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Vollies Celebrate 90 Years of Service

Gerrittsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department

Via GBFD.net

The Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department is celebrating 90 years of service. According to their website they are in the process of making a 90th year journal and are looking for personal stories and pictures, as well as boosters to be in the journal.

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20 comments to Vollies Celebrate 90 Years of Service

  • trainman

    Happy birthday!!!!

  • GB Lad

    You should really change title to “Vollies Celebrating 90th Anniversary” cause we all know it’s NOT 90 YEARS OF SERVICE. The Vollies haven’t provided a service to this neighborhood in years.

  • trainman

    I hope you don’t need them some day.

    • Happy we’re back on the same page Trainman! I don’t know why anyone would want to knock the Vollies. Happy Birthday, here’s to 90 more years!

      • trainman

        To all my friends and contributors to this website.

        Below is a reply to a contributor that I frequently correspond with. As you can see at the top it states “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” (Apparently I’m the only one that could see it when I log on from my computer) That’s a polite way of the owner, who is named at the bottom of this page, restricting my freedom of speech…the very same freedoms he complained about losing when he was banned from the GBPOA. As you can see there is no foul language or threats to anyone. I believe it’s his way of getting back at me when I called him out a while back about posting and rehashing old stories about graffiti in GB. Because of his postings the police department came on the scene along with a number of reporters. I accused him of deliberately trying to make our community look bad to increase his website attendance and revenue. You did not see that accusation because he also banned and removed those postings. I also sent him an e-mail requesting that we talk about this situation privately a number of days ago. As of this posting he has not repied nor do I think he ever will.

        There was a similar incident last year when I criticized him for reporting an altercation between two people in a neighborhood a number of miles away only because it was similar to an incident that happened here months earlier. Another attempt of rehashing negative feedback on this site towards GB. I find this behavior not only to be anti-social but anti-Gerritsen Beach. We deserve better from someone who says he represents our community.

        I feel sad in saying that this will be my last post on his website until he apologizes to me either publicly or privately for his immature behavior. I also feel sad because I will miss the many people that I exchanged conversations with over the years, especially with the ones that appreciate the unique privilege we have in expressing our rights of free speech.

        This is the letter he deleted.

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        August 10, 2012 at 3:50 pm · Reply
        Anonymous if you review my original statement you would see that I stated
        “I believe Gerritsen Beach was an island”.
        I do not believe nor was it my intent to speak as an historian on this subject. My objections to lowercase anonymous was his manner in responding to my entry on this website. I took it to be hostile and rude especially suggesting I should sell lemonade to the tourists. That prompted my response. Anything more I say in my defense would be redundant.
        As far as the vacant houses are concerned, I still believe that who ever owns those houses have responsibilities to their neighbors. And one responsibility would be to maintain the exterior in some manner as to not have the house stand out as an eyesore.
        There is a house where my mother lived that has been vacant for over 15 years. The children, that have inherited the house are all professionals in the medical field and for what ever reason, beyond my comprehension, have retained this house all of these years. But, here’s the difference. Every two weeks or so someone comes to the house and trims the lawn, removes any flyers/pamphlets and keeps the weeds in check. If I lived on that block, as far as I’m concerned, they could keep the house vacant for another 15 years and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. I do agree with you that some people exalt themselves as Mayor of the block and believe they know what’s best for everyone. I’m glad I don’t have one of those on my block.
        I believe in your Golden Rule also. And if more people also believed in that Rule, this would be a much better world to live in. I would be the last person to think you have to go to church to be a good person.

        • Anonymous

          It’s his website to do with and allow on whatever he wants. It’s a private website that he allows you on. When people come into your house, do you allow them to move your furniture or repaint the walls to colors they like? Start your own website if you want to control what goes on it.

          • trainman

            Anonymous, you have just set the record for the most idiotic comparison I have ever heard. I guess some people just have to say something regardless of how little sense it makes. Every newspaper either in print or online invites reader feedback concerning its content; this website is called GerritsenBeach.net not Daniel Cavanagh.net.

            The reason I am posting this now is because Mr. Cavanagh released my previous post and made public my concerns about his website.
            In the recent past I also felt that Mr. Cavanagh’s journalistic values were wandering.

