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Marty Golden Secures $43,000 Grant for Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department


From the press release below and gbfd.net . State Senator Marty Golden has secured $43,000 for the Gerritsen Beach Fire Department for the purchase of a new vehicle.

For Immediate Release

Monday, October 22, 2012

Contact: John Quaglione (718) 238-6044 or quaglion@nysenate.gov


Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) this weekend attended the 90th Anniversary Celebration of the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department where he swore in the officers and surprised the crowd with an announcement of a new emergency fire rescue vehicle to commemorate the milestone. Senator Golden announced that he has secured a grant in the amount of$43,000 to purchase a new emergency fire vehicle, sometimes referred to as an “Gator”, to assist the Department in rescue efforts.

Senator Marty Golden stated, “I am proud to have been able to secure this grant to support the operations of the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department. As we celebrate their 90 years of service, this new rescue vehicle will further their ability to keep the community and the residents safe. On behalf of a grateful neighborhood, please know that the volunteer service of the crew members is recognized and applauded today.”

John Czap, Chief of the Department of the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department stated, “This is fantastic and will really help the community. Now, we will have much better access to the parkland on the East side of Gerritsen Avenue. We will be able to get to areas where we could not have previously so to provide fire and emergency medical care.” Along with the driver and passenger, the vehicle is designed to carry one patient, one EMS attendant, plus assorted medical and rescue equipment.

34 comments to Marty Golden Secures $43,000 Grant for Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department

  • Anonymous

    But Ginnie wants him out of office. She has no clue.

  • Ronald

    if GB.net would publish news about both sides, instead of just goldens, youd know better. explain me this: golden will tell you hes a fiscal conservative one day and brag about how much money he poured into the district the next. which is it that you want? smaller government or more services. you cant have your cake and eat it too. i wont even get in to goldens blatant lies on bus service or women. hes gotta go

    • GerritsenBeach.net

      I didn’t realize there was ANOTHER SIDE for securing a grant.

      • Anonymous

        There is another side for securing a grant. The people approving the grant have a right to know what the grant will be used for. If a good argument is not made for the grant it can be denied. It’s called a grant and can be denied, ask any college. Thankfully Marty was able to secure this grant for the vollies. Now, Ronald was all over the map with his post. It’s a proven fact that smaller government results in better services. Less red tape and less taxes to pay their salaries. Also, is Ronald saying that Marty doesn’t want women driving busses?

        • Anonymous

          The people giving a grant have a right to know where it’s going??? Did you come up with that one all by yourself?

          • Anonymous

            No, the commitees that approve the grants came up with that one. If you were on the commitee, wouldn’t you like to know what the grant would be used for and where the money is going? Grants do not have to be approved for nonsense stupid!

  • anon

    Marty still crossed a picket line. What do the union members in the Beach think about this? I like how delivers this news right before election day. In an election year that people probably are giving him grief about crossing a picket line.

  • Vicky

    What a waste of the tax payers’ money. That’s all I’m going to say.

    • anon

      this money is being put into something valuable, a new rescue vehicle for the vollies, maybe there are better uses for it but this will at least give back to the taxpayers of the beach

    • Anonymous

      I would have rather seen him use the money to maybe put up some cameras along the fields, just maybe see who is damaging the fields, maybe who is dumping, even maybe see who sets fires or whatever. Another toy that maybe gets used a half dozen times a year, where as a few cameras get used 24 / 7.

      • anon

        i think there is more then 6 weed fires a yr hell last winter i saw firetrucks in weeds multiple times a day. Also with all the bikes and 4 wheelers back there the weeds are an accident waiting ti happen. some idiot goin to fast is gonna hit a rock or a fallen tree limb on a trail and go flying, or they will turn onto a smaller trail to quickly and hit someone walkin their dog, i am sure this vehicle would help. What about the snow? im sure this truck wll have easier acces in a blizzard verus a regualar ambulance i dont think cameras are a good solution, there up all over the city and does crime still happen yes. people will always be idiots and i can guarantee you put em up in a week the punks in gb will have broken them all, in my opinion this is a very well spent $43000

      • Anonymous

        The problem with cameras is that the criminals know exactly where they are and avoid them. Or destroy them.

