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Channel Avenue Construction Was it a Mistake?


Recently the Department of Transportation ripped up the top layer asphalt on Channel Avenue below Dictum Ct. (http://g.co/maps/9gs8p) it seemed odd as ALL of channel was marked for street repair. That was a few weeks ago and now there is a rumor floating around that DOT made a mistake. The story is that when the DOT was asked by residents, workers and (possibly) a supervisor had told them they had made a mistake. That they were supposed to do the “C” court (Celeste) not the “C” (Channel) avenue. They elaborated adding that there is no money to have this repaired quickly and left.

We reached out to DOT for comment specifically asking about this project and the possibility of a mistake. Although a mistake was not specifically denied it was addressed: “DOT is milling and resurfacing Channel Avenue from Celeste Court past Ebony Court, which is the project that was scheduled. It is not uncommon to repave specific sections of a roadway. The repaving part of the project is scheduled for next week.”

I only mention the rumor, because it is entirely possible for a mistake to happen, the more information about an issue that is out there the better. If there is any truth to the mistake rumor we may never find out.


23 comments to Channel Avenue Construction Was it a Mistake?

  • Anonymous

    As we all know the city always takes a couple weeks to come back and repave after they remove the old pavement. I highly doubt the city made a mistake in what block they were scheduled to work on and the block that was actually worked on. They’re not going to be notified to work on the “C” court/avenue in the new section of GB. First off most outsiders do not know about the new and old sections, and secondly most neighborhoods have more than one “C” Avenue/Court/Street/Place. GB is one of three neighborhoods in Brooklyn that the streets go in alphabetical order… GB, Manhattan Beach, and Green Point. Therefore, these are the only three neighborhoods the “C” Court/Avenue/Street would possibly work. People just like to start rumors that’s all this comes down to.

  • Anonymous

    They did that to my parents house,, a new house across the street had water hooked up to it .. DOT shuts off my parents water pipe, hooks up the neighbors water.. Then tells my parents they have to to hire a private plumber and pay 5 grand to have thier water hooked back up

  • Fran

    There was no good reason to rip up Channel Avenue. It was a well paved roadway. They were supposed to come on Monday (as posted on signs on our fences, came on Tuesday and two weeks later have still not returned. In the meantime our streets are all ripped up. I would like someone, anyone, to give me a logical reason why this was done. There are other streets in our neighborhood who could have benefited from such a repair, as the sinkhole on Allen Avenue. What a waste of taxpayer money

  • Bugg

    As with many DOT steet projets, there is no ryhme or reason. There was nothing worng with Channel Avenue. Suspect it’s corruption, or mere incompetence at DOT, as Sadik-Kahn spends here days obsessing over bike lanes as decrpit streets and highways deteoriate. And hacks get contracts to dig up otherwise fine streets.

  • Anonymous

    Work crew showed up to pave Channel Avenue this morning. They are half way done with the job. They have stopped to take a side job at the Tamaqua, repairing their blacktop. Our tax dollars at work.

    • Pixie

      Oh Really, Someone should take a picture of that.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if you are aware but most of the area between the Tamaqua and the water is city property and legally a street… It is still Ebony Ct. Therefore, depending on where they were doing work by the Tamaqua should be said before you make any remarks like that.

      • Pixie

        What is the difference ? If it is city property than a picture is a mute point.If my remark offended you (don’t know why it would) Sorry,Just concerned where our tax dollars are going.I am sure DOT has a log where they were working.

      • Anonymous

        They were in the parking lot. I know the difference between the parking lot and the street. Also, they repaved Channel Avenue between Ebony Court and the water but only half of it. Not the half that is adjacent to the Tamaqua parking lot.

        • Pixie

          Well I guess the Anon who posted on 12/13/11 at 1:35PM was wrong about the side job Go Figure ??

          • annonymous

            I would not say totally wrong, because if ebony is supposed to run through there then it should. In this case it would be a city street, however since the Tamaqua uses it as a private parking lot then it could be considered as a side job which was funded by the tax payers?

          • Pixie

            Looks like the Tax Payers get screwed again.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s stupid assfault is this?

  • Shea Holmes

    Waiting Room Forecast:This Afternoon: Sunny, with a high near 80. East wind around 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph.

  • Biff Tannen

    Before it was painting the sidewalk,now its paving the streets. And who’s street is it ? This is getting Funny.

  • Pixie

    Slow News Week.

  • Irish Kevin

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in Gerritsen Beach !!

    • Mr Murphy

      Same to you Kevin and Many More.With Christmas less than a week away, the hustle and bustle of preparing for this National Holiday can cause one to lose sight of the meaning of Christmas.