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Is this the State of our Uri-nation?

The comfort station soft opened this past weekend and from what we are told the inside has already been vandalized. The bathroom has remained locked since, most likely until they can clean it for the ribbon cutting this Saturday(after the little league parade). Upon inspection the outside door had a good amount of scratchitti but the door was locked.

We are waiting for word from parks about how this comfort station will be secured.

18 comments to Is this the State of our Uri-nation?

  • a good neighbor

    this is just sad. exactly why i stay away from gerristen beach altogether.

    • Abel Magwitch

      Lets not pretend that this same thing would not have hapened in any other neighborhood of this city. This problem is not a Gerritsen Beach specific problem. We have enough of those. This is a massive cutural problem with our nation’s urban youth. In this case though it is our communtiy who suffers. Each time something like this occurs we are less likely to get the help of elected officals that make these luxuries possible.Parnets need to be held accountable or we begin to lose such privileges.

      • Anonymous

        Abel, I agree! This has been a cultural problem with our youths for many years. Ever wonder why there were less and less comfort stations and park houses throughout the 60’s and 70’s until they all disappeared? Mainly because the parks department didn’t have the funds anymore for the upkeep of these structures when they were in decent shape let alone when they were vanalized. To save funds these structures were abandoned and finally torn down.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to know what perfect world YOU live in!

      • Abel Magwitch

        I’m not talking about some Rockwellian “Pleasantville” I don’t think it’s asking to much to enjoy a new public amenity without it being destroyed in a day. But I miss spoke earlier. It isn’t only a youth issue. I see adults destroying this city on a daily basis as well.

    • Anonymous

      then stay way completely

      • Irish Kevin

        It is actually away. Now People a course in the art of Civil manners and pride might be in order here.Maybe I am just Dreaming.

  • NF

    WTF? This is why we can’t have nice things….

  • Rangersfan#1

    This may not just be Kids from GB. I see alot of Kids Coming here From MP and Sheepshead bay as well to come and use the Skatepark. I think that this should not be put on the kids From GB Just because it happened in GB. Im Not Saying its Deffenitly Kids From out of the Neighborhood but the way people are making it sound is that they know FOR SURE it is.

  • Anonymous

    “I have a dollar that says it’s destroyed in a week.”

    people here owe me a dollar. LOL

  • Kelly D

    The Beach is still the Beach,No Civic Pride,the Kids roam around the streets from an early age most with no shoes on in the summer.Really now do you expect anything else from these ill raised offspring ??

    • trainman

      Kelly, I think we all play a small part, including myself, in what’s happening in the Beach.
      Although not intentionally, we seem to ignore the positive aspects of living here. It’s so easy to get on a thread like this and rant and rave about the lousy kids we have here but it’s also interesting that we don’t post any positive remarks like on the two threads that were posted recently. I’m speaking about the Little League Parade and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The children and their parents in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade obviously spent a lot of time and money to present a enjoyable parade for us. Not a word of praise. These kids are going to be the age of the children we’re complaining about today. Wouldn’t it be better for us if they knew we acknowledge and appreciate the good things they’re presently doing?

      We all should be considering that… Positive comments, whenever appropriate, will make us ALL feel better.

  • GB Mom

    And my kids say I am the worst mom becuase I expect homework to be done, help around the house, my children not roaming the streets unsupervised, etc. They say their friends are allowed to do whatever they want, so why can’t they? Good parents, stay strong and keep doing your job, even if it means being called the “worst mom”. They will appreciate it someday! (I hope) And maybe some of the good lessons will rub off on the children with un-available parents too!

  • Anonymous

    I remember if you start trouble in the beach and you are an outsider you don’t make it out in one piece..What ever happen to the good old dayz..Go mess things up in your neighbourhood..Stay out intruders or else..

  • mike

    gb is is the king of white trash and you cant give them anything new because they do nothing but vandalize it and its sad because this good really be a good place to live but sadly i had to move out because i couldnt take the morons that lived there