Wyld Chyld Tattoo Closed


Wyld Chyld Tattoo (2606 Gerritsen Avenue) has closed after two years of operation.

During the time in business they did expand next door, expanding their operations.

The tattoo shop is located at what used to be the short lived M & M Isurance, and if we go way back the former Brooklyn Public Library

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  • Anonymous

    It is a shame how many stores are
    now empty on the avenue.

    • The Beacher

      I think if a Business would open that appeals to everyone it would last. The only problem is that if a Beverage distributor opened(example) people would still shop for better prices at other stores. At one time we had nice Deli’s,hardware stores,a etc. The Home Depots larger Super Markets made them history. Before the Avenue could grow,we need to support local merchants. Somehow I do not see that happening. This is called progress I don’t know about the rest of you I for one don’t buy it at all.We all laughed when years ago our elders talked about the goood old days,now I know what they were talking about.

      • Anonymous

        Beacher, maybe one day there will be a thing called reverse progress, just like reverse discrimination and we will go back to the good old days. As an example, a hardware store. Most times we just need the basics, light bulbs, tape, a shovel. I don’t need to go to Home Depot for those things. Why should I pay $22.50 for a shovel at Home Depot just because they have a $50,000.00a month lease when I can buy the same shovel for $12.50 at a local hardware store.

    • Anonymous

      The problem with those closed storefronts is that it’s an eyesore and thus brings down home property values. However, the fact is we just don’t need that many store fronts for this area any more. We already have mom and pop stores – but since we already have a pizza shop, a deli, a bar, a pet shop, a pharmacy, a barber shop, it’s going to be tough to open up something novel but interesting enough to have local folk patronize. Maybe a few more stores (e.g warehouses) that can stay in business without much foot traffic will survive here. I can’t think of anything that essential that we’re missing that I’d be willing to just walk down the block for. Converted those empty storefronts to homes already and clean up the look of the place on the avenue is my opinion.

  • anonymous

    It is a shame that small local merchants cannot compete with larger business’s models.But as the old saying goes “build a better mouse trap”. Super Markets evolved with frozen foods,and the iceman disappeared.Cars made it easy for people to travel to other stores.Home Depot put everything for repair in one place.And were nice to you, even if you were not in the trade.Things are different in GB.As an example it is a mixed culture area with no specialty stores.Italian,Russian,Jewish,Polish etc have no problem selling to there own.And thrive in those communities.Also you mention the old days.When all of those GB stores were up and running there were 2500 more family’s living in the Project across Gerritsen Ave. Think about it 4000 more customers than today. Maybe the least we could have gotten nice tats and support Whld Child.

  • anonymous

    I am waiting for New York to legalize Medical Marijuana like California did.Great place to open a shop on the Ave..

  • allan feinblum

    I am running as a write in candidate for New york assemblyman 45th AD Brooklyn. I am 73 years old , a combat engineer 1962-68 , founder of builders Baseball Club Inc 1990 a non profit for youth baseball. I umpired All Star games in Gerritsen Beach and find the other candidates do not represent my progressive views. Whether you are a Democrat . Republican you as a voter should vote for someone who will represent you. I give you that choice. Write my name on ballot on November 6th and if elected I will vote for human rights and my conscience and not along party lines. America is in trouble and I want to step forward and try to do my small part for our great country. Allan Feinblum allanfeinblum@aol.com i would like to hear from you.

    • If you are running for office get a real e-mail address URL. Any person with an AOL address can not be taken seriously.

      • Arthur Borko

        I agree. If you have supporters find one who’ll be willing to design a website for you. At the very least you should set up a tumblr blog and gmail email address. You can’t expect a voter to take you seriously if you’re still in 1995.

        I don’t intend to sound harsh, but it’s a reality that you need to accept if you’re going to be a politician or if you’re going to represent anyone.

  • Beach resident

    Years ago the Brooklyn Public Library was located in what is now the bagel shop on Everett & Gerritsen. Dr. Baronberg’s office was upstairs.

  • J Because

    In addition to the older stores mentioned, There was a movie theater(Graham) and a restaurant/club(Chimes)by Whitney Avenue. Also Danza’s at the end of Everett Avenue. Yes, there also was a supermarket where the Library is now. Long ago, there were folks living on the field opposite or near Florence Avenue too. Some residents can probably remember more.
    Would it be feasable today to open a new restaurant, supermarket or other entertainment venue?
    What about building more homes?
    Discussion for you.

  • Anonymous

    They are nice guys, but I didn’t think they would last too long. I just thought a tatoo parlor did not fit the neighborhood. All the talk about Home Depot, malls and Supermarkets is true. They took away the small business starting in the 50′s. Mom and Pop stores are still needed and are still the backbone of our economy and we need to support them. Can I buy a steak at Keyfood and save some money? Debatable! I’d rather buy a steak at Bremmans for 1 or 2 dollars more and get a real steak.

    • anonymous

      True enough,Brenmans is a specialty store fresh not frozen meat.It is hard to think of any others that would improve customer satisfaction.And provide something you can;t find at a super store.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Who can beat Bremmens butter steaks and ribs with red sauce.

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous, you call Bremmans a specialty store, probably true today. I remember when the butcher was your local store. I also remember when my parents would send me to 63rd street for a fresh chicken. I would pick out the chicken and they would kill it right there in front of you, hang it up and ten minutes later you took it home.

