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Embarrassed Parks Department – Temporarily Shut Down Dr. Johns Playground PS 277 Park for Cleaning


The embarrassed parks department learned the definition: “It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.” We were squeaky wheel and we got the parks department to clean up our park. They didn’t do anything about the sprinklers yet. That might be a more involved project.

The Parks Department did release a statement to news 12 that park plumbers investigated and cleared a blockage in the drainage system last month. Officials say they will follow up immediately to investigate and attempt to clear the drainage line again.

I have more parks related stories coming.
Video below:

Turns out Parks lied to WPIX saying the sprinklers were ONLY left on overnight during the holiday weekend. I wish I had taken pictures during the many nights it was left on during the summer.

News 12 Coverage

8 comments to Embarrassed Parks Department – Temporarily Shut Down Dr. Johns Playground PS 277 Park for Cleaning

  • Anonymous

    They should be embarrassed. It’s just a shame they will only do their job after it’s aired on the news. Their salaries come from our tax dollars, so they should listen to complaints from parents and correct the problem. Just looking at the video, even small kids know not to walk in green stagnant water. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a news broadcast is worth a million.

  • Pete

    The snake park on ave u and 38 street has the same issue
    The sprinklers were left on for the entire months of July
    and August. In addion to hurting the park they are also
    wasting lots of water.

    • Anonymous

      Pete, I can only think of two solutions. Either install water meters on the system and let them see what the bill looks like or even simpler, install a timer system to turn the sprinklers on and off at specified hours. BTW I knew a Pete in your area years ago, whats your last name?

  • Anonymous

    What the worker or spokesman told channel 11 doesn’t necessarily mean that he lied. Maybe he told them what he thought was the truth which isn’t lying, just wrong.

  • JT

    Many nights? Out of the 62 nights in July and August, those sprinklers were on at least 55 of them.

  • Anonymous

    Of course what’s going to happen is that they won’t be on at all. That’s their easiest fix and that’s what they usually go with.

  • anonymous

    We need a new park, to many kids have been hurt there it is disgusting and never maintained. My daughter was hurt really bad, there the protective mats have shrunk to 2 inches or more and are raised causing hazards to the children. Not to mention the water backup which creates mold and mildew.