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Benny from Victorias Has Passed Away


2009 Photo Dans 5K Fun Run

Benny owner of Victorias Pizzeria has past away.

Benedict Renzetti- Of Morganville, New Jersey. On April 12, 2012. Beloved husband of Wendy. Loving father of Alexandra, Michael, and Bentley Soprano Renzetti. Cherished brother of Victoria Renzetti. Reposing on Saturday 2-4pm & 7-9pm & Sunday from 2-4pm & 7-9pm. Mass of Christian Burial on Monday April 16, 2012 at 10:15am at Regina Pacis RC Church at 1230 65 Street Brooklyn , NY 11219. Internment to follow at Resurrection Cemetery Staten Island

Memorial Website

1735 New Jersey 35 Middletown, NJ 07748
Middletown NJ
APRIL 14th
Saturday 2-4
Saturday 7-9
APRIL 15th
Sunday 2-4
Sunday 7-9

Monday April 16th 2012 10:15am
Regina Pacis
1230- 65 Street

Below are pictures and video of Victorias Pizza and the famous beach parties!

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available.


59 comments to Benny from Victorias Has Passed Away

  • PB

    RIP Benny, you will be missed by so many of us.

  • Anonymous

    Benny you will be missed…thanks for the memories..RIP

  • The Melia Family

    We will miss you…every time we came back to brooklyn to visit we always came and got some pizza and said hi to the guys…….May GOD bless you and the family…..great pizza….



  • Anonymous

    I’ll be totally honest here. My favorite pizza of all time used to be Tommies Pizza in Sunset Park back in the 60’s and early 70’s. Nothing ever came close. Victoria’s changed that when I first ate their square over 20 years ago and fell in love with it. R.I.P. Benny.

  • mamabear

    anyone have wake info

  • Mimi

    Benny, you were a wonderful friend to the family and to the community of GB. You will be greatly missed by many.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to your wife and children.

  • Donna ferrara

    Benny Renzetti, will be missed by myself and family….
    So many generations have loved, lived and on many occasions,
    worked with the Renzetti family!
    I am able to recall, as most of my Beach friends can,
    The frantic calls to Victorias for a ‘last minute’ pie, or ‘please
    Feed my family now!’ Call……
    Thanks for everything dear Benny… From your generosity, your
    Good advice and occasionally, a slice on the house!
    Ps…. I never told you,,, loved the way you sang “honkey tonk woman”

  • Anonymous

    A great neighbor & friend of the beach…a big loss

  • Nonny

    Rest in peace, Benny! My condolences to Benny’s family.

  • Eileen Chandler McDermott

    RIP Benny!! always so kind to everyone, Best square pizza by far!!..and the calzones freshly made years ago…Thank You! May you Rest In Peace<3

  • Linda

    Benny, I was so shocked to hear the news. I am so happy that Howie and I got to see you and have some great conversations about the past before your passing. I am looking forward to having some great squares by your father and you again one day. God Bless you and your family..

  • Linda B

    I will always remember your smiles & laughter. You were very special to me and my family and you always will be. We will miss you terribly, Rest In The Sweetest Peace Benny.

  • TRAVEL2692


  • Lynne Yard & Family

    We were all blessed by Benny,an amazing man who feed all of us with great feeling & flavor. Remembered people who moved away & welcomed us all back like he saw us yesterday. He was family to all of us & will be missed by everyone….Rest in Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Benny’s squares…The Best in Brooklyn! RIP Benny. You will be forever missed in GB

  • Rose Jolly

    Say hello to Peg for me Benny – we both lived in your pizza place growing up… See ya soon…
    Gonna miss ya for now…

  • Frank

    Very Sad to hear the news we will miss Benny very much as he was turning pies throughout my days in PS277 with the lunch special. Benny always remembered everyone by name and even their families what a great guy. His dedication to his family and ours was relentless and how he followed his father and made him proud, let us be thankful for all of the years we had with him and celebrate the Life of a wonderful man
    RIP Benny and our condolences to his family

  • Anonymous

    Hell, I still miss Mike, now I’m gonna miss Benny too. The pizza was great, still is.

