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NY Times: As Brooklyn Gentrifies, Some Neighborhoods Are Being Left Behind

Joval Court At Everett Avenue

In a borough that has become a globally recognized icon of cool, residents are watching the renaissance with resentment and indifference.

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21 comments to NY Times: As Brooklyn Gentrifies, Some Neighborhoods Are Being Left Behind

  • Anonymous

    Someone actually still reads The New York Times??? Who knew?

    • anon

      NY Times is the number 1 paper on Kindle and Nook. It costs 19.99 a month and still outsells the Daily News at 2.99 a month. We don’t expect people from the Beach to read a real newspaper.

      • Anonymous

        When you find one, let me know.

      • anonymous

        It is a liberal biased newspaper..And avoids the real news to carry out a one sided political agenda..Sure “progressive” snobbish liberals in Manhattan like it..But it;s readership is down everywhere else.

    • Tom McCormick

      People with an reading level beyond the 5th grade read the Times those below read the Post. All newspapers have a political angle. If you want real news watch the BBC in PBS.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a pretty pompous remark. Just because a person has a 12th grade or whatever reading level doesn’t mean he has to read a rag like the NY Times. Go ahead and correct my grammar now.

  • anonn

    I am amazed that someone in GB actually reads!

  • The Beacher

    Read it or Understand it. The Times is a newspaper that has an interest for all. I can understand why some people in the Beach would not read it ,but not all people.

  • cheerleader

    What do my pompoms have to do with this?

  • anonymous

    Its a great paper to wrap fish in. If you can find any to catch.

  • beach bum

    off topic. does anyone remember a plane crash [i think it was a hellcat] that went down in the water at the end abby or beacon ct sometime between 1945 and 1955 i cannot find any information about it.

    • Anonymous

      This is from gerritsenmemories.com. In regards to the plane crash of the 60’s, it was a Marine pilot, in an F86 Sabre Jet. He was practicing take offs and landings. I was over there that weekend

  • NSReilly

    The article that started this whole firestorm was really interesting. DieHipster.com also has an interesting take on South Brooklyn.


    A bit extreme but entertaining all the same.

  • George Broadhead

    The article that included Gerritsen Beach, was written by the same person who wrote a similar article for the NYTimes in 2002, and incorporated that series of articles into a book.
    Each person the author interviewed in Gerritsen Beach had the same response: We like our community as it is… we haven’t been left behind. We emphasized family to the extent that one person pictured, has 25 cousins still living n the beach; and each expressed the hope it would continue to be a place where many of the same families continue to live generations from now. There are still many neighborhoods in which relatives (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) continue to live, and I would bet they don’t feel they have been left behind because of so-called gentrification. Gentrification as some see it would have Starbucks replace New Dutch. It’s bad enough, we have lost “our weeds”.

  • Anonymous

    We have lost “our weeds”. I saw pics of Bloomy and Ken Salizar signing the new agreement for Floyd Bennett, Gateway and “all the attatched” parkland last week. Melding the Federal land with the NYC parkland. “More camping and boating access” The NYC Parks website already lists the Point as a boat launch. So sad to see it all go. Of course, as soon as we started seeing the weeds refered to as “Marine Park” we knew it was the beginning of the end of Gerrittsen Beach as we knew it.

  • Tom McCormick

    If by “gentrification” the article refers Brooklyn to neighborhoods where Bloomberg’s corporate friends have flooded communities with hipsters and suit and tie zombies then they can keep it. I like my neighborhood just fine as it is. How many people in these “gentrified” communities have real jobs? Take a stroll down 7th Avenue in Park Slope and try to find anyone who looks like the world would notice if they up and vanished. Cops, Fireman, Sanitation, EP, DEP, teachers, and all of the trades have been the bread an butter of this community since it’s inception. Bloomberg and his political allies want communities to turn to these “gentrified ” alternatives because they represent a weak workforce and community base who will not fight back when there pay and benefits are taken from them. He has already done this to many teachers with charter schools. The message is simple, “Don’t worry about your families, community, and benefits, worry more about your trendy clothes and shiny new electronic toys.” What is equally sickening as the destruction of Brooklyn is the fact that The Times ran this garbage. As a medium of the left they should no better than to prescribe this corporate drivel. Keep your Urban Outfitters zombies where they are.