            Those concerns however do not diminish the respect and appreciation for the work he has done in the past. First that comes to mind is that he almost single-handedly changed what Halloween means to this community. With pen and pad in one hand and a camera in another he ventured out on Halloween and while we were home with our families and friends he took pictures and documented the chaos and mayhem that was put upon us. Because of his actions the parents of these “children” were made more aware of their “children’s” inappropriate behavior and subsequently took a stronger role in parenting them on recent Halloween holidays. He not only put his journalistic credentials on the line, apparently after hearing some of the parents’ threats, put him self in jeopardy as well.

            Daniel informed us about the predator contractors and developers who intended to change the landscape of our community forever. By his giving us this information we were better prepared to prevent this disaster. He also kept us informed of the GBPOA happenings with real-time videos and by doing so made “some” board members more accountable. Apparently he did such a good job that “some” sought to remove his right to free speech and banned him from the meetings.

            I, as a long time Gerritsen Beach resident, will always think that this community is a better place to live in because of Daniel Cavanagh.

          • Anonymous

            It’s idiotic if you can’t understand that he owns the web domain of Gerritsenbeach.net and can do with it what he wants. He can make it a porn site if he so wished not that I think he will. Online newspapers censor content all the time.

        • sorry for you all

          Trainman: I personally would hate to see that you are no longer going to post..I find your postings to be very fair and reasonable..I would hope you take some time to collect your thoughts.And not be irrational in your decision..While it is true that the site is owned and run as the owner sees fit..None of us should be constrained in our comments..Also most times the owner dose release the posts for all to see…

        • Mike


          I agree with “Sorry for you all” that we would not like to see you leave; I enjoy your post as well. I would like you to consider a few things prior to departing.

          1. Awaiting moderation is an area that the software running this site and others uses when trigger words are included in a post; these words need not be vulgar in nature. These words can also me modified by a site owner. Until your post is read to verify it is not of a vulgar nature (or whatever reason an owner wishes) then it will not be posted. This does not imply it was deleted. It’s very possible the owner simply has not reviewed any pending post.

          2. Freedom of speech is not mandated on this site or any public blogging site. Site owners have the right to remove or alter any and all items on a site. True this is called GerritsenBeach.net and not Daniel Cavanagh.net, that being said, this site was not created by the GBPOA or a group of its residents. This was Daniels choice to create and maintain and therefore subjected to run as he sees fit.

          3. Lastly, the posting of your departure and reasons thereof in my opinion do not read as if someone were deliberately trying to limit your interactions or comments on this site. It seems to be that your post did not contain any “trigger” words and was posted immediately without censorship; I hope you will consider these items and rescind your departure statement, whatever issues you may have with this site owner in my opinion don’t outweigh the insight and views on issues discussed here that affect this community and those who reside here. Many of us look forward to the debates you engage in.


        • Mike

          by the way, look what I got when responding to your post, hopefully my original post will be approved shortly

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          August 20, 2012 at 11:12 am · Reply

    • Anonymous

      I hope he does need ‘em.

    • GB Lad

      Maybe that was the problem… ever think about that. I called them on two separate occasions. One time there was no answer on the phone… I got a voicemail the other occasion no response from the vollys. A NYFD ambulance showed up after about 20 minutes of me calling the vollys. god only knows how long it took the vollys to call nyfd.

  • J Because

    It was 1984 and I was still young when I awoke with severe pain in the chest. Not knowing what it could be I was quite scared for my life. As men do, I did not want to call for help, but as time was passing with no relief my fear gave way to a cry for help. My wife immediately called the vollies and before we even put on clothes=They arrived. With such care and knowledge they immediately attended to me. Asking questions and determining my status and all the while allaying my fear of impending doom or near death. It was at that time I new I would survive this because of the prompt,dedicated and professional actions of those Vollies. I do not live in the Beach anymore but I am still here. Thank You.

    • J Because

      I am glad for those who liked the post of my rewarding experience with the Vollies. For those wo selected dislike I am sorry for your different experience with them. No One is the best all the time and there are different regimes over time. I was just commenting on my experience at that particular time frame. I do not even remember personally who they were but my Thank You continues to go out to them. I just know that the Vollies were who you call and when I felt that need, I know my wife and I made the best decision.

  • Anon

    Thank you for that wonderful testimonial…..that is what keeps GB a great place to live…NOT dwelling on the bad, but focusing on the GOOD!

  • Irish Kevin

    The Vollies have always went the extra mile to help everyone,for the ones who hit the Dislike I feel sorry for your poor judgement.Lets hope for another 90years.

  • john taylor

    former vollies mike burns, peter gillespie, we love you for your dediated service in the past.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they invite past members to the party as they haven’t been in the past few years under the new administration.