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Breaking: Swimmer Struck By Jet Ski

A woman, was struck by a jet ski at the point Sunday around 5:30 pm leaving a gash on her back. The Jet ski fled the scene.

Jet Skis In Gerritsen Beach from Gerritsen Beach on Vimeo.

UPDATE: No new news on the injury or the jet ski. but EVERYONE at the point is from out of the area and do not respect the waterway.

19 comments to Breaking: Swimmer Struck By Jet Ski

  • NSReilly-Minze

    Where did this happen?

    • Anonymous

      On Channel and Celeste.

      • Anonymous

        That’s where I live. I thought I heard a jet ski today

      • Anonymous

        How the hell could this happen on Channel and Celest, is there new water way there. It happened down the end of Gerritsen, FDNY EMS and PD were down there. The woman wasn’t hurt seriously she walked to EMS. On an added note NYPD Harbor was ALL over the point this afternoon, not any jet skies in the water but a few on land, lol

  • jedi freak

    i guess you live everywhere and know everything about what is happening in the beach. get a life Anonymous aka Anonypus.



  • reallyscared

    jedi freak apologizes. He didn’t know about this. He was sort of busy spray painting peoples property with hate slogans. No worries though, he’ll be back in time for Halloween.

  • Anonymous

    So, I guess what really matters to you people is to dis each other on here! No compassion for the person hit by the jet ski? Whoever was riding it should have stopped and helped the swimmer, now it’s a hit and run just like if someone was hit by a car.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think people are more concerned with name calling , I think they are fed up with the the lack of respect most riding jet skis have for the law and others around them. For some reason many, not all, but more than most that ride jet skis seem to have no clue how to properly operate a vessel, the rules of the road, and the common courtesy that most that have grown up around boats take for granted.

  • Anonymous

    If they are illegal to operate in the creek and canal, why are businesses allowed to operate here that dock them and and rent them for the day? Doesn’t that just seem illogical to anyone?

  • anonymous

    New laws are coming from N.Y.S. They have always wanted to have Boat Operators licensing.Not so much to protect the citizens,but as a cash cow of untapped revenue..If jet skis are included, you should see the rental business crash.Just one point according to Coast Guard Rules you are bound to assist anyone in trouble on the water..This driver is an idiot who should not operate any kind of water transport vehicle…

    • Sean C

      That would be a good law!. Years ago when my family purchased our first boat, my father made me attend a class at floyd bennett field to get a “Boating Licence” before he ever let me take it out by myself. Given I was about 13 at the time, I still to this day do not know if that class and licence are actually required to drive a boat(think you just need a NYS drivers licence?). I remember the class having about a 2h section strictly about jet skis also. This is the first ive heard about an accident on this website, but it dose happen all the time, especially around mow mow. My friend got hit by a jet ski 2 summers ago. People should HAVE to at least attend a class before going out on the water, its not a street, there no lines guiding you. It can’t hurt to at lease learn the rules of the water :)

  • former resident

    My vote is to ban those things. They’re a freakin’ nuisance and the idiots that pilot them have no regard for the rules of the road, so to speak.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all the same inconsiderate oafs who ride the dirtbikes and quads the other 3 seasons. NYPD and Park police need to ticket them, confiscate vehicles and put an end to this crap once and for all.

  • Irish Kevin

    The Guido’s from Venice Marina have been acting like Idiots on their little toys for years.Some things never change.

  • Sick and TIRED

    Riding jet ski’s has been banned in the creek since 2001!
    But the law is not enforced since some palms are being greased. NO WAKE signs need to be posted at the point as they once were ASAP but will it happen? NO The parks department would rather give tickets to people just sitting on the beach. FISHERMEN BEWARE they are going to start checking for fishing licenses.

    Have a great fall all.