Issues at the Devon Avenue Bulkhead


The other night some boats were broken into off of Devon Avenue. Fishing supplies and other things were also stolen. That area needs to be monitored more closely because in addition, the area is covered in graffiti and some of it is offensive.

It would be nice if the neighbors and police could monitor and patrol this area. We cannot tolerate boat break ins and graffiti covered areas such as this.



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  • a good neighbor

    property owners nearby should be able to afford private security easily.

  • really frightened

    Must be those misunderstood young people of GB again.

    • are you really frightened?

      Don’t be silly. It’s a very junior high thing to do, just kids trying to be rebelious, stupid little idiots who have no real idea of what that symbol means. GB cares has a number to call if you need grafitti removed, that’s who should have been called, not GBnet.

  • You guys need security cameras to catch these people and deter crime before it happens. Video does not lie.

  • [...] is reporting that swastikas and other hate-related graffiti were discovered along the bulkhead on Devon Avenue in Gerritsen Beach. [...]

  • Anonymous

    So sad to see that such a simbol of hate is still used in the 21st century. The swastika was originally a simbol of peace, love and friendship in many acient cultures, but the Nazis had to make it a simbol of hate. So so sad.

  • shirley

    beach rats strike again

  • anonn

    Now wait a minute, don’t just assume they are from G/Bch…..we have been in the NY Times lately maybe someone just came in from another hood to check us out and got creative. Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not trying to sound racist here, but according to the 2010 census GB is still 88% white. So whats the point of the swastikas? Sounds to me that whoever did it just wants to irritate the hell out of us. The 61 really needs to step up here! Whats next? cross burnings?

  • Anonymous

    these moron kids/young adults make the good people of GB look like racists. police your kids and the corners will take care of themselves. the neighbors shouldn’t have to put up cameras, patrol the corner, hire security, or deal with these type of monsters. NYPD hate crime unit was there today taking pictures. hope these lowlife cowards get caught soon.

    • anonymous

      I think that kids make swastikas because they really don’t have an understanding of what that symbol meant at that time. They aren’t writing “I hate Jews” or “Anne Frank was a whore”. As horrible as it was what the Nazis did, they were a pretty badass regime and I think that is the image they have and not the atrocities they committed.

  • The NFH

    I can’t believe it those (out of the neighborhood) kids are at it again!!

  • Devon'er

    There is always cars parked there, That’s where the kids some pot.

  • Devon'er

    Also judging but the faded paint, those are no where near new. Looks at least 2/3 years old. So I doubt you’ll catch the 13 year olds who drew them.

  • Anonymous

    imagine living close by? Sex in cars, pot smoking, basketball and conversation until 3 am.
    Just saying

  • BklynNative

    Where was Renee she would have stopped this type of behavior ………………..

  • Anonymous

    the nazi sign is also at the seba ave park aka skatepark

  • Anonymous

    the swastikas and red paint were put there a few days before july 4th. there was news cameras there today and the people who live there painted over all the graffiti.

  • Irish Kevin

    I lived right down the block from there,sure is a shame how some people act.I remember that Boat Yard always being unkept. That was where the Barn was Chickens, Goats,Horse’s etc. The last time it made the news was because of the Animals being kept there.

    • The Beacher

      We called that place the Zoo. I have not been to the end of Devon for a while.I wonder if it still smells like the Zoo ?

      • Anonymous

        the animals don’t bother anyone who lives there. the 2 legged animals who drink beer, smoke pot, have sex, make noise, put graffiti, and leave their garbage all over the place are the problem. leave the horses, ducks, and goats out of this.

      • Anonymous

        It smells like Irish K

  • Irish Kevin

    The Zoo was for the strict pleasure of the owner of the Property who I understand could care less about his neighbors. Except you corner dweller anon.

