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6 Years of Blogging

Birthday Candles

This month, our blog turned six years old. Longtime readers may remember it all started out back in 2006 when neighborhood blogging was just starting to catch on. To celebrate the 6-year milestone, I searched through the archives for a few noteworthy posts. Here’s what I came up with.

September, 2006: Disgrace
May, 2007: Lowes Coming to Avenue U by Kings Plaza Area
April 2008: Bomb Threat at Sheepshead Bay High School
April, 2009: How Many Wood Chips Would a Contractor Dump if the Contractor was Dumping Wood Chips?
November, 2009: Dunkin Donuts Changes to Timmy’s Donuts
January, 2010:  I Blog New York: Your Guide to Gotham’s Best
November, 2010: No Police Response Despite Massive Damage by Local Teens
December, 2010: Five Days Later: This Guy
November, 2011: Breaking: Body Found at Point
April, 2012: Please Stop Tearing up The Fields

Thank You!

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for contributing. Lots and lots of people have contributed in one way or another, and you are ALL fantastic!

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