will speak to my dad and find out if he has seen him.

      • Sue

        Oh I don’t know who you are but God Bless You for knowing who I was talking about (especially because I think I had the cross corners wrong) and for getting back to me! Thank You!

        • Melissa Mackin-Bolies

          Hi Sue this is randy’s daughter Melissa we have people looking into it you can contact me on facebook Melissa Mackin-Bolies or email melissamackinbolies@gmail.come or call me at 3053079701hope to hear from you.

          • Dawn

            Please can someone find out about 22 Melba court between cyrus and madoc the Kriskos.. I am worried I just heard it was flooded and did not see news about all the damage. My mom is sick and I need to know if she is ok… no phones to contact her

    • Anonymous

      That particular “structure” came from Rockaway…it was not actually a house.

  • Coope

    Date not date ct. Stupid iPhone

  • Michelle

    I remember visiting the beach with my Grandma and Grandpa from Melba Ct when I was very young. I am 40 now and it breaks my heart to see all the destruction. God forgive me but my Uncle still lives in the area and for whatever reason we have not been in contact for many years. If any one knows Mickey Irving please tell him his nieces from Maryland love him still and think of him often. God Bless!

  • Rita

    My family lived 65 Ebony since 1924. I sold and moved to Indiana in 2007. How is that area?

    • Anonymous

      My family is at 57 Ebony just spoke to mom and dad. Water came up to just below the threshold of the front door.

    • Barbara

      Hi Rita – Are you Riri??
      I remember you. Your sister used to play hopscotch with me.
      I always have a soft place in my heart for Gerritsen Beach. I feel awful for this happening. As I watched the reports, I was very surprised that the Beach wasn’t evacuated. Then I figured they didn’t have enough shelters for more than the Zone A people. Our family is in Florida now, but I still miss my childhood home. I grew up in 57 Ebony. Thank you to Anonymous for the update on that address.

      • GJPB

        Barbara, your brother Al took a bad hit on Eaton Ct. I’m your cousin George

      • Rita

        I think you are thinking or Marie (Riri) Pousson. Her sisters were Elaine (older) and Lynn. There were 2 brothers – Raymond and Roger. I lived across the street from them. When I got married I moved into 61 Ebony and lived there for 12 years next door to Leo & Barbara Durocher. I remember Olga and her husband and their son Georgie living at 57.

  • Eddie Liu

    Does anyone know if the water has receded yet? Does anyone know if the boats and docks are ok. We are out of town and afraid our boat may have sank or drifted out. Anyone with info please update.

  • Corinne

    The Con Edison power outage map is indicating that 1,073 households in the Gerrtisen Beach and Marine Park areas are without power.

    The outage appears to be centered around Gerritsen Avenue and Bijou Avenue. They are estimating a restoration time of 8:00 p.m.

    • bagels

      I’m in Marine Park. Some homes have power restored but it looks like they’re bringing it back in phases. There’s no power on the 240v circuits.

  • marilyn florida

    Does anyone know how Mitchel Ave. looks

  • KAren Anderson

    My hopes and prayers are with my former neighbors on Fane Court.I miss you and am hoping for the best.

  • Tina

    Love and prayers to all. Anyone know what Garland Court looks like between Everett and Florence Aves? How high did the water get?

    • kay

      Hi tina

      I used to live on garland court…9 garland…about 30 years ago….grew up there…was wondering as well how the block fared!!

      Did you use to live there?

      • Tina

        Hi Kay, my husband lived at 8 Garland. We moved 33 years ago from the beach. Family still has the house. Heard the basement had 5-ft of water. Water has gone down now on the streets. No power. Many cars destroyed. Houses that were not raised had water in the first floor.

  • John T

    How is dictum ct. from Everett to Devon. Anyone know?

  • steve

    did verrazano open?….and to Belt pkwy> knapp street? ok?

  • mike p

    how far did the water get on beacon ct
    have family friends lost phone contact about 9 pm last nite

  • Barbara

    My thoughts snd prayers are with everyone in Gerritsen Beach. I grew up on Fane Court and lived on Beacon Court. I moved to the west coast in 1976. I have many relatives and friends on the beach and am hoping everyone is o.k.

