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Play Ball! Opening Day for Gerritsen Beach Little League


The Gerritsen Beach Little League marched down Gerritsen Avenue to Larry Veling Field Saturday for the annual Opening Day ceremony.

The Gerritsen Beach Little League is staffed by volunteers who donate their time to coach, or serve on the Little League Board of Directors.





11 comments to Play Ball! Opening Day for Gerritsen Beach Little League

  • Stevie

    What a nice day

  • Stevie

    Ya its not cool to mess are fields so can we respect the parks and fields for are kids

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Good Season to all the little leaguers and their fantastic dedicated coaches. It looks like it was a beautiful opening day. I wish the videos included Alan Maisels’ speech as well. He does alot for the Beach and is a great rep in the State Assembly. He has a great record for environmental and humane issues. (while Goldens’ is mixed) We really are lucky to have such great reps all around. Wasn’t always the case.

  • Janet

    These kids are too cute in their “GB” uniforms! They bring back memories. I am so glad that we still have GB teams. Thank you to all the volunteers who do so much work for the kids.

    • GB LIFER9

      thanks janet, if the creeps would just take a moment and look at these pictures and see what life is really about, not destroying fields, bathrooms, etc,these are memories a child will always have too pass onto there children. what goes around comes around god doesnot ugly. to all the volunteers give yourself a big applause. thank you so much my children appreciate it the kindness and care that these folks show to teach but most of all sportsmanship. thank you john fox for your help GB LIFER9

  • mamabear

    i amsooo proud…this is my sons first season and so far he loves it….im sooo happy for him and all the kids

    • Anonymous

      Hey Mamabear, great attitude! YOU make your son’s experience a positive one! The parents who ooze negativity will have a negative season. Just like the rest of GB the little league is what “WE” make it. The negative posters on this site don’t try to improve this town, as a matter of fact most of them have moved away but are GB obsessed! If you moved on try just reading, or post on your new towns blog.
      The GBLL is trying hard but the league needs YOU! Play your kids here & help out here, Gerritsen Beach is what we make of it.

  • Anonymous

    plaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy balls