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Caucasus Garden – Dumps Flyers Everywhere in GB


If you woke up over the weekend to find an annoying foreign language flyer under your windshield your not alone. Caucasus Garden (2715 Avenue U, NY 11229) thought it would be a good idea to hit ALL Gerritsen Beach residents cars over the weekend.

Placing any advertising on a vehicle is not new the law has been on the books since 2003, and says the placement of handbills and other advertisements on the windshield, under windshield wipers, on rear windows, side mirrors, antennas, door handles and other parts of the vehicle body are prohibited.

Fines start at $75 for each handbill, poster, sticker, or other form of advertisement. Therefore, when ten flyers are found on vehicles in a one-block stretch, the distributor can be fined $750. Repeat offenders may subsequently be fined up to $150 for each flyer. Any person or group whose name, telephone numbers, or other identifying information appearing on the handbill will be responsible for the violation and fine. The Environmental Control Board issues all summonses issued in New York City.

When asked, the store said they were allowed to distribute their flyers that way, they really had no idea what was going on. Ignorance of a law or a mistake of law is not a valid defense or excuse.

Call 311 to report it.

Update: because people asked for it. I didn’t have to look very far.



15 comments to Caucasus Garden – Dumps Flyers Everywhere in GB

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh! Big crime! A restaurant put flyers on cars. So you would have them fined and hurt their buisness for advertising? I wonder how many places you ordered from when you found a flyer in your mail box. Remember, the only person who can put anything in your mail box is a postal worker, a certified employee of the federal government. Anyone else doing so is comitting a federal crime. So what’s next? If I am asked how I found out about this establishment, and I say from a flyer left on my car or in my mail box, will I be fined too?

      • Anonymous

        The city also has a law against littering, but everywhere you go you see disgarded newspapers, broken bottles, even old furniture. Those items were left in the street on purpose because people are too lazy to use a trash can or dispose of garbage and furniture correctly. I’m sure it’s not the intent of the restaurant to create litter by leaving flyers on a car. It would only take 10 seconds to remove it and put it in your trash can. So what do we do? we create a law to fine the business because we can’t fine the people who actually toss the flyers in the street and cause the litter. I call it reverse law!

      • Anonymous

        So how many places have you ordered from after finding a menu in your mail box? Be honest! Lucky Star?

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile the site has a link for free flyer templates…LOL

  • Anonymous

    Caucasus Garden – Dumps Flyers Everywhere in GB. Dumps? or placed them on cars? which is it? Dumps implies that they just threw them all over the sidewalks and streets.

  • Anonymous

    and whats makes it worse is thier food is horrible

    • Anonymous

      Their spelling and grammar sucks too.

    • Anonymous

      The food in most of these places is horrible today. I stopped ordering take out and going to ethnic restaurants years ago. I only have one or two American restaurants I would eat at these days, and they have to have a current A rating. A restaurant with great food will speak for itself and their best advertisment is word of mouth. But usually I buy fresh and cook my oen food.

      • Anonymous

        LOL…a dislike already! If you have seen the state of most of these kitchens and the conditions in the basements like I have you would never eat out again. I did some filming a few years back with the consent of the owners. In the wee hours of the night when we’re all sleeping, vermin are crawling all over the plates, glassware and counters that your food is prepared on in these places. Food for thought?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t get one on my car. I feel left out.

  • nannymcphee

    the comments on this story are hilarious!!! good work to you all !! : )

  • Anonymous

    they ripped my windshield wiper off doing that crap,, no way in hell will I ever buy anything from them