    • Barbara (cooky)

      Since I live in Duvall Washington, is there a way that donations can be made via the Vollies for needed food and supplies?
      Barbara Hagstrom (aka Cooky)

  • former resident

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our old friends and family…and of course all the people in Gerritsen Beach.
    We’ll try to contact you all later.
    Jack & Paula



    • Debbie

      I heard Seba was complety under water last night

    • Freddy Mockler

      Ginny, Remember me?????

      • ginny dasilva-weiler (hodgetts)


  • Bill Smith

    My prayers go out to all in Gerritsen Beach,I wish you all a fast recovery from this storm,GodBless you all.

  • Alfie (Arlene Bartha) Wace

    The Vollies have a page on Facebook. They posted some pics yesterday before the worst hit. I’ve seen nothing yet today, but I keep checking: https://www.facebook.com/GBvollies?ref=ts&fref=ts

  • HOOK

    my brother lives on ebony off bijou,,, does anybody know a link to GB sandy photos other then facebook



  • Gidget

    lIVED AT 77 Aster ct until 1986!!! my prayers are with all of my friends & neighbors!!!

  • Lew from Brooklyn

    I just came back from a tour of the 46th council District including Gerritsen Beach. There is no doubt that Jamaica Bay overflowed at a record level.
    In the coming days, we will be getting out all material possible about making FEMA, flood insurance and Con Ed claims.
    Meanwhile, my district office is open to help follow up on issues. The number is 718-241-9330. If we are not in, leave a detailed message as we are monitoring it when we are closed.
    We will try to get the fastest possible government response, especially fo rthe most serious issues.
    Councilman Lew Fidler.

  • Alfie (Arlene Bartha) Wace

    I just found this video of some of the rescue efforts last night…haven’t even watched it myself, but wanted to share with you.

  • Marlene


    My mom and dad lives on Gerritsen Ave. btwn Channel and Devon, I haven’t heard from her in hours. If anyone happens to see her (Marsha F.) and has a working cell phone, pls. have her call me or my sister.

    Thank you!

    • Hali Denenberg


      If your mom is Marsha F and your sister is Sandy, I wonder if you still remember Hali from between Bijou and Channel. Our moms were good friends, and my parents used to drive you and me to a special enrichment class at one of the high schools (or colleges, can’t remember which) on Saturdays.

      I’d love to hear from you, and if everything is ok with your parents, I’m sure mine would love to hear from them.

  • Christina McQuillan

    I grew up in the Beach on Hazel Ct. I have friends in the Old section Kay Ct and on Dare Ct. My prayers are with all of you and would like to help in any way I can. God keep you safe..

    • Patricia Rice

      Hi, I noticed your post and recognized your last name. I’m married to Ken Rice from 26 Ira. He was friends with Billy McQuillan who I’m guessing is your brother. Would be great to hear back from you. Like you, we are deeply saddened by what has happened in the Beach…just unbelievable!

  • Anonymous

    My dad is on Frank ct, I’m worried about him, he stayed in the house, and we haven’t heard from him. Anyone in that area?

  • My prayers go out to all my relatives and friends in Gerritsen Beach and wish there was someway I could help them in their time of need. I was born and raised in Gerritsen Beach but moved to Florida when I retired in 2004. Since I moved here, I’ve experienced the wrath of many hurricanes but never as bad as the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy to Gerritsen Beach and the surrounding areas. The only thing I can offer for now (for those that are interested) is to put a page on my website (http://www.retiredinflorida.com) where I’ll post photos for you. If you’re interested, send your pictures with any caption you want to me, bobdemello@retiredinflorida.com and I will put them up in the order received ASAP.

    • Freddy Mockler

      Bob DeMello, ?? Any relation to Ernest, or Arthur, or the DeMello’s on Kay Ct. ??? I used to live on Landis.

    • Freddy Mockler

      Bob DeMello ?? Any relation to Ernest, or Arthur, or Red? I Lived on Landis Ct. Many years ago!!!!