  • Its a sad day for all of Benny,s family of friends may he rest in peace Amen

  • Ellen

    Benny, you are with the angels now….you and your Dad were always part of my wonderful Gerritsen Beach memories. Condolences to your family

  • Irish Kevin

    RIP Benny, Loved your Squares and Loved you my friend. Thank You for all the Memories.

  • Michael P Judge

    Benny Renzetti always cared about the Gerritsen Beach community and his neighbors, being involved in fund raising whether it was for the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department, or the Gerritsen Beach Little League, Benny and Victoria Pizza was there to support the local community.
    The squares hot out of the oven were amazing..

    Now Benny can make a pie for God.

    May Benny Renzetti rest in peace.

  • mike

    RIP benny… your pizza will always be the best!!

  • Kristine

    My Dearest Uncle Benny,

    May your patience with my father for the last 50 years lead you to your greatest reward. May the love you’ve showed my family through our toughest times leave your family with some solace knowing you will always be remembered. And may the heavens open up for you with a big party filled with old friends and beloved family, good music and great food – until we meet again.

  • Big Mike

    My family and I want to send our condolences to Benny’s wife and family. He was great guy and always treated us like family. Without a doubt the BEST SQUARES ever!
    Benny we’ll all miss you! Rest in piece pal!

  • debbie dk

    My deepest condolences to the Renzetti family who have always been part of the backbone of Gerritsen Beach. Benny, my family and I will miss you, as we did your dad.
    Rest In Peace my friend!

  • anonymous

    God saw you tried your best
    but a cure was not to be
    He opened up his loving arms and whispered “Come to me”
    With cheerful hearts we watched you fight,
    But God had other plans,
    although we love you dearly,
    God gave his final command.
    A golden heart stopped beating,
    Hard working hands at rest,
    God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best!
    May the love of your family and friends carry you home on the wings of angels!!
    Until we meet again!

  • Chauncey

    Go To the below link & Click Like to support Gerritsen Ave Between Everett & Florence re-named “Benny Renzetti Way”


  • former resident

    I remember Benny as a little boy helping his dad (Mike) with their new shop next to Al the barber. This is back in the ’60’s sometime…can’t recall the actual year.
    My sister and I used to stop in when we came up for a visit.
    We both enjoyed the square slices…as everyone here has expressed.
    R.I.P. Benny. You will certainly be missed. My deepest condolences to the family.

  • Rick

    Rest in Peace Benny,Thanks for the Great Pizza and the Memories.One of many things I miss after moving from the Beach was Benny’s Squares.God Bless you and your Family.

  • mike lallo

    The Lallo family would like to extend there deepest condolences to Ben’s family. Mike opened Victoria Pizzeria after coming to America after the second world war,the pizza parlor was named after his daughter Victoria. Mike came to Gerritsen beach because of his friend, Sal, he was a barber. Victoria Pizzeria has stood for almost 70 years in the beach, this because Big Ben honored the tradition of his father and family. We all will miss you Benny.

  • Mike Mead

    Benny God Bless You & Your Family,You Will Be Missed My Friend R.I.P.

  • Mike Breen

    I am saddened to hear about the passing of Benny, he was a truly great guy. RIP Big guy, you will surely be missed by the community!!



  • Bobby & Diane

    Rest In Peace Big Guy. Our condolences to the family. Always a smile and warm reception. You have been a great addition to this neighborhood. You will be missed. God Bless!

  • Anonymous

    What happened ??

  • Debbie and Billy

    Our Dear Friend Benny, I have had the pleasure knowing you for 35 years, while Billy has known and loved you for over 50. You have been a part of our family forever. My children only knew you as Uncle Benny because that is what you were – family. We have lost not only a great friend but also one of the greatest people ever. Your contributions to your adopted community will never be forgotten, your kindness will live on in our hearts, and your voice will never falter. Love and miss you dear friend, Love Billy and Debbie Dong

  • Lucas

    RIP Benny, this neighborhood has lost an icon. You were truly a special person in all of our hearts. God bless you and your family at his time of need. You will be sorely missed.

