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Senator Golden Announces Re-Election Campaign


The folloing is a press release from Friends of Marty Golden


April 18, 2012


Brooklyn – Saying that “Albany is turning around,” State Senator Marty Golden today announced his plans to seek re-election to represent the 22nd District in the New York State Senate as the candidate of the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties.

In announcing his candidacy, Senator Marty Golden stated, “The people who I proudly represent know of my tireless dedication on behalf of this great neighborhood.  Each and every day, I look to build on a record of service for the people that have placed their trust in me to represent them in the State Senate. I have been a voice for our community in Albany, and I have never failed to stand up for what I believe to be the interests, and the needs, of the 22nd District.”

Golden continued, citing passage of the second consecutive on-time budget as “the most recent evidence that the days of dysfunction in Albany are coming to an end. It’s time to turn this state around, and make our communities even better places to live, work, and raise families.”

Golden’s Record

Golden’s achievements include:

  • Continued demonstration of an unwavering commitment to community service through the array of events sponsored by his office which include Easter Egg Hunts, the annual Halloween Walks, the 4th of July Picnic , the Christmas Tree Lightings, Summer Concerts in the Parks, and tax preparation for seniors and low income taxpayers. Golden’s district offices have, over the years, handled thousands of constituent problems and helped many people solve problems with government agencies.
  • Filing a lawsuit against the MTA which resulted in a settlement where the agency agreed to weekday express bus service restorations and improvements to the Access-a-Ride program;
  • Senator Golden has authored over 75 laws most notably in the areas of public safety, tax cuts, economic development, and senior citizen issues.
  • Marty Golden continues to work to improve public safety in Brooklyn and throughout New York State. He has worked to strengthen the Megan’s Law sex offender registry and expand the DNA databank to include all persons convicted of a felony and certain misdemeanors. Golden sponsored the laws that increased penalties against gun-runners and those that injure or kill police officers, and in 2006, Senator Golden wrote a tough law that mandates prison for the possession of a single loaded illegal firearm.
  • Senator Golden has worked through his career in public service to create jobs. Golden sponsored the law that created a tax break for television and movie production in New York. This program has added more than $5 billion into the local economy annually, supporting 4,000 local businesses and 100,000-plus jobs.  This past year, 23 prime time television series were filmed in New York City, and 11 “pilots” for the 2012-13 television season are being filmed in the city. 188 motion pictures were made last year in New York. Five new sound stages are being built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, creating more jobs for the future.
  • Senator Golden was the driving force behind the Bioscience Initiative at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The “BioBAT” project is converting more than 480,000 square feet at the terminal into space for research and bio-manufacturing. When completed, the $60 million project will create more than 1,000 permanent jobs.
  • Working with a diverse group of parents, educators, clergy and school choice advocates, Senator Golden delivered a $330 child tax credit for public, private and parochial school students.
  • Golden’s diligent efforts secured $11.2 billion in funding to improve New York City Public Schools including the construction of a new high school in Brooklyn and the building of new elementary and middle schools (and the expansion of existing schools) to insure adequate facilities in which our children can receive an education that prepares them for the future. The newest projects include P.S. 264 (371 89thStreet), P.S. 310 (942 62nd Street), and P.S. 331 (7002-4th Avenue). These new school buildings will add 1,500 seats to schools in area, further reducing overcrowding. He has also secured funding for new technology in our schools and financial support for PTAs.
  • As Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee, Senator Golden was credited by nationally recognized advocacy groups for championing the rights of senior citizens through the Assisted Living Law of 2004. Under his leadership, a number of significant bills affecting older Americans were enacted, including a new Elderlaw, the Senior Bill of Rights; Long Term Care Reform, internet posting of retail prescription drug prices and a single EPIC/Medicare prescription drug card. Golden wrote the law that raised the SCRIE eligibility limit from $24,000 to $29,000 for seniors and disabled.
  • Golden also secured funding for the establishment of Moose Lodge, Homecrest and soon to be opened Marine Park Senior Centers.
  • Golden has been an advocate for state support for many not-for-profits serving our community including the Neighborhood Improvement Association, the Guild for Exceptional Children, and  HeartShare Human Services.
  • Golden has been a fighter for the community’s health care needs, helping secure support for Maimonides and Lutheran Medical Centers and leading the fight to restore needed services at the former Victory Memorial Hospital site. SUNY Downstate at Bay Ridge, opened last year, offers a walk-in Urgent Care Center, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Advanced Endoscopy Center, Laser Vision Correction Center, and laboratory and radiology support services. Golden remains committed to bringing an emergency room to this facility.

Marty Golden is a retired New York City Police Officer who received numerous awards during his ten years with the Police Department. Then-Officer Golden was forced to retire in 1983, after suffering a serious injury while making a narcotics arrest.