        • anonymous

          Guess you must have scared the shit out of a lot of chickens. When they saw you walking thru the door.It sounds like to much of a speciality store to me, and don’t think it would work on Gerritsen Ave.

  • Homeowner

    I thought a tattoo parlor could not be opened within so many feet of a school, no less across the street from one. We sure could use another deli, we only have 1 for the whole GB. A good 99 cent store would be great too! We used to have a shoe store (cardboard Joe’s) a jewelry store, hardware and a beauty parlor! Oh for the good old days….

    • paul

      dollar store is coming on the ave, gerritsen and whitney

      • The Beacher

        A Dollar Store is far better for the neighborhood than a tattoo parlor or whatever that place was ?

        • Anonymous

          At least the tattoo shop tried to make itself a part of the community. Granted they arent much in demand here and the artists werent exactly the most talented ive seen. They still tried. Do you think theres even a chance of this place hiring anyone from the beach? Give it a few more years for our avenue to look like those dirty Brighton streets.

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of the problem with opening a small business on the avenue is there is not a lot of pedestrian traffic. Every one drives.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just the lack of pedestrian traffic. Gerritsen avenue for the most part is residential. Only about 20-25% of the avenue has stores. They would only get business from the locals. It’s not a major shopping hub like avenue U or 86 street. You’ll hear people here say i’m going to avenue U, 86 street or 5th avenue to do some shopping. You would never hear people from those area’s say i’m going to Gerritsen avenue to shop. 95% of the avenues business comes from us, and we don’t support them enough. That’s why they don’t last. Perhaps if we had a shoe store, a clothing store, bakery and a deli (and I mean a real deli) i’d rather shop here than travel to other area’s.

  • Elizabeth

    I think we could use a card store or a bakery.

  • Ginnie

    Marty Golden’s got to go!

    • Anonymous

      Ginnie, what does Marty Golden have to do with a business closing on the avenue? 90% of businesses close due to mismanagement and poor location. Supply and demand is still the key to success. If you can’t supply the demand, you fold.

  • bagels

    It’s tough for businesses to thrive on the avenue because people have a hundred other options for shopping and any businesses that do open their doors can’t expect to enjoy success based solely on the patronage of GB residents. Gerritsen Avenue is isolated. There is no drive through traffic so unless a business heavily advertises it’s difficult to find new customers and the revenue necessary to simply pay the rent. Medical/dental offices seem to be a more viable way to fill the vacancies.

  • Anonymous

    We only need a handle of stores. It is 2012, we have a bunch of other options for shopping, we don’t need all these store fronts anymore. Close most of them up and put up new homes. The eyesore lowers our property values.

  • Anonymous

    we need a real hard core gym like Bath Beach Bodybuilding..

  • annoymus

    bring back mikes vaughans deli best ever clea nice and fun

  • Anonymous

    we need a small dinner or a bakery…….actually bring back I scream U scream!

  • Anonymous

    I got a tattoo there…not great, but that’s my opinion.

    I think they expanded way too fast and the business they had could not support the larger store. They probably would have done fine if they stayed small.

  • The Beacher

    Now lets get to the real problem at hand. Time to hunker down for this Massive storm.

  • Steven

    I’m actually really sad to see this place go; they had some really talented artists in there. I’ve gotten one tattoo there and 2 piercings, and I love them, but now this place is just a memory. I know some people think places like this are trashy, but to some people it’s a way of life. Some people just don’t understand, and I do feel this was a place for the younger crowd of Gerritsen Beach, because it’s what a lot of young adults are into, but now again, there is nothing left.. It was a very diverse place for Gerritsen, and it was very clean.

    • Anonymous

      I like the effort they made, especially their intro to the property owners. Tattoos these days are art more than rebellion or drastic choice of lifestyle. Would it be socially more acceptable for us to go to bars? Get wasted at each others houses? What about the grown men who still beat each other with light tubes in the back weeds? Yet it was so frightening to some people that a tattoo parlor could be an alternative to us younger adults who would rather have a place to safely hang out and discuss art rather than drinking our causing havoc in the streets. And let’s not pretend that doesn’t happen in our community.

  • Anonymous

    Why did’nt Bob Turner do something about this devastating loss ?

  • Lol, Bob who??? We haven’t seen or heard from him since he was elected. Although I’m sure he is laying the pork all over Rockaway, while touting cutbacks to city workers, pensions and advocating for Shell oil to destroy our national parks and preserves. They all suck, but Republicans suck more.

  • Wyld Chyld Tattoo and Bill DeLuso would like to thank Gerretsen Beach for their support and patronage during our 2years in the neighborhood. Just to inform our customers and friends in the beach Wyld Chyld Tattoo sold its Gerritsen Beach location on July 1 2012 and was promised in good faith by the buyer to change the sign to his new store name.The new owner due to circumstances beyond the control of Wyld Chyld defaulted on rent and received an eviction in October 2012 .We Would like to apologize for the empty storefront .Please don’t lose faith in the amount of business that is available on the avenue Wyld Chyld prospered in that location until the day we sold and loved being part of your town.As soon as information is available on the new location of our artists we will post contact info on this thread or you can find us on Facebook or at Wyldchyldtattoo.com
    Again Thank you
    Bill DeLuso Wyld Chyld Tattoo

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