  • DiPaolo Family of GB

    RIP Benny Gerritsen Beach will never be the same. God bless you and your family.

  • trainman

    I didn’t know Benny personally but I knew of him and of course I would say hello when I visited Victoria’s pizza. After reading all the comments on this thread about Benny, I realize not taking the initiative to know him better was also my loss.

    Thank you Benny for being a great citizen of Gerritsen Beach.

  • Karin Marshall - Billias

    RIP Benny. Your sicilian pizza was, by far, one of the best I’ve ever had!

  • tony

    to big benny, when iwas kid i met you you always said hello i played alot of sports which i made the newspapers in the past.most of all iam a dark skin italian which the kids would cruelly call me names icant print. you step behind your counter and stepped outside the pizza ship and told them to shut the bleep up go home and dont come into my pizza parlor with hatred, you told me always walk down gerritsen ave with pride and benny told the gather inn crowd leave tony alone. you told me lift weights. take boxing martial arts and these punks will leave alone. true to you word benny — amateur boxer, black belts in karate and tae kwando, word got around the beach this guy will is well trained.i teach my children to respect all races no matter what they look like. i love you big benny iwill meet you again. thank you for everything love tony

  • Wendy Renzetti

    This is the first I am seeing allof this and I would like to thank everyone for all tgheir well wishes. My husband will truly be missed by all who ever had the good fortune to meet him.

    • Anonymous

      Wendy, Your husband was truly a big part of this neighborhood. His sense of humor and banter always made a trip to the store more fun. His kindness, generosity, and support of all the neighborhood teams, clubs, organizations and schools and churches will NEVER be forgotten. My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. He loved you all very much. Please take solace in the fact that he made a big difference in many lives, that he truly made a mark on this world. I will remain anonymous on this post because it literally could be from anyone here. We will all miss him very much. My best to you and your family.

      • tony

        Dearest Wendy, may the lord give you,your children and family the strength and peace for your loss. i have a few tears in my eyes as iam typing my post. this is tony from an earlier post. i had a lot of good memories about your husband. Benny did alot for the beach.i thank him endlessly for his help and advice in the past. Some kids were just cruel for reasons that didnot make any sense. You Big BENNY gave me the strength to ignore the haters,be strong,and most of all have pride in yourself dont let anyone belittle who you are . I trained nonstop to get where iam. I asked you Big Benny-do i forgive you told me to forgive beacause your character, demeanor , will speak for itself and they will realize that. I miss you Big BENNY THANKS FOR EVERTHING — YOUR HUSBAND WILL BE MISSED I TAUGHT MY CHILDREN SOME OF THE PRINCIPLALS ABOUT LIFE YOUR HUSBAND TAUGHT ME. PLEASE WENDY STAY STRONG FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN. GOD BLESS YOU BIG BENNY LOVE TONY

  • Gigi

    We know how WE felt about you, but had no idea how many other people loved you too!
    Your unexpected passing has left quite a void and so many are grieving deeply! We promise to stay close to Wendy, Michael and Alexandra. I know they are helping each other during this devastating time.
    Gigi & family

  • RICH T


  • Mike Wyld Chyld

    I was so sad to hear about Benny. He was a Nice man and a good neighbor. Rest In Peace and may God bless the Renzetti family.

  • Irish Kevin

    I moved out of the Beach some years ago,one of my best memories was Benny’s Squares and most of all what a truly nice man he was. When I went to Victoria’s I came out with a smile. God Bless you and May Benny Rest in Peace.

  • Giuseppe Mineo

    I worked here with Mr. Lallo and Benny back in 1978… by a coincidence of looking up old stomping grounds I came across this page. My condolences to the family on Benny’s passing, he was a great guy and I know he is missed.

  • Anonymous