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Lost Cat Found

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Simba, the lost cat, has been found in a nearby garage! This continues our 100% return record of the website.

15 comments to Lost Cat Found

  • anonymous

    Great. I am so glad Simba wss found

  • PB

    SO glad he’s home safe and sound!!

  • Morrowynd

    They never go very far. You can usually spot them within a week. The rules for looking for a list cat are, inside look up-outside look down and behind

  • Irish Kevin

    Glad to hear this.

  • beach bum

    so happy your friend (cat)is home

  • Teresa

    I am so happy! I was starting to think I was never going to find him. Never give up!! Thank you everyone and Thank you to Gerritsebeach.net

  • Anonymous

    I can eat Chinese food again.

  • ML

    So happy for you and yor family. :)

  • Bill

    Teresa, I have been following this story everyday and have been looking for Simba. I’m so happy you have your friend back home and safe.

  • The NFH

    Ways to find a cat…..
    Look up
    Look down
    Look out!
    Welcome home Simba!!

  • Teresa

    Thanks Bill… Thanks everyone.

  • hey Hey

    I am so relieved and happy that your baby is home… I have been following the story and everytime I walked my dog I would spot every cat and see if i could find him… Good for you xoox

  • Nonny mouse

    What great news!


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  • Beach resident

    While I am happy you found your cats I am wondering why we have so many feral cats in the neighborhood. For all the people who are feeding them don’t you ever think of your neighbors. You know cats don’t shit where they eat so they wind up in my flowers. Right now I have 2 sick cats in a neighbors yard and 2 little girls from another block coming over and leaving paper plates and cans of cat food all over. Moms dads your daughters are playing with Sick cats. Once again parents don’t know what their children are doing. Feral cats are not pets