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Those Signs are Really Working.


33 comments to Those Signs are Really Working.

  • MO

    Where would like people to park in front of your house so you can give them flat tires. Always got to find something to bitch about.

  • Anonymous

    How about “Walking”, that’s just an idea!

    • Anonymous

      Walking? I’m surprised they don’t drive their cars around the bases when they get a hit!

  • Anonymous

    Those signs were installed by the parks dept. Since the 61 won’t do anything, the parks dept. should issue each vehicle a summons. They would certainly make their quota each weekend.

    • Anonymous

      Good idea but, that is the 63 problem.

    • Anonymous

      The ballfields is on the 63 pct. side. The Parks Dept. only bothers the parents of the kids who play softball and not the undersirables that use the field. Its amazing that the kids who do ride thier bikes on the field play for the Little League too. Maybe someone should have a talk with them first.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like that guardrail in the backround will have to be moved 40 or 50 feet to the sidewalk.

  • Anond

    They should try this trick a few blocks up at Marine Park and see how it works out for the car owners

  • Anonymous

    Just call a towing company and have them send 3 or 4 trucks down here and watch everyone scramble to their cars before they’re hooked up. They won’t park there anymore.

  • Why do most of the people that park up there drive “utes” (suv’s) or trucks? Just wondering!!

  • Anonymous

    Let the grass grow a bit and put tire strips down. That’ll learn em!

  • Anonymous

    From when I was younger people have always parked there when thier kids were playing sports why all of a sudden has everything become an issue this is not something new.Im just wondering why people have a problem with it what is the main complaint and how does it affect your everyday life? Im only concerned about things that directly have to do with me I don’t jump on the next complaint ban wagon if it doesn’t directly affect me I’m not sure why cars parked there would bother anyone. I’m sure it must be the newer generation complaining it seems that what they do best always in everyone elses business.

    • me

      Driving on the grass can cause damage to the field and grounds, which taxpayers then pay for. it can also be a safety issue; small kids running on the grass and drivers not paying attention to pulling out. also its a law.



  • Anonymous

    Instead of focusing so much on this BS how about start a petition to 1. get the fields added to. Fence it all in, put more softball fields on the back end, add a true cement walk from one end of the other, and oh possibly getting the freaking Parks Dept to come clean it up. I remember the Parks Dept showing up and saying we have to move the cars, by the way cars that carry all the softball equipment and such by all the volunteers. He truly looked embarrassed when I said I will move my car if you can get somebody to clean this shxt up! I said please please walk with me, I showed him all the crap. He was gracious and embarrased. How about installing water fountains and really maintaing this. We should be complaing about this not all this other crap.

    • Anonymous

      I think I know what you’re trying to say, but your grammer and sentence structure is so bad i’m not sure. So what the hell are you saying? Get the fields added to what? Adding fields to the back end would do what? So the cars that carry the equipment are carried by volenteers, that doesen’t give them the right to break the law. What crap? dog poop? litter? what are you talking about? be specific!

      • Anonymous

        All the Garbage that its’ left behind, damaging the grass, Not following the rules, That mentality, do as I say Not as I do, you are different than everyone else, you have to doit because ??!! it looks cool to do what you want regardless of whats right!

        • Anonymous

          Okay, I agree with you about the garbage. It’s not called for and does ruin the grass as well as the eyes. It’s not a matter of following the rules here, it’s a matter of obeying the law. Rules imply that the residences oh GB are making their own rules. We do not have that right, we have to obey the laws just like everyone else. And i’m still confused about the grass issue. You opened your post with the statement “Instead of focusing so much on this BS “. which has to do with cars and trucks parking on the grass. Those cars and trucks cause more damage to the grass just bye driving up on it.

  • thomas

    yea and every one blames the dirt bikes

  • Jusk Asking

    Why don’t they build a parking lot ?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe we should take care of our park ourselves rather than wait for the Parks Department or someone else to do it for us. This website painfully illustrates how our kids are destructive and us adults do not abide by the rules. Let’s show some responsibility and clean up after ourselves and others. If our teenage kids had to clean up, they would not be throwing trash around and vandalizing the park.

    • Sloppy Joe

      Anon,You have a great idea it would be nice if this could be done.Living in the Beach for many years I think you are one of very few. The priority down here is Budweiser and distruction of Parks,Buses,Shelters etc. Still would be nice !

  • Anonymous

    So true!! Even the double parking by the school is a nightmare when the kids get out of school. its’ so dangerous, some parents are double parked at least 1/2 before the kids get out(some are hanging out, reading the paper…really, do you need to do that, exercise is a great thing!)and the busses have trouble getting through, its sad to say but it wont stop until some one gets hurt!!

  • anonymous

    I especially can’t believe what I see in the morning,.
    The cars are not only double parked across the street from the school but the adults are opening their car doors while traffic is passing than opening the back doors to let their kids out with traffic passing.
    . Wouldn’t it be much smarter to walk around the car and take your kids out on the sidewalk side of the car, and not double park ? Unbelievable!

  • Anonymous

    most likey them cars belong to off duty police officers.. they cant get tickets

    • Anonymous

      If all those cars belong to off duty police officers, why can’t we get any cooperation from the 61 or 63? You would think they would have some pull with them. Most likely, just lazy parents who can’t be bothered to walk a few blocks with their kids.

  • Justin

    First of all No one Ever had a Problem wit the cars parking there for the Softball and Soccer games.. They were aloud to park there… They only put the Signs up to Stop the dirt Bikes and Banchees,, Soo stop bitching about it if you dont know what your talking aboutt

    • Anonymous

      @ Justin

      Just because no one ever had a problem with cars parking there doesn’t mean it is legal to park there. Who said they were allowed there? It is illegal in all five borough’s to park private vehicles on park property unless there is a parking lot like Marine Park has.

      Secondly, learn how to spell.