Gerritsen Beach Is Burning


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (

In the last two days, there have been more than five separate brush fires incidents back weeds ie. weeds surrounding Gerritsen Beach. These fires were large and due to the dryness of the area fast moving.

The Back Weeds itself is pleading:
Fullscreen capture 1112012 12156 PM


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (

Most area FDNY units in the our area as well as the Vollies were called in to help with the blaze.  A few FDNY vehicles including the Brush Fire Unit (BFU-6) became stuck on debris for more than three hours. Additional Staten Island brush fire units had to be called in to control the brush.


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (


Photo by: Joseph Mikos (

72 comments to Gerritsen Beach Is Burning

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like the punks are at it again. We’re supposed to have some heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully that will help the situation.

  • Me

    I Just Think it is really Sad!!!

  • Anonymous

    I see freedom of speech is alive and well at GB.Net. There were 4 post on here and now 2 have been deleted.

    • Anonymous

      Freedom of speech only has to do with government restrictions. It’s his website, he can do what he wants with it.

      • Anonymous

        And i’m sure if he worked for a real news organization and his editor told him he wouldn’t print his article because he disagreed with it, he would argue the point to no end. So much for your gonernment retrictions. Happens all the time in the news world.

  • off subject

    This is dannys site he can moderate it any way he sees fit, its an independent blog . How about we discuss the little Pyro’s setting fires. Pyromaniacs escalate. Its the progression of the disorder. What’s next? Cars, homes, people? The sheer volume of fires in a short period is alarming

  • anonymous

    i think some thing should be done with these kids.thank god know one was hurt

  • outsider

    these little punks and their parents should leave GB.

  • Anonymous

    People don’t have anything better to do than run around and burn up their neighborhood? What is the point of all this? God forbid someones house was on fire and the local FD was busy taking care of this meaningless nonsense. Come on people! Get it together! This is where we live!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, there was a house fire in Marine park yesturday in which a body was discovered. I’m not saying the fires were at the same time, but if they were the FD was needed much more at that house instead of putting out weed fires caused by irresponsible kids. They may have been able to save that persons life.

      • Anonymous

        Do we know for sure that it is ‘kids’ starting the fires? May very well be some sicko pyro adult. Are there still homeless living in the weeds behind Burnett St. Park? I came across a nice sized camp there last winter. Aren’t some of these fires set during the day when MOST of the under 18 crowd is in school? Could be kids cutting or drop outs, maybe they should get the helicopter up to look at the first sign of smoke. Real pyros like to stick around for the excitement. They can see everything from those choppers. So true about the FD being stretched thin with the closing of houses and less guys on the truck they don’t need the additional delays of being at needless weed fires.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe it’s the homeless starting a fire to keep warm and it gets out of control. Maybe someone is trying to burn them out of their camp.

  • Anonymous

    Come on people Families & Little Children Live here….
    So Glad We moved from Gerritsen Beach!! Thought this place was a great place to raise my children, but… I was wrong my life was hell & my children became a mess… We moved now things are wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      You blame the neighborhood for your kids having problems? Get real. The vast majority of kids here grow up just fine and stay out of trouble. If your kids went out looking for trouble, they could find it but they could find it anywhere. After you moved perhaps they just reached the right level of maturity to move their lives in the right direction. Good for them but don’t blame the neighborhood for your lapses as a parent. Take some responsibility for the ‘hell’ that your life was that you created.

      • "Marty McFly"

        Way to go you tell em.. Actually what you say makes sense.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, you can’t blame the neighborhood. It’s the responsibility of the parents to raise their children to respect property, families, and most important themselves. Kids grow up in neighborhoods much worse than GB and don’t behave like these kids because their parents brought them up right. All neighborhoods have problems and troublemakers, but it’s usually a small percentage of kids.

    • anonymous

      My 4 kids lived grew up in the beach.

      . We never had a problem with any of them getting in trouble or

      causing trouble., they were just nice kids, They youngest is now

      starting College.

      So I don’t know why yours had such problems but I guess it is good

      for them that you moved away.

  • Biff Tannen

    Now Really !!! What is wrong with you People ? Burning up your own Neighborhood. This is what they do in Detroit in the Gettos. Anonymous made the Right Decision to get out of Dodge.. The place is Viral.

    • Biff Tannen

      The Truth HURTS ? Now don’t forget People if you click on Dislike enough times the Posts will disappear. But Remember denying things exist does not mean they Do Not.

  • How about some facts

    Once again , the general concensus is our youth are to blame . and once again nobody saw who did it or names names because you are all a bunch of blowhards

  • anonymous

    I am beginning to think there is some weirdo starting the fires I have seen the fire engines near the fields just about everyday this week. There has not been fires in the fields for a long time now. I really don’t believe it is because of the dry weather or the GB kids.
    I remember this happening a few years back where there were weed fires almost everyday and then they just stopped, could it be the person starting them was away for awhile?
    Seems like they are starting again and who knows maybe the same person as before starting them.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t they also possibly be accidental? Until the rain yesterday it has been very dry back there. People need to be careful not to toss cigarette butts.

  • Old Geezer

    Going back many years when there were The orange steel ribs are salvaged from World War II Quonset hut structures, they …. And I know back in the 1940s, people grew up a little bit faster, but this still Was a nice place to live.

  • Anonymous

    So here are the prime suspects.

    1- Kids
    2- Adult pyro
    3- Homeless campers
    4- Cigarette butts
    5- Someone starting fires to get the homeless out of the weeds

    Please feel free to place your vote and leave a reply.

