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Expect Construction Soon.


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The former home of Whitney Avenue pharmacy (2402 Gerritsen Avenue) has been approved for the construction of a new development. They are building two additional floors, keeping the first floor commercial.

The new address will be the newly created 2227 Plumb 2nd Street. Download the Whitney Avenue Plans

The listed parties:

Dorothy Elefterakis – Mortgage Holder


9 comments to Expect Construction Soon.

  • Anonymous

    Lets hope they anchor the 2nd and 3rd floors propperly. I would hate to see them slide off!

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s against the Law…..Office.

  • J Because

    What is the reasoning for a Plumb Street address? If it is also the entrance would it cause vehicular congestion on that street?

  • Why?

    They going to start destroying Gerritsen Beach like they Sheepshead bay? Over building everywhere?

  • Anonymous

    Drove by there today. The scaffolds are already up.

  • Anonymous

    I would hate to see GB become another Sheepshead Bay. The face of GB is changing on a daily basis. I hope we can save our neighborhood before we are all stuck between midrise buildings.

  • Lucas

    Is this gonna affect the VFW in any way??

  • roger parker

    Parking on Plumb 2nd is already horrible to begin with. They keep the 1st floor as commercial. So I guess the 2nd and 3rd floor would be residential apartments. Where are the people going to park when they moved in?