He was elected to the New York City Council in 1997 and re-elected in 2001. In 2002, he was elected to the State Senate. He has served the people of the 22nd State Senate District since then.

12 comments to Senator Golden Announces Re-Election Campaign

  • Anonymous

    He has got my vote

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  • […] Senator Golden Announces Re-Election CampaignGerritsen BeachBy GerritsenBeach.net, on April 18th, 2012 Brooklyn – Saying that “Albany is turning around,” State Senator Marty Golden today announced his plans to seek re-election to represent the 22 nd District in the New York State Senate as the candidate of the … […]

  • Tom McCormick

    I haven’t posted here in a while but wanted to write something for the Senator.

    As a rank and file member of the working class (not disillusioned enough believe anyone who works for a living is anywhere NEAR the middle anymore) I vote Democrat. One election where I will always go against my party line is when it comes to Senator Golden.

    I sat less than thirty feet away from the Senator when he spoke on behalf of this community at the Marine Park High School against the H.L.A. and their efforts to Tammany Hall their way into our middle school. Among many outspoken elected officials, Senator Golden impressed me the most and put the nail in the H.L.A. coffin. Well, him and Bob Tracey. My second favorite speaker of the day. On a personal note I wrote Senator Golden’s office once asking for help. The response came quickly and the difference in the manner that my issue was handled by the state agency was humbling. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have a state agency give you the v.i.p. treatment. Thank you again for your help Senator.

    Best of luck.

    • trainman

      Tom, I agree with you in your opinion of what middle-class means in today’s economy.
      I’m retired but I can’t help thinking that my life would be completely different economically if I was entering the job market today opposed to 40 years ago. Marty Golden may be a decent guy, but I think the question we should be asking ourselves is, how has the working class been served by career politicians. In every level of government you could find elected officials in office 20, 30 or even 40 years. In that time they carved out a substantial level of wealth while the working class standard of living has been in decline. For a long time, my view has been to vote out incumbents regardless of political parties. Don’t give them a chance to dig in like we have with Mayor Bloomberg. He has raised our taxes time and time again decreasing our standard of living while his personal wealth has quadrupled. Not all politicians are as blatantly elitist as he is but they’re all in the same club.

      • Tom McCormick

        You are right.

        Niether political party can truly claim to have done right my the working man/woman. One simply has been less destructive than the other. I disagree that all carrier poloticains are necessarily bad. Time however, has always been the best friend of complacency, particularly with poloticians. I think it is more the corporate influence (and the legitimized corporate bribing)in our system that is the true enemy of Democracy. Remove the padded envelopes from the equation and then see how many people still want the job. We might be surpised to find that some do and we may be further suprised to find some of good character. With regards to carrier policitians not serving the majority, for the working class has always and will always be the majority, I think some of that blame lies on all of us for tolerating it. Like you said, voting them out, but based on performance rather longevity. The rest of the blame lay in allowing ourselves to be dupped other wise. Ignorance enables lesser men to rule.

        I didn’t want to foray into too much of a political debate on this. I just wanted to voice my own experiences with Senator Golden from a personal perspective. The point I was trying to get across is, as someone who has lived here for thirty six years and with three generations before me, is that it’s nice to have someone in office who will even acknowledge this communtiy. And it is refreshing to hear that poeple who “do the right thing” need to be rewarded for doing so.

        • trainman

          Tom, thank you for that thoughtful reply. I also respect your desire not to debate the dysfunctional political system we find ourselves in today. The stuffed envelopes, as you put it, certainly is a concern for me also. The corporate world prostitutes our politicians while they keep us busy with electronic toys. I tried to keep up with politics as much as I can and, as you say, Marty Golden seems to be one of the good guys.
          Take care.

          • Anonymous

            Civility? Thoughtful exchanges? Questions asked & responded to in an adult manor? Where are the insults & immature insults? Thank you Trainman & Tom McCormick, you guys are the best of GB. I think you guys represent the true demographics of this community.
            To the M.M.B’s & other angry misguided insects..slow down, look in the mirror &n try to figure out why you are so angry & self hating.

  • Jenna Kendricks

    I must admit that urgent care centers such as the clinics in Oceanside,CA are really helpful to us. I think one thing to consider if you’re going to vote for a candidate is what are the things they’ve done to help improve the community they are serving do they make it a better or not, something like that. As for I’ll look on the other stuff about this man he looks so nice and trustworthy.

    • The Beacher

      Nice and Trustworthy sure ask his tenents in Bay Ridge.Only one thing, what does this have to do with anything in November the original post was in April ?

  • Anonymous

    Guess you did not read the Beachers comment. It is true.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to all the press for The Golden Boy ?