  • Old Geezer

    These are nice pictures.

  • Anon

    It’s global warming.

  • anonymous

    I don’t believe cigarette butts.
    The night I saw the fire it was way back in the weeds closer to the water so unless some sticks are rubbing themselves together back near the water to create a spark !!! , I would say someone is walking back weeds and starting fires.

    Wonder if they all are happening after dark.

  • Another Anonymous

    Ahh – the adult children of all the alcoholics and drug-abusers have come to fruition – enjoy!!

  • anonymous

    Please, someone who is in the know post what is the penalty for arson?

    • Marshall Bill

      A person is guilty of arson in the fifth degree when he or she intentionally damages property of another without consent of the owner by intentionally starting a fire or causing an explosion.
      Arson in the fifth degree is a class A misdemeanor.

      The New York penal code sentencing guidelines call for no more than one year imprisonment and as little as no jail time at all for a Class A misdemeanor. The maximum for a Class B misdemeanor is no more than 90 days, while unclassified misdemeanors have jail times specified by the ordinances that regulate the crime. They are usually less than 90 days, but this is not the rule. Traffic violations are misdemeanor jail sentences that are capped at 15 days.

    • Kelly 0.

      Smelly whore krissy fux homeless huffer. Get ya herpes!

  • Anonymous

    just be grteful that this neighborhood can ALWAYS rely on its vollies

  • Old Geezer

    Your all wrong it was all these young punk kids that hang on the avenue.Their Parents are either home or in the VFW or the Knights Getting drunk and hitting on each others wives and husbands.The world has turned into a moraless cesspool.Give me the Good old days when men were men and woman stayed home and cooked and watched the children.

  • Anonymous

    I have had it with all these parents in denial about their punk kids. Of course it’s their kids. Do they really think people would travel all the way here from other neighborhoods just to ruin the beaches reputation?

  • Anonymous

    Has either one of you (Anonymous or Old Geezer) taken a walk back weeds recently? If you venture into the skate park, and I don’t mean drive by, you will see that the skate park is indeed populated by many kids from outside the Beach. If you ever ride the trains/buses, you will see them arrive by train and jump on the B31. That’s not to say that beach kids don’t use the park as well, but there are certainly kids from outside the neighborhood who come in to use the facility. Nothing wrong with that, you people wanted a skate park, Fidler gave you one, it is open to be used by anyone, facts are facts. Now, of course, these kids look around and wonder where the trails lead and I have MANY times seen kids walking the trails. Again, nothing wrong with that, good for them to take in some nature. But of course kids are kids and some are going to get bad ideas. These fires may or not be lit by Beach kids. But you need to be realistic about how many outside people are also possible suspects. The AP field is another area frequented by people who do not have a vested interest in the neighborhood. People come from all over Brooklyn to tear up the area with Dirt bikes and ATV’s, not only Beach people. People come from all over to fish. To walk their dogs. A few weeks ago my husband and I were walking by the water, between Mau Mau and the Point and there was a guy with 2 girls, one of them topless, getting her picture taken. Definitly not from here, artsy types. There are at least 2 camps back there, people living there, God help them in this cold. So, don’t ASSume anything, ot that you KNOW everything.

    • Old Geezer

      No One is saying it is only the kids from the Beach.On the other hand judging from past performances ( Halloween Bus Shelters etc) The Kids from the Beach are not angels either. What we are saying is the Denial Factor that is always prevalent when anyone mentions it might or could be Kids from the Beach is off the wall.I see it on my block on the Avenue and yes I know these kids live in the Beach. It could be the Homeless Dwellers or the Visitors as well as it could be our little angels. BTW how am I going to get Back weeds I can barely make it to the Ave.

    • anonymous

      I agree with you . I live across from the fields and see people who do not live down here they are ALWAYS going back weeds, fishing, they come in cars to walk their dogs. Have even seen groups of what looks like High school kids from out of the neighborhood get off the bus and go straight into the weeds…
      Let’s face it someone could enter the weeds even from Avenue U and walk down this way. So who knows unless someone catches them starting the fire we may never know who it is

    • Peter North

      Now that you defended the actions of the Beach Punks. Remember Punks will always be Punks most of all Beachers will always be Beachers. The problem with most of you Beach Dwellers is Tunnel Vision No not my Kid etc. etc. Wale up and see the light Anonass.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about your lack of mobility. Granted that the kids here aren’t angels, few kids from anywhere are angels all the time – the nature of the beast, lol.

  • Fireman Sam

    Firefighters (historically, firemen) are rescuers extensively trained primarily to put out hazardous fires that threaten civilian populations and property.

  • ken

    thats why dyker is better all geritsen beach teens act like kids

  • Nacho Contreras

    These Punks need to spend some time in the Joint and become Toy Boys for the Homies. Than they will fully understand the meaning of Punked.

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  • Mr black

    Y are u worried about pictures while u should be doing your job and not stand around doing both but clicking a button

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  • Sonny Burnett

    This is now Officially a JUNK SITE.

  • Old Geezer

    I have lived in the Beach most of my years, Being an old cocker I have seen many changes down here. The prices that are being asked for some homes here post Sandy are a joke. Not only is the neighborhood a blight but the Homes are junk. Some of these people need to realize that this place is no better than a trailer park and many of the residents are worse.

    • Kelly D

      I Guess this means that my House is worth less than now, bad enough no one is buying now in Zone A the flood zone. I wonder what my new Insurance will be ? This really Sucks !!

  • Howard

    Murderer screw pig and gets herpes!

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