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Gather Inn Again Opens Kitchen


The gather inn again has opened their kitchen to great reviews. We have yet to try it. Has anyone tried it?




21 comments to Gather Inn Again Opens Kitchen

  • Anonymous

    Love it…service is a little slow…but the food is good

    • anonymous

      if you have not noticed they have a Grade Pending hiding in the mess in the Right window, the old Bantry A rating(mind boggling) was prominently displayed in the left window. Why hide it? They received 2 health inspection within 2 weeks with 17 and 28 “critical” violations for both, This is public knowledge on nyc restaurant inspections 11229 last page.

  • anonymous

    The food Looks good going to have to give it a try. Hopefully we will have a nice place to have something to eat rather than having to go out of the neighborhood.

    BTW just a note ..does anyone remember the chanting in the back weeds a few years back. I heard it again this morning around 6:15 AM guess aound sunrise.. sounds like it is coming either the back weeds or the point.. sounds weird at that time of the morning.

  • Back weeds

    Chanting ?

  • Anonymous

    Muslim chanting his morning prayers

  • Anonymous

    scary I tell you. Its all changing

  • Anonymous

    Irish Nachos? Is that even legal?

  • Stayd

    If you like the food, try the brunch on Sundays. 11-3, kitchen is still new and will be making improvements with the service so the food is quicker coming out so please bare with them. It’s still a work in progress.

  • Beachwalker

    What’s the rush anyway? Have a beer or cocktail and relax. The place looks great, the bartenders are all nice and pro and it’s comfortable again. I wish them nothing but success!

  • Anonymous

    it is nice to have family members working for you but they should be trained on how to be a bartender and how to serve people food a place mat knife and folk and napkin and a smile and do not talk to their frends while you wait for a drink and have to call him to fill your drink back up remember the old saying i do not make money on empty glases the food is good but the service could be beter good luck

    • anonymous

      lipstick and rougue are not the only things needed, although some of the vermin have left CERTAIN BARTENDERS still attrack the drug dealers and they (the bartender)thenselve make frequent trips to cars for pickups from main dealers in the community in plain site of the patrons and the owners, whom apparrently turn a blind eye. There are still numerous fights and regularly and there are still car spinnouts and wheel. Little has changed but not enough to Glorify the new Owner by far.

  • Anonymous

    He is in training and learning he is young and will get better everything is still a work in process, all comments and issues are taken into consideration

  • April O

    The food is great and the crowd is great too.. Can hang out at the bar and leave your bag on the chair with no worries that your money will disappear. I love seeing the locals back there again. It reminds me if the bar I once knew. Jaime and Anthony are doing a fantastic job and working their butt off. They are taking great pride in the food and the bar and it’s noticeable.

    • Anonymous

      What chair are you leaving that purse on?

    • anonymous

      That is a big LIE someone got their purse stole 2 weeks ago while only the ONLY the bartender and 3 others were in the bar. When they asked the owners for help they basically dismissed by more than one family member and were very rude.

  • Delivery

    I cannot wait until they deliver. Their food is awesome and I certainly would be calling for deliveries especially in the winter!