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Bank of New York Buys SSJ Development Tax Liens from City

Not sure what to make of this but the Bank of New York just purchased 950 Tax Leins from the City of New York worth $16,910,848.38.

We should be interested because  of the 950, 6 were from SSJ Development.  SSJ had major plans to turn Danza’s property into condos, lucky GerritsenBeach.net took an interest.

At this point, people may or may not be living on the property legally, boats may or may not be being junked and scrapped on the property, the property is in shambles.

As of right now the leins are worth $171,576.36 and have varying interest rates from 9%-18%

Block Lot Address Property Surcharges Lien Total Interest
8833 1 2433 Knapp St $76,798.10 $3,849.34 $80,836.05 18%
8885 450 17 Lacon Ct $16,673.84 $843.12 $17,705.57 9%
8891 638 Knight Ct $8,074.54 $413.16 $8,676.31 9%
8891 658 Knight Ct $4,146.09 $216.74 $4,551.44 9%
8891 662 Knight Ct $52,241.03 $2621.48 $55,051.12 18%
8891 690 Lacon Ct $4,340.79 $226.47 $4,755.87 9%

Edit: Removed owner SSJ Development from table, removed fees of $188.61 for spacing issues.

3 comments to Bank of New York Buys SSJ Development Tax Liens from City

  • Anonymous

    Condos? Seems to me that whoever would build conos there would not have the tenents best interest at heart. It may be on the water, but who wants to live right next to the sewer plant and that dirty lot with the Rent-A-Trucks!

  • robert paulson

    So I can buy a piece of land for 4,551.44?

    • You Know I'm Right

      Yes, buy it and make it a nice garden for us. We don’t need any overdeveloping in our tiny neighborhood.