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PS 277 Park Destroyed by the Parks Department


The Parks Department appears to be Back-Clogged

Gerritsen Beach, PS 277 Park aka Dr. Johns Playground, has been destroyed by pure negligence of the Parks Department, they NEVER turned off the sprinklers at the park.


Soggy park leaves residents all wet

Since the onset of the summer when the Sprinklers were first turned on, they were rarely turned off for the overnight hours, leaving the water to just sit there with no drainage. Two years ago we first reported on a similar drainage issue at the park. This summer started the same way with the same leaks. However, whatever little drainage there was clogged up and left to pool in the park.

Since the water has no where to go but underneath the rubber mats, the damage, is staggering. Almost every mat is floating and/or broken as children have started to play with them.

We know that PS 277 is the school of marine biology but installing a pond is taking it to a whole new level!


What it USED to look like in June 2010


What it USED to look like in June 2010

14 comments to PS 277 Park Destroyed by the Parks Department

  • bagels

    I used to bring my kids there all the time. now it just looks old, worn out and disgusting…

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree bagels. And I can’t for the life of me figure why anyone would give you a dislike on your comment. Now, before anyone hits the dislike on me, I will tell you right off i’m not an egineer and my kids are grown and out of the house so I have not been up there in years. After looking at the pictures it looks like the sprinkler area is either level with the rest of the park or slightly curved above it and the water just runs off into the park area causing damage. There is a drain in the middle, but what good is it if the water drains away from it? Looks like a very poor design to me. It should be concave so the water drains into the middle and go down the drain.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the guys who did the “beautiful” rock project in front of 277 can do another in the park for the water to run off and not stay in one place

  • Really, did anyone expect anything less from these Bozo/s
    everything the parks dept has anything to do with is a nightmare, Now the morons have destroyed the park, they will probably get a raise from mayor “bighead”

  • anon

    Looks like a breeding ground for mosquitos. Can you say West Nile Virus?

  • The Other Guy at the Bar

    Ay, it’s that pedophile blogger again, this time going into playgrounds unaccompanied by an child! ;)

    Good report.

  • Gina Wasson

    That is a disgrace that our park looks like this… I had my kids up there about a month ago and my daughter woke up the next morning with a rash all over her body and in her mouth… The Parks Department should be ashamed of themselfs… My Husband called 311 a million times and the Parks Department still did nothing about it… Wonder if 311 is reporting the situtation from what I know alot of people have been calling about this problem…

  • Pat

    Isn’t that the spot where the old kiddie pool used to be? I haven’t been to the park in many years but I think I still miss the old pool! Maybe that’s why they have drainage issues. If the pipes are the same old pipes from the old pool then the water isn’t draining properly due to the new design.

  • Blah

    I miss the blocks and tire swings. and that sweet jungle gym in the back :)

  • Anonymous

    If it looks like this during the summer, because of poor drainage I’d hate to see what it looks like next spring after all snow and ice melts.

  • Lee

    A few weeks ago, I spoke with the supervisor of the Parks Dept who is in charge of the sprinklers about this situation. No matter what I said to him, he had another ridiculous excuse. I told him how the sprinklers were on at midnight and he actually blamed the residents, whom he said complain when they turn the sprinklers off at 6. I did not believe that at all since the park is usually empty at 6. I mentioned how the sprinklers were on late at night and not in the morning when children are actually in the park. He even had a stupid excuse as to why the sprinklers remained on in the rain causing much flooding. He said they tried so many things to fix the problem with so called experts but they cannot find the solution to proper drainage. They are all fools!

    • Ryland Homes

      Ever hear the saying you can’t fight city hall ?

    • Anonymous

      If I remember correctly, didn’t Donald Trump take over and successfully restore Wollman Rink in the 80’s after the parks dept. and their engineers couldn’t fix it? Maybe it’s time to call in the Don!