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For Snow Removal, Gerritsen Beach Labeled: Tertiary

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With this first real impeding snow storm approaching the city I went to check on the map of street clasifacation. The sanitation department as part of pre-season preparations, street categories are reviewed and updated in accordance with the DSNY Public Street Snow Removal Classification criteria.

When you look at our area map you see a HUGE glaring yellow spot. We are third in line to get any attention.

Hopefully, this is the way it has always been. Hopefully, everything will we will see the same plowing as previous years. I just hope that last years storm is forcing us to be an afterthought. On second thought all we do have a lot of sanitation employees that live here

PRIMARY STREET – Any street that is:
A main traffic artery, main thoroughfare or a lifeline street such as highways, expressways, drives or bridges;
Feeder approaches to, and exits from bridges, tunnels, ferries, highways, airports;
All bus routes, private and city owned;
Streets which have located upon them facilities such as fire houses, police stations, hospitals, nursing homes, newspaper
plants, fuel distribution depots, transportation terminals, and schools;
All streets within CONCENTRATED food-produce, industrial, financial, theatrical-amusement, shopping, hospital or maritime (passenger and freight) areas;
All Snow Emergency Streets so designated by the Department of Transportation.

SECONDARY STREET – Any street that is:
Reasonably heavily trafficked but not a primary street;
Used as an alternate route for a primary street;
The short length of residential area streets that feed into primary streets;

TERTIARY STREETS – All other streets not heavily trafficked and not considered primary or secondary streets, including, but not limited to dead-end streets.

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