      • Yes Freddy, and I remember you very well. I’m “Red” or at least I was, now I’m “Gray”! Ernie was my cousin, Arthur and Eddie are my brothers and Alice is my sister. Arthur and his wife Kathy live on Dare Court right off the water and their house suffered a lot of damage. I lived on Kay Court throughout my childhood and moved to Plumb 2nd Street in 1969 and lived there for 35 years till I retired and moved to Florida in 2004. Do you still live in Gerritsen Beach? If you do, I hope you were not damaged to severely. I’ve been diligently trying to get in touch with many friends that live in the beach to see how they are but with the phones being out I haven’t been able to get through to them. I’m very worried about Mary Anne DeMello, Ernie’s wife. She lives right next to the canal at 17 Bartlett Place and I haven’t been able to contact her. If you or anyone reading this are in contact with her, please have her call me. If you want to contact me, you can email me at bobdemello@retiredinflorida.com.

  • Anonymous

    I have family on Aster Ct. They did not evacuate and were flooded. Does anyone have an update on Aster Ct conditions.

  • Kim

    I have friends on Beacon Ct by Lois. Their name is Hayes – Billy and Theresa, and their kids. Does anyone know if they are okay? I am in Florida, moved five years ago.

  • Anonymous

    My son goes to Brooklyn Blue Feather on Gerritsen Ave. Any word on xthat school and the surrounding area? Thanks so much.

  • Corinne

    I know everyone needs info about their family and friends, but so do i now. i havent spoken to my dad since really early this morning and Im starting to get nervous. Im all the way in NC and not sure what else to do. Does anyone know Jack Davis on Bartlett Place, right by the library? If you know him or are close to his house can someone check on him and tell him to call either of his daughters. Thanks for the help guys! This site is really fantastic!

  • Debbie

    I know that Melba Ct was under water does any one know where the people in the area are staying. I am looking fir my aunt Sharon Deegan who lives at 5 Melba Ct. We know she is ok we heard from her last night and early this morning but nothing since. My mom called Resserection and was told that everyone was moved from there but they didnt know to where.

  • Bruce magee

    I lived in 32 frank ct during the sunmers in the 70’s and part of the 80’s. You will all be in my prayers.

    • Anonymous

      My parents live there now. There basement was ruined but my hrs ndparents house next door (the Smith’s) is ruined the water Destroyed basement s nd the whole 1st floor

      • melissa


      • Anonymous

        Hey, was that the plumber, Bill? Let me see, they had a boy also named Bill, and a girl, gosh cannot remember her name, something like Francine, that’s not it, but something close. They lived 2 houses down. I bet the big yard across from 32 Frank is full of water, it was pretty low.

        • Anonymous

          Billy is my grandpa .my mother millie bought the house from Mr Magee in 1990. Her brother billy is in Ohio now and Christine is still in the beach

  • guy rudd

    phil get in touch with me guy.

  • Carolynne Kasper

    I lived on Bevy ct. until our family moved to Massapequa PK in 1956. My Aunt lived on Hazel Ct., my cousin on Fane Ct. and my other cousin on Astor Ct. Are those areas safe? Would hate to hear they were wiped away. We lived upstairs on Bevy Ct. so I doubt any damage but all other addresses were street level. Please let me know! Family names were Cressy and Johnsen.


  • Bluemagoo

    I have some friends that live down the end of Gain Ct. right off of Lois so does anyone know how that section of the Beach made out?

  • Catherine

    I am the owner of 18 Frank Court. I spoke to my tenant, Marie Langley, before Sandy hit. She said that she was going to stay with a friend further away from the beach area. I haven’t been able to call her due to phone lines being down. Does anyone have any information for me, as I am worried about Marie and her daughter, Patricia? They have been our tenants for over 40 years. Any information about my poperty would also be very appreciated.Please post or email me. Thank you, and may all those at the beach find their way out of this terrible situation. My prayers are with all of them.

    • Leslie

      I have seen gerri then beach on TV many times today…they were hot hard and nobody has been there except channel 2..I think the people are ok,but many have lost everything and are asking for donations of whatever can be sent…that’s why I am here..I am trying to find where clothes can be sent …they said ,but I didn’t catch it …hope all your relatives are ok …I am in Yonkers NY

  • does anyone know Kevin and Cind does anyone know Kevin and Cindy Rob trying trying to get in touch with them just want to know if you’re okay

  • Gerritson beach residents are seeking shelter at Resurrection Church. This info is posted alot on facebook. So sorry for all you guys are going through. I pray someone comes for you soon. Hang on.. don’t give up.. from clifton,nj

  • paula

    we have family on aster ct and kay ct. praying for them!! and everyone in ny! stay safe. this breaks my heart.

