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This is Why Gerritsen Beach is Amazing….Nicole Hidalgo




In American Idol Season 11 Nicole has made the first cut and is on her way to Hollywood.

11 comments to This is Why Gerritsen Beach is Amazing….Nicole Hidalgo

  • Anonymous

    she will most definitely have every single one of my votes till she becomes the next American idol ( which she will be)

  • Linda Hanson

    I had no doubt that you would get that golden ticket to Hollywood. Can’t wait to listen to your beautiful voice…Way to go Nicole!

  • Anonymous

    I saw her for about 1 1/2 seconds which is about 1 1/2 more seconds than I would ever get on that show. Maybe 2 seconds longer.

  • Mike Zwosta

    Amazing..way to go!

  • travel2692

    good luck to you Nicole…we’ll be rooting for you!

  • Beachwalker

    Wow, this is great! Good Luck, Nicole. But I hope you don’t get too big to remember where you honed your skills and still manage to find the time to sing at functions here! Lol, don’t forget ‘the little people’.

  • Missymo

    Wooooooohhooo ! U rock Nicole !! Finally , GB gets some representation here! Good luck!

  • Teresa

    you make our community so proud all the time…you are so talented and deserve to move up the ladder to success..even if you don’t, you will always be our GB Idol…God Bless you!!!

  • Tricia Gillespie

    So Excited For My Friend Nicole! She is Talented, Kind and A Beautiful Person, Im so proud of her, She always makes us proud. Its a Great Feeling to see Great Things Happen to a great person, I’m always a fan, Im rooting for you girl!!!

  • anon

    Good luck and if u win u can finally move out of this dumpy place!

  • Simon Cowell

    Congratulations Nicole! You are extremely talented and you make this neighborhood proud everytime you step up and sing at all the various events you are asked to sing at by all these different organizations! Keep on doing what you do, you’ll go far!! Your voice is amazing, Good Luck!!!