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Fidler Running for Krugers Seat, Seddio Running for Fidlers

Councilman Lew Fidler is running for disgraced Carl Kruger seat in the 27th Senate District. As of 2012 we in Gerritsen Beach are not represented by the 27th district, but the 22nd district Marty Golden. However, Fidler currently represents us in the city council and his term is ending.

Acording to PolitickrNY, Frank Seddio is planning on running for Lew Fidler seat in the 46th District.

(NYC, New York) Joined by hundreds of supporters from the local community, Councilman Lew Fidler (D-Brooklyn) today, announced his candidacy for the recently vacated 27th State Senate District. Accepting the designations of both the Democratic and Independence parties, Fidler vowed to work with great cooperation, collaboration, and communication to restore the people’s faith in common-sense government. The special election to fill the vacant seat has been called for March 20th.

In a clear sign of the thorough and inclusive campaign Fidler is running, he released a list of 266 [attached] community, civic, and faith-based leaders who have declared their support, reflecting the great diversity and strength of effort behind the Fidler candidacy.

“In my campaign, the people come first, and I am most gratified to have the support of such a broad group of civic, religious, and ethnic leaders from every corner and thread of the district,” said Fidler. “It is because they know me and my record that they can trust I will work hard on things that matter. I have always viewed representing the people as a unique privilege, and a public trust that may not be breached.”

The list of supporters lining up behind the Fidler campaign is noteworthy for the inclusion of an overwhelming number of both Rabbis and other prominent Jewish institutional leaders, as well as leaders of the Russian-American community, two groups whose key support was lacking in the most recent special election in New York City. Most notably, the list is headed by Mayor Ed Koch.

Fidler emphasized his philosophy of government, “The Four Cs”:

“You have to have Common sense. The kind of common sense that tells you not to raise property taxes when we are in a foreclosure crisis or to understand that the cost of providing a homeless child with a shelter bed is less than the cost of leaving that child out on the street.”

“You’ve got to Communicate. Every now and then government needs to shimmy down from the ivory tower and hear what people want and need in their communities and in their lives.”

“You’ve got to have Character, to know right and wrong.”

“And then you’ve got to have Chutzpah…so that, once you’ve used your common sense, and discerned right from wrong, you have the gumption to say it where, when and how it needs to be said.”

In closing, Fidler added that he was adding a fifth “C”: “You’ve got to Challenge what’s been done before to finally change the dysfunction that has occurred in the past. This past year, Governor Cuomo showed that he can actually make Albany work. If I am blessed by the voters of the 27th district with the opportunity to represent them in Albany, I will not sit on the back bench; I will do my darndest to make sure that we succeed in changing the culture in Albany, and make it work for things that people truly care about and need.”

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