  • Anonymous

    ha ‘hes a firehe shaking hands with a guy with a lighter in his hand

  • Andrew Gounardes has the endorsements of most of the unions. Marty has a A rating from the NRA. Shameful for an ex cop. He tells people whatever they want to hear in the city, and then votes in Albany for his big donors. Do you think the timing of this grant is a coincidence? Don’t drink the kool aid – vote Andrew Gounardes! Unless of course, you need lessons in ‘How to Walk Like a Model’ to help you get a job.

    • Anonymous

      I like Marty & I think he has served our community well. I just wish he would respond to the charges that he crossed a valid picket line during a strike. Pretending that this was a non event will cost Marty many votes. Addressing the situation might help him.

  • Golden voted against the Fair Pay Act for women, saying that it would be too expensive for businesses to pay women the same as men who do the same job. Wow. If you are a woman or if you have daughters or if you are a member of a union and you vote for Golden, you are voting against your own future and interests. Golden is also in favor of fracking, which while it will create some jobs is an environmental nightmare. He is no “man of the people”, though he tries to portray himself as one. He may have been but now he is just another run of the mill politician. Maybe in a few years Gounardes will be the same, it seems to be the way all politicians wind up, but at least he will work hard for us now.

    • The Beacher

      Golden is out for Golden He is a pulicity hound and anti Union and Women,s rights. This guy is a Carpet Bagger.

  • anon

    The republicans are out to destroy the middle class in this country. They will do this by union busting, cutting funds for education, health, housing and medicare. The one percent will get their tax cut and we will pay for it.
    They got us into this mess and I doubt they will get us out of it.
    Did you see Trump on television this morning telling us how Romney is going to sort out China. So Trump is pushing his shirts and ties at Macy’s and guess where they are manufactured…you got it China.

    • Anonymous

      Trump is a ass clown

      • bagels

        Agreed. He’s a petty man. He made a real ass out of himself by baiting Obama to release his college transcripts for 5 million dollars. Why doesn’t he goad Romney into releasing his complete tax returns that go back more than 2 years? What’s Romney hiding?

  • Anon

    Very happy for the Vollies. A great organization in Gerritsen

  • Anonymous

    They should probably wait till after the hurricane to buy it.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to post something about the hurricane as to why we haven’t seen a blog about evactuation if needed. This is probably the perfect time to buy it, it could help save many lives if needed.

  • Steven

    I’d rather we get Golden out of office. He only comes around here when it’s time for re-election.

    • Anonymous

      Marty also comes around when middle class workers are on strike & then crosses the picket line. It is a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    Why do I get the feeling that there are one or two people on here using different names to say the same thing over and over against Golden?

    • Anonymous

      Marty you are being paranoid, but you should not have crossed that picket line. People live & die union in Gerritsen Beach.

  • Ginnie

    Marty lost my old granny vote (as my granddaughter calls it) years ago and is now just making matters worse. I went to his town hall a week ago with my daughter in Bay Ridge and he pulled the usual here’s some money now vote for me shenanigans that he usually does but now we’re onto him. This money has been around for a while and he was just holding onto it to make us vote for him. He is a two-timer and doesn’t deserve us as his constituents. Do not vote for this man. He lies and is bad for us.

  • Anonymous

    Well he’s not helping after sandy he’s not going around shaking hands and waving no one should vote for him ppl lost there houses and every thing and the volleys aren’t helping pump out houses my moms friend is 70 or something like that and they can’t help all I know is I’m not donating money and they want u to pay200 dollars to get pumped out

  • Anonymous

    Justin Brannan must be using tax-payer funded computers from his cushy city council district office job to post the same comments over and over.

    He’s been paranoid for years about people exposing him, especially when he’s posted a picture not long ago of the Virgin Mary strapped to a bomb, posing with anti-semite Chuck D who’s rap group supports Israel being wiped off the map,making comments against organized religion which most of us here belong too, and aligning himself with a figure who once called for our community to be blown up, and called all of us GB residents white trash.

    Really a shame this hack would use this tragedy in our community to try and advance his scary agenda, and even more of a shame Mr. Gounardes hasn’t denounced him and the comments made on this and other blogs against our community.

  • Herb Weyers

    It’s my understanding that the Bethel Park Vol. Fire Co of PA donated a firetruck to Gerritsen Beach. Is this true? If so, what a wonderful gesture!