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44 Noel – Becoming a Problem for the Neighbors

The home at 44 Noel is becoming a problem for neighbors who are seeing the problems on the property add up.

“It’s just ridiculous,” said one resident who did not want to be identified. “We now have people from all parts of the neighborhood feeding the stay cats, but they are feeding everything that walks by!”

“Teenagers come and go when they please and now they’re just spraying the graffiti inside, all over the place,” said the neighbor, who is ultimately worried about another fire or collapse of a large satellite dish. “The kids are using it as a hangout, they went in through a crawlspace and opened the door.”

The neighbor has tried, unsuccessfully, to complain to 911, call 311, catch the kids in the act and speak with the people feeding the wild animals.

“It’s pretty frustrating because we can’t get the owner to properly secure the property.”

Much of the vandalism has happened over the past six months, but has made a stronger presence over the past two weeks. The neighbor says not uncommon to see graffiti splashed on walls and vacant homes in this area, but now it has become personal.

The property does have a “FULL VACATE ORDER ON IT”

9 comments to 44 Noel – Becoming a Problem for the Neighbors

  • Steve

    These people don’t care about the neighbors or the neighborhood

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    How can you live like this especially with children as seen on the video

  • Anonymous

    What are you talking about? No one lives there, there was a fire and the video is the people trying to salvage stuff.

  • Irish Kevin

    Maybe it’s a Crack House.

    • anonymous

      no that is the house on GAIN court between Barlett and Cyrus … the owner lives on Frank Court …

  • anonymous

    Can anyone tell what language are they speaking?

    What a dump, they should be forced to clean it up . Has anyone put in complaints about it ?If this house is abandoned why is there a woman and kids there?

    Sorry but lately Gerritsen beach is beginning to look like a neighborhood in a third world country. Discusting!

    • Anonymous

      Little girl says. Mama ti eto beresh? which translates from Russian as Mom .. are you going to take this?

      • Anonymous

        they are owners trying to salvage what can be of their belongings. Sad. Fire is so devastating.