  • Marianne

    My prayers to all Say hi to my family for me Robin and John and girls Miss them



  • JoAnne

    I lived at 12 Ivan Court/Seba. Can anyone tell me about my neighbors? Cathy and her daughter/SIL and kids. Maureen Barone? And everybody else in the area?


  • Megan McNulty Le

    This makes me so sad…both sides of my family grew up in GB and I still have family down there on Bevy Court. While it sounds like the property damage is extensive I hope that everyone is safe, which is the most important thing. My thoughts are with all of you all the way from Seattle-

  • Coope

    This has to be the worst coverage I’ve ever seen. My mom is 4’11, 80lbs with osteoporosis. She broke a hip after falling off a bus two years ago. What HELP is being provided to those in G beach? She lost everything in her house, has only the WET clothes on her back, and no communication as to how to get her house pumped, no phone service, and no electricity or heat until what she’s being told will be 7 days. This is unacceptable. There should be updates on this site. All we hear about on the news is New Jersey and Queens. Not discrediting their dire need for support but that is still no excuse to ignore and/or not communicate to us as to the support being provided to small beach communities. Is there a different website that information can be found? Obviously this site will announce voting poll openings prior to helping us worried citizans as to the status and efforts of those in need. SHAME.

  • Hope you’re all staying safe… so sorry to hear about the destruction of the Beach. I grew up in both the Old and new sections and wish you all the best of luck!

  • Jason

    Nearly all my family leave in G-beach, I’m planning on coming there this weekend to help relocate and clean up. Are there any items in high demand besides generators that cannot be obtained over the next week? I’ll be bringing pumps, axes, chainsaws, and vairous other demo tools. Space in my car is limited but willing to bring all that it can hold. Let me know here and I’ll periodically check back to make a list.

    Are tarps needed? Were there very many roofs lifted or is the largest concern damage from flooding?

    • Tom McCormick

      The damage to the houses was largely from the water surge. Not many tarps needed. The tools will help with fallen trees and ripping out damaged furniture. Gasoline is greatlyn eeded and batteries for flashlights and lanterns. Cordless tools (charged) will help avoid the need for generators.

  • tom p


    • Catherine

      I own the house at 18 Frank Court and am trying to find out how my elderly teanant and her daughter are doing. Their names are Marie and Patricia Langely. Would you please email me any information as to them and or the condition of the property? Hummels4u@aol.com
      Thank you! Hope that you get in touch with your sister and her husband. I tried several times to call my tenants and received a recorded message that the call couldn’t be completed.

    • chris

      Tom, I am in N.J.. If you mean Ray S. and Kathy G., they are OK. My sister is staying with them. No phones or elec.. Cleanup starting.

      • Catherine

        Tom ~

        I spoke to Marie Langley’s son in Florida…he said that his mom and sister are staying with a friend on Gerritsen Avenue, and that they are safe. Thank God they are ok! They went back to the house to get some things yesterday. I am curious as to what damage Sandy has done to my property and I hope to get in to Brooklyn soon. If you or anyone else has seen my property at 18 Frank Court, please send me an email @ Hummels4u@aol.com. Thank you very much

  • Corinne

    I spoke to my dad so it looks like cell service was restored today so if you have been trying to contact anyone try again.

  • Noona

    Gerritsen Beach residents, I’d like to mostly remain anonymous but you can call me “Noona”. I attempted to bring candy to the children of GB who couldn’t have a Halloween this year, but I feel like I did not reach nearly enough of your houses and your children. For those who would like your children to at least have a little bit of Halloween cheer, even if it’s just visiting one house… please walk with your young children on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD, to 2320 KNAPP STREET, between AVENUE W and AVENUE X. I will be waiting at the front door with candy starting at 11 AM. If you have any questions please email me at advicenoona (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please spread the word between your friends and family in Gerritsen Beach! I wish you all well!

  • Martin Miller

    I grew up on Plumb 1st Street, across from the Graham theater and at the cross street of Whitney Avenue. Went to PS. 194, Marine Park JHS, and then Brooklyn Tech. I wish I could be there to help, but I’m in Los Angeles now.