  • anonymous

    I think it is disgusting ,but this is GB who are they trying to scare? If this was another area of Brooklyn I can understand how it could upset the residents. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it but I believe we should paint over it and keep an eye out so the little darlings are reported to the police.


      you say “we” should paint over it. “we” painted over it and i don’t think you were there. “we” should keep an eye out and report them to the police? be my guest and keep both eyes out, you can’t miss them. they are there almost every night. try keeping an eye out between 10pm and 3am. maybe they did this because a russian/jewish family moved around the corner? maybe they found out that a local rabbi gave his congregants the ok to start buying homes in the neighborhood? maybe the swastikas don’t offend you, but they may be extremely offensive to others. the graffiti is the least of the problems. we can paint over it as soon as it goes up. the breaking into boats, stealing of fishing equipment, and trespassing is a major problem. the garbage, loud cars and radios till 3am also is a pain in the ass.

      • anonymous

        So did you report it to the police since you seem to know so much about them?
        Why are you complaining about me , when you should be up at the precinct making a report about all you seem to know?


    funny how this went from kids trashing the neighborhood, breaking the law, robbing boats and messing with peoples quality of life to some farm animals and “corner dwellers”. irish kevin, don’t let anon’s cowardly reply to your comment upset you. “corner dwellers” don’t make comments like that. fyi, 15-20 kids trespassed on the old man’s property a bunch of times in the past week, including last night (after partying on the corner, more graffiti, making ton’s of noise and leaving garbage) and invaded his pool. no trespassing signs have been posted all over the old man’s fence. i don’t think anyone commenting on here would be happy with this happening to them.

    • Irish Kevin

      I wonder if he still comes down on the weekends or even uses the house at all ? When prople know the property is unattended they tend to take advantage. This guy could afford private guards. In his day you did not mess with him.

  • Now what

    You should come down to lacon and evertte and see the children playing,as one punk sprayed his tag on the side of my truck another one of the neighborhood children pulled her pants down and peed in front of my house her friend was barfing on the phone pole,they were so stoned that when I approached them they did not even know I was talking to them,the corner is sprayed to death,but I’m sure their GOOD KIDS ! Or maybe it’s like the holocaust,it never really happend.

    • Anonymous

      So this kid tagged your truck and you did nothing? I would have spray painted his face and made him lick my truck clean. As far as peeing and barfing, I would have thrown them into each other so they could lay in their own pee and barf!

  • Anonymous

    someone definitely hired private security. they’ve been on the corner for past few nights.

  • Anonymous

    They’ll just find another corner to hang out at. But if a few families get together and hire private security every time the choose a different corner, eventually they will run out of places to go. This is a step in the right direction. It might even embarrass the 61 into doing their job! But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

  • trainman

    Oh come on guys….. Could one good Samaritan who is in eyesight of this “scandalous” revelation get some whitewash and just cover it up so we could move on.

    There isn’t a teenager this side of the former Berlin Wall that doesn’t know they could get a rise out of people like witnessed here, with just a can of spray paint.
    Earlier this week I sent Mr. ? an article I copied and pasted about Gerritsen Beach that included some photos of homes and people most of us know. It was a positive story about GB and I think that the people who live here would feel good about reading it if they haven’t done so already.
    But what did we get?
    Another negative story.
    Apparently Mr.? doesn’t think a story published in the New York Times is worthy of his website.

  • Still here

    Where are the empty suits that love to have their pictures taken,come stand by the end of evertte ave and take a picture with the disaster going on over there, this day and age the illegal shit we have to put up with,I guess jemal has the empty suits in his pocket holding his pecker.

  • Anonymous

    Train man haha

  • Anonymous

    I am a new here. Most people here don’t like outsiders. Hate = fear. What are you afraid of. Much to do about new ” religious ” people moving in. In this day and age Why so backwards?

  • Anonymous

    You guys have plenty of time on your hands, ever leave your house, or your neighborhood?

  • Anonymous

    while walking my dog at 1130pm tonight i heard screaming on the corner of everett and devon by the bulkhead. as i get closer i notice it is a bunch of younger “women”. they were drinking been and making a tremendous amount of noise. to my surprise 2 of the girls walk over to the sidewalk in from of the corner house on joval, pull their pants down and urinate on the sidewalk. couldn’t imagine having to deal with this type of behavior. feel sorrow for the people who live over there.

  • Still here

    Makes me wonder if it was the same two that peed in front of my house ,was one a blond ?I could not believe my eyes when I saw it,and they had no shame when I confronted them about your kids people !

  • Kelly

    People are still going on about Kevin. He is right some things never change.

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