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Gerritsen Beach and the House of Representatives NY9

In short, Anthony Weiner held NY9, until Bob Turner was elected in September 2011 to complete the term of Democrat Anthony Weiner, who had resigned. Then NY was completely redrawn, eliminating Bob Turner.

Come November 6th we are going to have two choices for our Representative to the house.

Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY)

(Democrat) Yvette Clarke
(Brownsville, Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush, Kensington, Midwood, Prospect Heights, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and Park Slope. )

Yvette Diane Clarke (born November 21, 1964) is the U.S. Representative for New York’s 11th congressional district, serving since 2007, and the former chair of the United States House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, Science and Technology. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

(Republican)(Conservative) Daniel Cavanagh

Via SheepsheadBites
Cavanagh is running in the 2012 election for the U.S. House, representing New York’s 9th District. He sought the nomination on the Republican and Conservative Party tickets. He was unopposed in the primary. Served as a special assistant to New York State Senator Marty Golden since 2002. He has been involved in the local community from the age of 13, with the Gerritsen Beach Teen Organization. Cavanagh is the father of GerritsenBeach.net blogger Daniel Cavanagh, III.


18 comments to Gerritsen Beach and the House of Representatives NY9

  • anon

    The district map has changed. It now runs through areas with large Black populations. GB will have a Black Rep. in Congress. Better then a Republican.

    Is Dan going to walk through a picket line like his boss Marty? This is a fact. Check the CWA 1101 Website.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he didn’t agree with what they were picketing for and isn’t just a puppet to union strong-arm tactics. Do you really think that your mudslinging of any candidate on this website is really going to change anybody’s mind on who they will vote for? Get real.

      • anon

        Of course it will change some people’s minds. GB is full of union workers. Marty Golden crossed a CWA Verizon picket line when they were on strike in August 2011. He was also asked not to cross it and he did anyway.

        Verizon has become one of the most anti-union companies in the world. They will not bargain in good faith. They want large give backs while making record profits. They also have shipped thousands of jobs overseas and laid off thousands of workers in the US. Marty sided with a large ruthless corporation and not the working man when he crossed that picket line.

        If Marty has a police pension he has a union to thank for that. Read the history of NYC jobs before unions arrived. Teachers even had horrible job security, pay, and other benefits. Marty should be ashamed of himself. Marty showed when he walked through that line that he did not care how those men and women on the picket line would feed their families, or how they would pay their mortgages. He cared more about a large ruthless corporations profits and the Republican anti-union agenda.

  • anon

    CWA Delegates at this weeks New York State AFL-CIO convention in Manhattan have managed to deny the labor groups endorsement to Senator Marty Golden, a long time Senator who crossed a Local 1109 picket line during the Verizon strike last year.

  • anonymous

    The incumbent congressman running to represent District 9 is Yvette Clarke, a Democrat, who has represented the former District 11 since 2006. According to her campaign website, Clarke is the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, and was born and raised in Brooklyn. Before becoming a Congresswoman, Clarke represented the 40th District of Brooklyn on the New York City Council. While on the council, Clarke was known for her advocacy for the rights of women and minorities. As co-chair of the New York Council’s Women’s Caucus, Clarke obtained $9.5 million to fund organizations which promoted domestic violence prevention, breast cancer awareness, and helped provide housing and AIDS counseling for women.

    Since her election, Clarke has been recognized as a sponsor of laws pertaining to affordable housing, reducing the cost of college, immigration reform, increasing the opportunities for small businesses, and strengthening the American workforce. Clarke is part of the Education and Labor, Small Business, and Homeland Security committees.

    According to the Village Voice, Clarke still has not paid off her student loans, despite the fact that she was making $90,000 a year while on the council. What a surprise !!!

    • Anonymous

      Having not paid it off could mean she only has $500 or whatever left her scheduled payments. Do you really think that your mudslinging of any candidate on this website is really going to change anybody’s mind on who they will vote for? Get real.

      • anonymous

        Having not paid it off, could mean exactly that..She has not paid it off..It is not mudslinging, the information is from the Village Voice printed on Sheepshead Bites.It is part of her biography not a story. I don’t care who anyone votes for.But you should at least know your candidates background and history.So you can make the best decision.

  • anon

    90 grand is not much anymore

  • anon

    I’ll vote for whoever can get the Health Department down here to spray for mosquitos. This has been the worst summer ever – can’t even go out in the evening and enjoy my deck and pool without being attacked! Other parts of 11229 were sprayed – why not us? 311 doesn’t take those requests.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe 311 thought you said you wanted to get spayed.

    • Anonymous

      Anon, I agree! This is the worst year for mosquitos. I may have been bitten 3 or 4 times in the last 30 years, they never bothered with me. For some reason, this year I get 2 or 4 bites everytime I go in my yard or use the pool.

  • Irish Kevin

    Checking out the Food tonight at thr Gather Inn.In for the weekend. Hello Anon & Corner Dweller maybe I will run in to you in the Gather.

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  • East Flatbush

    I never made her salary ever, i have been below the poverty line my whole life had my student grant taken away yet paid my tuition in full, she has to pay her loans there’s no excuse for such delinquency…it’s liberals like these that want political office, she wants to hold the seat longer than Major Owens…far as her Jamaican background she supports the socialist prime minister portia simpson, an apprentice of michael manley a castro supporter who opposed reagan…thus she was part of a mindset that brought cuban soldiers to occupy parts of kingston…people were killed and lost houses and businesses because of such political violence and Clarke’s current record doesn’t show she has evolved from such leftism thus she must be challenged for her seat and if she won’t abandon her do nothing leftism she must embrace the practical principles of the right-wing such as Reagan and abandon the Manley Patterson Bishop Castro Chavez Marxism she veils as American democracy. I vote against her by supporting the gentleman from gerritsen and hopefully she won’t continue to win by 70%…hopefully Caribbean blacks migrate from labor union politics and understand the empowerment they themselves should flourish from as a result of the entrepreneurial free enterprise asserted by the right-wing and accept private over public government solutions