    Tamaqua Marina is like 3 blocks away, and is not much above sea level. I miss where I grew up, and wish everyone the best in the recovery effort.

    I recommend that everyone with a basement consider ‘flood-water proofing’ their homes, even to the point of creating fort-like seawalls surrounding each property. Sandy will not be the last storm of this kind. The storm surge around Bellevue Hospital exceeded 15 feet. Who knows what the surge was in Jamaica Bay…

    Climate scientists predicted super storms. And the ocean levels are rising. So in low lying Gerritsen Beach it’s critically important to plan ahead.

  • chris

    Joe, If you mean Ray S. and Kathy G., they are OK. My sister is staying with them.

  • Linda Fehrs

    My family lived in GB for many years Schmidts and Fehrs at Joval Court … so sad to hear of all the damage – it holds a special place in my heart …. prayers to all for a quick recovery

  • Tom McCormick

    Friends, I know many of you south of Allen Avenue are still without power but if you can read this your wireless devices call me, Jason, Kathy, or Christine. We can help.

  • did anyone get contacted by FEMA yet? I signed up online on Tuesday and have an appointment/inspection this morning.

  • Bugg

    Apply for aid with FEMA ASAP-

    On line- http://www.disasterassistance.gov/

    Telephone- 800-621-3362

    • anon

      Hey Bugg I though you hated ideas from Democrats? I thought you were a staunch Republican that does not like Government programs? Romney wants to get rid of FEMA. A great agency started by Jimmy Carter.

  • michelle

    anyone know about Aster court?

  • Michael O'Connell

    looking for any information regarding Mary Schalk from Seba Ct anyone with info please email me if possible, myndgamz67@aol.com. Good luck to everyone

  • Mary Ellen Byrnes

    The info@gerritsenbeach.net

    My family wanted you to know that the Byrnes Funeral Home has power and internet access. Anyone needing to recharge phones or access the FEMA website can stop by. Even

  • Marlene


    Channel 2 News has been down in Gerritsen Beach for most of today. FEMA and Red Cross are supposedly there helping out. Donations are being collected at Resurrection Church and St Bernadettes in Dyker Heights. My prayers are with you all, and stay safe.

  • John

    Is Gerritsen Beach in a flood zone? I.e., do the residents have flood policies and not just Home owner’s insurance policies?

  • anon

    Ban big sodas yes
    Tell people of Gerritsen Beach they should evacuate no

    Thank you Bloomberg

    • Ginnie

      That’s not as much Bloomberg as it is our State Senator. Nice how he only shows up and “cares” now that our neighborhood is destroyed.

  • Kristen oddo

    Omg my block, part of allen avenue, and my aunts block were the only blocks in the whole gerristen beach that wasnt flooded. My uncle and the guys down the block were screamin tht the water was on bijou and all of asudden it … Receided!!! I swear god and his angels were looking over us. God bless everyone tht was damaged by the hurriane!! Good luck!!

  • herb smith

    my brother and sister in law billy and annie smith live
    on frank court. if anyone contacts them please advise me
    of their status. i live in las vegas and c’ant contact
    thank your

    • melissa

      Uncle herbie it’d Melissa millies daughter nanny and pop are alright they carried grandpa to safety just intime. There house is bad the basements the 1st floor are ruine d. Them and my parents and sisters and brother evacuated to ressurrction . They had to admit pop into the hospital for chest pains and tremors on Tuesday heis fine now still In the hospital. Nanny my ssisters and brother are living at Christine’s. You can call me at 843 567 6881 till 2pm our time or at 843749 9082 after 2. I can give you Christine’s number.

  • cousin connie

    I hope y’all are able to go “HOME” soon.

  • Anonymous

    My aunt lives on plumb 2nd street anyone have any updates cant get through??

    • Tom McCormick

      I’m on Plumb 2nd. Some homes on the even side of the street got some water in their basements from Knapp St’s end of the creek, but only a few inches. We have power on Plumb 2nd St but cell service is spotty. Very little damage on Plumb 2nd.
      I’m sure all is fine we are fareing much better that everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Used to live at 55 Beacon CT 50 years ago. Any news on the Krieger’s?

  • Millie

    Is Ressurection School still being used as a shelter? My son goes tp Brooklyn Blue Feather. Same address. My heart goes out to you all.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how Ira ct is doing?

  • Joanne P

    How is the new section plumb 1st and Plumb 2nd street and ave w?

    • Tom McCormick

      Scroll up a few posts to see my earlier post on Plumb 2nd st. Ave W had some water from the Knapp st creek. Some water in some basements but most still have power, heat, and phone/internet. Plumb 1 basements got flooded a bit more as the water came up from the Knapp st creek behind us. I don’t think any water made it to first floor on Plumb 1.

  • Back weeds

    Please dont change gb to flood zone A because then we would have to have mandatory flood insurance . My buddy in staten island pays 5000 dollars a year and it doesnt cover basements . I for one cant afford it and this would make our houses worthless. does sandy ever stop sucking !

  • Dawn

    Can someone please tell me how Melba court is doing between Cyrus & madoc… my parents live there and I cannot get intouch with them. Last name is Krisko

    Please if anyone knows anything please email dlibretto@yahoo.com

  • Michelle

    I can’t believe the devastation and to think GB wasn’t a level A evacuation area…I used to own a house on Gerritsen between cyrus and seba and always wondered why it was never seen as an area that could potentially be flooded out. I remember the nor’easter of Dec. 1992, it happened the day after I closed on the house and I was so nervous. That was nothing compared to what all of you are dealing with now. God Bless you, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Anonymous

    I know a family on Florence ave near fane, Havent heard from them . How bad was florence ave?

  • Me

    I know a family on Florence ave near fane, Havent heard from them . How bad was florence ave?

  • Gene Kohl

    My best friend Richie Nelson and his Mom lived on 116 Gain court. They do not have computer experience. I know they wee evacuated. Anybody know how they are?

    • anon

      They are fine. The house got flooded, but they are OK. Jim Donovan and his family took them in during the storm. Jim lives across the street and his house is much higher then almost all the houses in the beach. Jim and his family even let Ricky and his mother stay there for a few days after the storm. The Donovan family went beyond the call of duty. They are great people. They deserve an award of some kind. They are long time residents and the kind of people that makes the beach a special place.

    • Anonymous

      They are ok. Staying with a neighbor across the street.

    • Top at

      They are ok. Staying with a neighbor across the street.

    • anon

      Gene, I wrote the item below this about Jim Donovan. He is one of the Donovan twins you would remember. I think you lived in the house right behind them.

  • Patricia Rice

    Would someone please post an “address” for those who want to mail a check to the relief fund.

  • John M

    How bad was Hazel ct ?

  • Jeanine Presa

    I heart and prayers go out to my place of birth and home for 19 years. I read there is a Relief Fund with the Fire Dept. I used to live between Lois and the point on Gerritsen. One thing I know from my relocation is there is no place like home which is Gerritsen Beach – It is a special neighborhood and I understand people are doing what they always did for eachother there – take care of eachother but sad to know people from the outside of the neighborhood may be stealing from it. Keep safe everyone and keep your faith. I know it doesn’t make things better to say ‘you will be stronger from this, you don’t deserve the setback but I am hoping good will come’. My best regards, Jeanine

  • Gene Kohl

    My thanks to Jim donavan and all who responded to plea about my best friend Richie Orlando. Any future updates would be appeciated

  • Gene Kohl

    Sorry I meant to say thank you for the update On Richie NELSON

  • Anonymous

    no one will rebuild all have no money…

  • Rita

    I know this is a ridiculous question – but has anyone gotten any power back yet?

  • Sue

    WOW John, this is Michelle’s sister. I did not know any of this. It has been 12 years since I have been up there (except for my Grandmother’s funeral a few years ago.) I do know that he was into drugs but the rest of this just comes as a complete shock, and makes me sick. I don’t want to have this conversation on here but I sure would like to know more about this, if that is ok with you. are you on facebook? If so, could you friend-request me? Sue Matus-Bossom.

  • Melissa Mackin-Bolies

    Hi Sue this is your ciusin Melissa Randy’s daughter please add me on Facebook Melissa Mackin-Bolies or email me melissamackinbolies@gmail.com